Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Inanimate Object Blog

This be the offending beastie,the inanimate object that has caused me more pain.My seventh blank trip on the spin today.This sad excuse of a quiver tip,just does not show any inclination to do the job it's paid to do.This is my worst run of blanks since I was a child!Today,fishing a run off below a weir pool,with liquidized bread and alternating between flake and crust hook baits  resulted in nixy poo.Perhaps I should have roamed about,but the wind was so cold today I sat it out under my brolly,seeking solace from the chill.

No more to add really,I did take a lead after reading Jeff Hatts blog,that when the fish are not biting you need to take lots of photos and to that end I've stuck a few on here.

But If I ever come across this weather God,him and I are going to have strong words.Last weekend Lady D and I went to Whistable for a short break.The weather was lovely,I did mention how nice it would have been to be fishing.When  mentioning  it a second time adding a deep sigh for theatrical effect,the look I got was to put it mildly withering.So watch out pal,it's me and you.You owe me big time for what you have thrown my way this season

Then the weather improved some more and it started to snow.My hands were freezing putting the bread mix into the feeder owing to the crumb itself getting icy.I know when I go into work on Monday it will be the usual "Your mad","An idiot to be out in the cold and not catching AGAIN"You cannot educate people though,they would never understand.We,you and I do it because we love it,that to me is all it is.Three little words.Just two weeks now to try and salvage something from an abysmal winter.

Flood Damage

Lovely Surrey

Moving on.Twenty years ago tomorrow the legend that is Bobby Moore passed away aged fifty one.The twenty years have flown bye.I remember I was working for Barclays De Zoot-Wedd at the time and left work at Monday lunchtime to go to Upton Park.It seems like yesterday.I met Bobby once,the club I played for as a kid won the Met and Essex Cup,we played the final at Roots Hall,Southend United's ground.Bobby gave out the medals on that day.I know my Mum,still has the photo at home.

We play S***s at home on Monday a game I will be attending,though S***s are playing well at present,with Bale playing out of his skin.Their will be a little memorial prior to the game to remember Bobby.This little video is my indulgence,the lad singing goes by the moniker of "Bubbles" and can often be found in the Vic in Plaistow on match days.

So I'll raise a glass to a real legend,"Sir" Bobby Moore and wish everyone else a good rest of the weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Another One In The Pot

Yep the sixth blank session on the bounce for me now,it is fast getting to the point of oh F***k fishing until next season.I did hope to have a Perch trip today,but disaster struck when I checked my worms in the week and they had all died.I gave a twelve gun salute to honor the dead and as I did not have time to get anymore in,I decided on a Chub session today.

Caged feeder and bread flake on the hook,yep that will work.I went to a beat of river this morning that I had not fished since last September.The river has changed so much owing to the recent floods,the sediment now drying,but the river itself still carrying some colour.Four hour session,four swims and not a touch.I spoke to three other anglers who were also after Chub today and not a bite between us.Most agreed it has been a trying winter,chuck in the constant sleet today and it was a joy.Funny though,all the other three and I still seemed to enjoy it.Looking back through my diary's prior to starting this blog,this has been my worst winter by a country mile.Have I morphed into a shite angler,or is it the up and down conditions?Or as one angler said today...."F******g Cray fish have ruined this river".Time will tell I suppose,but I may venture to Old Bury Hill soon,just to catch.

Git of a River
The Barbel Society have a new book coming out soon,as seen on a few angling forums and more power to there elbow say I.But may I make a suggestion?Please make sure the disgraced ex BS committee man,Will Golightly does not have the manuscript.He forgot he had a few copy's of Fred Crouches book,a while back.But he was eventually "tumbled",so lord knows what would happen if he did.Funny though,no announcement by the BS,as to why he stepped down.He has been very quiet of late old Will,so quiet he has gone missing. 

Will G

So if anyone knows where he is,please let me know.As I have a question about a rod he sold and apparently got three grand for.Made by Dick Walker,for Mr.Thomas with a letter of authenticity.It seems to be a little fishy,like a few things Will touched upon.And I am pleased to offer up a prize of these if you can help.

Answers  as ever to Monty Dalrymple,Yat Rock Towers,Yat Rock,Simmonds Yat.I thank you.

People of Sheffield your time is near.Peter Stringfellow is thinking of standing as an independent,against Nick Clegg in the next election.Instead of that morbid and bland twat Clegg,you could get tits and g-strings when you collect your giros.You know it makes sense chaps,vote Pete

No fishing for a couple of weeks now,or should I call it casting into the water and scratching ones nuts?Owing to a little trip away.So enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 2 February 2013

What Do You Do

Fifty worms are sitting in the fridge,I was hoping to go Perch fishing today.But then it rained and it rained some more.The river I was intending to fish is a brown,swollen,muddy mess!I could have fished for Barbel,but I'm not really into that species at present.I enjoy fishing for the them in the summer,but flood water fishing bores me.

But a silver lining and all that.On Monday I was asked by a Fund of Funds,If I would like to go to Twickenham today,at the time I declined owing to the thought of a big stripey.But yesterday a quick call was made to see if the offer still stood?Of course you can and you can bring a friend if you want.A quick call to Gruff and the twat did not pick up the phone,he loves Rugby and he played for years until his gimpy knee gave out.You missed out big time mate.So one of the lads who sorts my tickets for football got the nod.

We play today the Auld Enemy.Now talking to a Scotch lad yesterday who will be in attendance,his xenophobic like rant made me chuckle.He went even more red faced when I said....."Thing is Rob,we do not give a monkeys about you lot,but you seem to live in the past to much"That was it,spraying at the mouth and quivering with rage."See that's what I mean,you elitist bastard".I did point out that he attended the best school in Scotland that money could buy,before attending Oxford.While I,well Hackney Wick School of excellence does not have the same ring to it.

I hope today I can wind him up enough that his head explodes.Thing is away from England-Scotland sporting events he is a charming,articulate guy.Still I need my own sport in a way.

Boo Hiss

O'l Smiler

Wee Tam
The enemy are all shown above,well maybe not all of them.Best be getting ready as I have to be there for around noon for lunch and pre match drinks.Best behavior today though,I must remember I'm not at football,I'm not at football,I'm not at football.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be lucky

Monty D