Tuesday, 29 January 2013

May I Introduce "BB"

I am afraid I am still at heart very much a boy;but why should one be ashamed of such a thing?There is still magic to me,thank God,in the seasons;there is still a sense of awesome mystery in a dark wood;I still lie awake with a slight quickening of the pulses when I know that at the first streak of dawn I shall be making my way through the reeds to ambush wild duck and geese.If ever the day comes when I can no longer feel that thrill,then I would be better dead.It is the same the night before some fishing expedition to perhaps an unknown burn or river,or maybe pool.I lie awake wondering what the morrow will bring fourth,and my mind gets busy with fabulous fish and heavy creels,    

The above is taken from the The Wayfaring Tree first published in 1945 by Hollis&Carter.

And to me these words still hold firm.I dread the day when I do not sleep before an angling trip.How I sleep lightly,wake and wake again looking at the clock.Willing the night to pass and to get out.Why BB tonight?Well Lady D is on nights and I am at a loose end.Also since last week I have been having a sort through of the book case and reading his work anew.

If you  were to ask a group of anglers,field sports enthusiasts or indeed every day children.How many of a certain age would never of heard of "BB" let alone read some of his work.I remember a while ago on this blog I was asked "When did I develop and interest in Dave Steuart".My answer then,as it is now,if you have an inherent interest in a subject,time and age are irrelevant.

I'll be honest my all time favorite is The Little Grey Men.It is a tale that I think transcends generations providing you have an imagination.How can you not be captivated by the words This is a story about the last gnomes in Britain.I love this story it's an absolute corker,my copy is now battered and falling to bits.But reading this again made me smile.Way back in 1942 this book first appeared.

Manka The Sky Gipsy,what a title for a book this truly is in my eyes.First published way back in 1939 the tome about a Wild Goose.Another favorite of mine,I was before and I am again,high up and flying right along side Manka.I will not spoil this one,but if you ever watched animated classics as a kid and have fond memories of the cartoon about the Artic Curlew,then you may know.You can watch the Curlew cartoon on YouTube,I have many a time.

If you do not own any books by "BB" and fancy a look at his work,this book retails at under twenty pounds.Thirty chapters that takes in his love of nature,angling,field sports and his children's tales.Give it a try you will not be disappointed.

Jeanie Deans.

Tomorrow night I'll be at Craven Cottage for our game against Fulham,always a favorite place of mine to go.Cracking little ground,nice pubs and easy to get a train home from Wimbeldon.And fingers crossed some Perch fishing on the river on Saturday,though if the rain does not abate it will have to be Barbel.What ever,it will beat being stuck in the office as I was last weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Parts XX and XXI

A double Doppelganger this week from up here on a very snowy Yat Rock,so snowy was it that my trains into work yesterday would not run.But I ranted about that last Friday so I'll leave that one for the time being.

Below we have that all round lady's man from the 1970's and 1980's David "Hutch" Soul enjoying a spot of Barbel fishing way back in 1993 on I think the river Severn.

"Don't give up on me baby,it's been a long,long time"

And below we have blog fan and all round nice guy Six fingers Kev,AKA Yessling Ying,doing a spot of police work in Ross Vegas the other week.

Hold it right where you are Shag!

Now to dear old Monty Dalrymple.This was taken by Denise on her phone last Sunday afternoon.I was dared to go and make a small snow man in the back garden,naked!Which I did and I will introduce to you my new friend Melvin.Obviously I got dressed again for the photo and Melvin and I had a few glasses of wine,tight bastard never put his hand in his pocket though!

And today this photo was sent into to the Yat Phone,with the words"What the F**k are you doing in the Sun on the Dear Deidre page"I for the life of me cannot see any sort of resemblance,can you ?

Have you got a spare few minutes,then if so have a look through this thread and either cringe or chuckle.Depends on your mind set,I did both.


Just a very quick and possibly humorous blog today,I'll have the crystal set on tonight and hope Bradford beat the Villa.

Be lucky.

Monty D

Friday, 18 January 2013

Fridays Blog

I've not done a Friday blog for months and months,it's a time thing really.But having a little time today I thought I would get a couple of things off my chest.Snowing where you are?Down in the South East we have had around two inches.I took this photo on my phone at around noon on my way back to London Victoria,hardly problematic is it.

Well it is if you are a train.Last night South West trains into London Waterloo and Southern train services into London Victoria introduced an "Emergency Timetable",this all before a single flake had fallen.What a load of bollocks!This was forecast early on in the week and they still cannot cope.During work today I kept checking the timetables online for London Victoria,it said all was running fine.I leave work at noon,walk down to be greeted by utter chaos.It took me just over two and a half hours to get home.How can such a small amount of the white stuff amount to such pandemonium.Lord knows why the useless twats cannot get it right after years of practice.At over two grand a just year to get to and from work you toss pots,at least try and make an effort.

Still I could be worse off........Earlier on in the week a message came into the Yat Phone"****** boiler has broken down and he is fooking freezing".Now mates being mates,it has caused no end of mirth and where the said chap resides,it's a cold and inhospitable place even in those balmy days of summer.So round about now it must be like spending a weekend in outa bleeding Mongolia.Chin up old son;-0

Keeping with the snow theme this little joke made me chuckle today.I have nicked this from the Cemex forum.

The Highways Agency warning said anyone travelling in icey conditions should take a shovel,blankets,sleeping bag,extra clothes,,including a scarf,hat,gloves,24 hour supply of food and drink,de-icer,rock salt,torch,tow rope,petrol can,first aid kit and jump leads

I looked a right twat on the bus this morning

Horsegate.Now I'm not sure about you,but why are people surprised that certain cheap frozen "Beefburgers" have been shown to contain 27% horse meat.A pound for some frozen burgers,what do people really think they are made up of?Finest Rib Eye from Cows that have feasted on the best of clover.I have mentioned before that my old man is a retired butcher and that I used to work in the school holidays with him down at Smithfield.He showed me then,what actually went into some of the produce that make up these meals.It's junk,all the cast offs really.So a little horse meat is the least of your worry's I would say.And anyway do we all not love Black Pudding?Get real people and just chow down.

Us against Man Utd the other night was boring even for me.Not once did I get animated,we never looked liked scoring to be honest.But we should have had a penalty,but being Old Trafford your pissing in the wind to be given anything.I did laugh at Fergies face when the extra time came up,horses for courses Alex old boy.

If your looking in Bob I take it your about with a brush in the morning?


We have decided to give the fishing a miss this weekend,hell I'm struggling as it is at present,without the joys of hypothermia to contend with.So enjoy your weekend what ever you do.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Black And White

Black and White,that was the phrase leveled at me recently by my Mother.Apparently I'm to quick to judge in her eyes."The problem with you,is that everything is Black and White"Denise AKA Lady D agreed,although she also thinks I exhibit some traits of  Asperger Syndrome.Though her being a Psychologist I give her more leeway than my Mother.

Now I've looked into this Asperger Syndrome malarkey and it is not unlike "Black and White".I thought about this today while blanking on the river for Chub.You see some traits of Asperger's,make it difficult for people to interact on a social level with others.I like to think I like what I like and if I do not like it,then stuff it and I have no interest,just let others do the talking and observe.Perhaps all fisherman are,as we are mostly alone by the water and can argue and always settle our differences in an amicable manner with ones inner self.

If for instance I like someone,then I would move heaven and earth to help them,if not?Well tough luck,your not in my spectrum.Is that a bad thing I wonder,living your life by your own rules as opposed to doing things for others,just to make them happy.Phew I'm glad I'm a little nuts,as I'm happy to be me.Take me as you find me,if you do not like what you see,then move on.Does the above sound a little deep for an angling blog?Well not really,just random things that go through my mind,while freezing my nuts off for the chance of a fish.They do say that angling is the "contemplative mans " pastime after all.

Alarm goes off around half past five,shower and a quick breakfast.Grab your bait and off to the river you go,large dollop of rain and sleet last night.Arrive at said river and it's still a little carrying a little to much colour for my liking.

I roamed about for four hours dropping a bait in every likely looking area,and only had the one proper pull on the quiver.The typical,jag,jag,jag and round she goes.Fish on,then off very quickly.Noon comes around and my fingers are numb,pack up and head for home.Did I really sit and think about the above while fishing?Or did I make it up,just to dress the blog up a little,to cover up a mundane blank.Who knows,who cares ;-0.

This made me laugh in The Times yesterday.......

Matthew,Matthew,Matthew Clarke you naughty boy.Matthew entered an angling competition in Guernsey with the prize,a nice tidy eight hundred pounds.But Matthew could not be arsed to fish,he done what all stroke pullers do,he cheated.He,under the cover of darkness(tis the only way trust one who knows),broke into the St.Peters Port Aquarium in Guernsey and stole this Bass!His intention though was sublime,some how he was going to return the fish to the Aquarium,after claiming the filthy lucre.But the dozy bastard dropped the fish and it died.

But he was "tumbled",by another competitor who recognized the  fish from its home and alerted the Police, it must be a buzzing PLAICE 'ol Guernsey.The silly sod now has one hundred hours community service to do.Fisher folk eh,are we all mad.

And keeping with the mad theme,have a look at this from our friends over on Fatwa.


Never has one item of tackle caused such friction,over the last god knows how many years.It's easy lads,service your pole on a regular basis and you will be fine.

That's it,time for a beer or three,I do though fancy a little bet on Sunday.A double with both Man Utd and Arsenal winning there respective fixtures,unlike us today.Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XVIIII

It's been some time since I have had one of these,September in fact so here we go.Has anyone ever seen these two fine gentlemen on the bank at any one time?Below we have twenty year old Essex lad,JonJo Shelvey who plays for Liverpool football club,who had the brass neck to score the winning goal against us at Upton Park a few weeks back,the swine.

And below we have that famous globetrotter of an angler and superb photographer Johnny Jensen,who also happens to enjoy fishing the mighty river Wye,as well as a pint or two.

Blimey the time has flown by since my last blog entry prior to Christmas.I hope you all had a good one?Now the weather was so poor all over the country between Christmas and the New Year and consequently it meant I could not cast a line,as the rivers and fields had merged into one muddy mess.2013 dawned,the weather gods had started to smile,but alas Lady D and I went away for a short break,where we also found the time to get engaged.Gruff was kind enough to state"Best catch of your life that mate and about time",while others of a more cerebral nature were concerned about Lady D's mental state.But you cant please everyone all the time.

West Ham versus Manchester United last week was a real roller coaster for me,down,drawing,then up.Hanging on,hanging on,not long now lads.Then THAT goal from Van Persie,cue a touretets like meltdown from moi.Prior to the game I would have loved a draw,but to come that close,bollocks and then some.Great ball from Giggs though and a superb finish.The replay should be another cracker also,fingers crossed.

What about Wolves though and a new manager in Dean Saunders?Who is the happier those fans in Yammshire(even those armchair fans).Not you though Bard as I know you went to Luton.Or the Donnie connection.;-0.Keeping with the football theme,Razor Ruddock on Celebrity Big Brother,what a porker he has turned into,bloody hell I hope he uses Rylan as a tooth pick.


Lady D enjoys the program and not I,low brow tosh!

This Saturday I shall be back on the bank and some Chub fishing on a little river near me.Sure the weather is turning nippy again, but needs and musts and all that.

Be Lucky

Monty D