Saturday, 29 June 2013

Estate Lakes

Many anglers consider Estate Lakes to be an angling nirvana.Tucked away from the hoards of other fisher folk,peace and tranquility abound.And Gruff and I are know different,we much prefer if we do fish stillwaters to be able to switch off and unwind.Last season we were put onto this venue by a lad known as The Sussex Hermit,for he be all furtive and doth go about his fishing under the radar mostly.

A series of five lakes deep in the country side,so deep in fact that even Vodafone cannot find me here.Set it a valley the place is stunning.Last winter we fished a couple of the other lakes at this venue for Pike,Gruff doing very,very well.While I struggled.But we wanted some Crabtree style Tench fishing today.A quick call to his Lordship and he suggested this lake below for a few Tench.It looks good does it not?"It does hold a good head of Tench",said he.

We had not seen this lake in it's summer colours,but it did not scream Tench to me.I wanted Lilly pads but they were absent.Still I set about finding an area I fancied and set up a float rod and plumbed the depth.Shallow as a Mackem it was too.Two frigging feet deep!Others areas were the same it just seemed so barren.When the sun came up I had a little Scout around and the whole lake was like this,with maybe a small channel of deeper water,running from the top to bottom.You could I'm sure walk from one bank to the next.Still I had some fishing to do,in truth I did not fancy my chances.New venue,hot sun and little wind.

I just fished sweet corn or lob worms over some loose fed pellets,Dynamite baits Swimstim and the Source(product placement at it's best)And all I caught were these,why would you want to stock this into a lake that goes back around four hundred years old?It just does not seem right to me.Yep they look niceish,fight OK.But it just does not have that legitimacy for such an ancient venue.I know the other lakes hold some fish from the Leney strain and I found out today this lake was the only one to receive a stocking of ornamentals,the power of Google helped me out here.Gruff fared differently opting to fish bread flake for around a dozen Roach to about a pound,no photos I'm afraid having no phone signal put the kybosh on that.

The positives,well Gruff and I did have this lake to ourselves.We saw a few large,actually bloody long dark back Mirror Carp on the surface,who may need our attention in the future.It's pretty and you could hear a pin drop.Though I think it would take on a different persona under the cover of darkness.You know those places,when the sunlight dims and the bird song stops.A sweeping malevolent whisper seems to bend your ear.Yates I think mentioned this venue in his Casting at the Sun book.And would I fish here alone at night,not an 'effing chance.

So what next,well there is a much larger lake just down the valley,deeper and with Lilly pads,not cast a line into that one yet though.But I'm willing try for some Tench I just don't want to catch blood ornamentals,when  my heart was set on some Tincas all olive with amber eyes.Sure the old adage you can only catch what is front of you rings true,but today's venue has about as much Tench potential as I do hair.

Oh and I've just seen an army of wood ants marching across the room from my rucksack,spiteful sods bit me to buggery today.And The Lions lost so double bugger,sets it up nice though for next weekend.

Be lucky.

Monty D

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XXIV

It has been a couple of months since I threw in one of these,so I thought I would try and get the series of Doppelgangers back on track.

Below we have that ace catcher of Barbel and Executive Officer for The Barbel Society Mr.Phil Buckingham,who was a little miffed a while back to learn that non members were peeking at the BS Forum,quell surprise.Chin up Phil,it is an underused commodity as most are aware that Face Prowler now reigns supreme,as forums are so last millennium darling.

And below we have that great wit and raconteur of the much maligned show Catch Phrase,Roy Walker.Who among us as children did not huddle around the television on a Saturday evening,bellowing at the box "SAY WHAT YOU SEE,SAY WHAT YOU SEE YOU TOOL"It can't of been only me?

Now Pike anglers seem to think they are the hardiest of our angling breed.As Mick Brown mentioned in his book Pike Fishing The Practice And The Passion,for he regaled us with tales of the "Men with red faces"turned so by the biting winter winds.Sure Pike fishing in winter can be very,very cold.But so is winter Chub fishing,Roach and in fact any winter fishing at times can be bone crunching cold.Your out on the bank and think,what the hell am I doing here?

Move over boys,this young lady now rules the roost.This is from Tuesdays Times newspaper.Now I for one would not like to have a go at "Noodling",bad enough having one of these feckers on your arm,without the added risk of being bitten by snakes and snapping Turtles.From Yat Rock I doff my tiffter and salute you for being just a little mad Lucy.

His Not Happy.

This came into the Yat Phone yesterday.......Reckon I'll start a Wye guiding service,every other C**t is at it.My website would be for old rope.

Now the sender of this text is a local lad to the river Wye.And it does seem to be immensely productive and popular at present.Large river with plenty of space,but if it keeps getting hammered how long will it continue to be a superb and pristine place to fish.He is a good lad the sender and I can understand his concerns and possibly his frustrations.I'm glad my local rivers do not attract the hordes though,it would get right on my tits too.But with the Wye being so large I'm sure it will be OK mate.If not it may be time to start a new "Panthergate" chapter ;-0

Tench fishing on a nice Estate Lake for Gruff and I on Saturday,so until then.

Be Lucky.

Monty D.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Kiss Of Death

A little late with this one in regards to opening night,but better late than never.Now this trip to the Lower Severn had been planned for a couple of months.A time to catch up with people I had not seen for some time,the typical opening night social.

Two weeks before,Lady D's brother decided he was going to have a fancy dress party for his birthday on the fifteenth.Get out of that one Monty,but how can one explain to someone who does not fish,the importance of the glorious sixteenth.Tell you the truth I did not even try,I was going fishing and that was that.

Now Ying put the kiss of death on the fishing front.Two days before our trip dear old Ying said"It's had a drop of rain and it should fish well".I took him at his word.Now Gruff and I made good time on the drive to Worcester,pulling up at the pub around 13.00Hrs.And what a pub,talk about a step back in time,a time before cleanliness,mobile phones and piped muzak.I loved it,it was how I would describe a proper British boozer should be.The banter flowed as did the Ale,from I think about twelve of us,various accents all vying to be heard.May I suggest if you get the chance to try a pint of Old Ludlow,you do.I had five or six.

I've never fished the Lower Severn before and I liked it.But how do you kill the eight hours post pub,before midnight.Easy,tea,slow cooked chicken,chips and just talking bollocks among mates.In between seeing "Kevin" the seal,it must be more than one as numerous sightings were made over the weekend.Oh and Gruffs brolly disappeared while we had a stroll, the wind look you.So if anyone finds a Korda brolly on the Lower,please let me know here at Yat Rock.

The fish well non existent,why does that happen?You guest someone on your river or go to theirs and the fish disappear.I crept into my swim at around 22.30 and just sat and thought about what this season had in store for me.A lovely night to be out under the stars,carefree and child like again.Non anglers do not know what they are missing,while we sit out at night in the summer.Shooting stars,the wild life and just a sense of well,contentment.We packed up at 0500 Gruff and I,eager to get back home for Fathers Day.Some may say a three hundred odd mile round trip,for five hours fishing is madness?I'll disagree,it was fun.And that is what fishing should be,fun and escapism.

Just a couple of photos taken at dawn.

Newcastle football club,you could not make it up.Good 'ol Joe and his interview on TalkSport will go down in the annals of football history for years to come.I thought he had been on the crack pipe when I listened to him.It should be interesting when he opens his trap again.

I know my onions.

No fishing this weekend,the first Lions Test down under.I'll be in the Dukes Head for the "Lions Tour Breakfast Club".So I'll apologies in advance for any drunk rambling phone calls I make on Saturday afternoon.

Be Lucky.

Monty D. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Tiffters,do or can they change the way you fish.Can they make you a better angler,are you a baseball cap kinda guy,like those lads from Korda.Do you hanker after a "Floppy Hat" as it makes you look like your in touch with nature,you yearn to amble the banks festooned in tweed.Knowing that by dressing thus,your head and shoulders above other anglers who wear and god forbid it,jeans and training shoes.

Well getting home from work today the girls have bought me this little number.And boy oh boy do I look a bigger tit than usual.Please excuse the work shirt still on,it's the only way I can muster some dignity.For one the hat is a size to large,secondly,well I look like I should be sectioned and I could not face that a second time.Once bitten twice shy and all that.But I hope it may bring me luck this fourth coming season.At least other anglers should give me a wide birth and walk away muttering"Fooking tosser".

And keeping with hats,fellow blogger Ben Hennesy.Ben when I looked at your photo a few months back,this image popped into my head immediately.I know,I know it must be that "special" side of my brain that sees such things.But well,it made I chuckle and chuckling at ones owns jokes is a nod in the direction of madness.

Many know I like a bet or horse racing in general.I can watch and enjoy it without having a punt.Sadly Sir Henry Cecil passed away today aged 70 after a long battle with stomach cancer.Now Sir Henry was what some would say a "Toff".Born into money etc,but watching him on TV over my lifetime he always came across,as someone I would like to share a pint with.It's daft I know,how many people will you never meet,whom you think"I'd like to share an hour in your company in a bar".He was always warm,witty and loved his "clobber",one of those three is me.

I'm just glad he stayed around long enough to see Frankel retire unbeaten.Frankel is going great guns in stud now too.87% of mares he has covered this past year are in foal,it would be superb to see a foal born,mature and go onto great things.Maybe with the name Sir.Henry.A fitting epitaph to a man who had an up and down life,often filled with sadness that ultimately gave others great joy.Who not would want that,to leave a legacy that people could say"He had is hard times,but by Christ I'll never forget him"

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Sunday, 9 June 2013

New Season Beckons

Yesterday on the way home from work I stopped in my local tackle emporium,to grab a few bits and bobs for the fourth coming season.The days of buying loads and loads of tackle in readiness has passed.When I look in my various bags and ruck sacks,packets of unused hooks wink back at me,a plethora of feeders and lead lay there unused.I must like many,have spent hundreds of pounds over the years on "stuff" that I just do not need.I spent a princely sum yesterday of £21.05.

But as ever I am excited for the start of the river season.Why running water as opposed to lakes and ponds,that enthralls me so much.I'm not sure a definitive reason can be conveyed as to why that is the case.Living here in Surrey,we have a wealth of lakes to go at,but very few light my fire.The majority are aimed at Carp anglers and that species had me in it's grip in my much younger years.I'm now to long in the tooth to bivvie up,preferring short sessions that can fit around the real world that encroaches upon our pastime with more frequency as the years progress.

I think the reason I love river angling so much is that in that it enables me to loose myself.You can if you walk far enough,find solitude.Away from other anglers,just you and nature.Day dreaming the hours away while the water passes you by,interrupted on the odd occasions by a screeching ratchet.A nod on the rod tip,the vanishing of a float.

I'm sure that most of us river anglers share these sentiments and more besides.A client of mine said that humans are 95% water so he can understand why we are drawn to a river.He is a dry fly addict,casting on the Test and the Itchen,he tells me that as soon as he is on the beat only then can he relax.

I've stuck a few photos up from the back catalog,that I'm sure we all have.

My favorite spot. 


My PB from a few years back.

My mate Mr.DD playing Rugby with a nice Perch.

Crap photo,I was shacking after an immense fight from this fish caught in a summer flood.

What would I like from the fourth coming season?As ever I'll be trying for a four pound plus Perch and a twenty plus Pike from the river would be nice.I'll be doing more Barbel fishing this summer,as the last few seasons the species was neglected somewhat by me.

And really just to have a few laughs with mates along the way,share their elation at great captures and also laugh at their misfortunes.Next weekend Gruff and I are off to the Severn,more of a opening night social really.If we blank who cares,we have to be away by around 0700 as it's Fathers Day.A fair old jaunt for a few hours fishing,but I cannot wait!

I'll wish you all a good and memorable season,lets hope the weather is kinder,much kinder than the last one.

Be Lucky.

Monty D.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Gone But Not Forgotten

Please be aware if you watch this video,some profanities are knocking about.I had this sent to me by a mate,it made me roll up.Sure it's a skit that has been done to death.But CFC,as he was known to us always gave his all,with maybe limited ability,actually a phrase I often heard was "Carlton you C***t,you aint fit to lace Goddards boots".

The lad will never be a "Pop" Robson,David Cross,Tony Cottee et al.Never let it be said,that we at West Ham cannot laugh at ourselves.

Best get back to the slow cooked Lamb,cooking for ten and Lady D's old man's 83rd birthday.

Be Lucky.

Monty D