Friday, 20 December 2013

Merry Christmas From Yat Rock

Wet where you are?Fuck me am I pissed off!I finished work on Tuesday for three whole weeks and in between the family stuff a fair few fishing trips were planned.I popped into my local tackle emporium on the way home and bought this little lot for some light lure fishing.

As many know I'm one of these odd balls who hates driving,we all have an Achilles in life and driving is mine.When I'm fishing alone I jump on and off trains to get to a few of my local rivers and this little lot weighs next to nothing.But then the rain came and today's trip and probably Mondays also,will bite the bullet as my local rivers are well up and coloured.The weather pattern is the same as last Christmas with large amounts of rain due to fall in the next week,thus pushing the rivers over the banks and into the fields.Really bollocks to it,still I suppose the garlic spam brigade will be knocking one out in anticipation of some Barbel conditions.

But I do love Christmas,and being such a good lad again this year,I'm looking forward to this man popping down the chimney in a few days.

With a little luck he will have for me a copy of the book "Backwinding" by Alan Rawden also the new DVD by Paul Witcher entitled "Magical Waters" anything else will be a bonus,some dry weather though please old boy if you can manage that?

But Christmas came early for us/me as we beat S***s AGAIN at their gaff in the week.I'm not one to really look at other football teams forums,but reading that lot after the defeat had me in stitches.We know at West Ham that we are an up and down club.If things can go wrong,then they will for us.We are used to it and shrug it off.Take the piss and roll with it.

S***s,well they seem to think they should belong in the higher echelons of the footballing pantheons.Bitter,delusional,grandiose bunch of wankers if ever there were.Whine,whinge,moan,feet stomping I could go on and on.

"Those East London Fuckers Done Us Again"
But I'm popping out soon for a cupla pints.So I will wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for reading and enjoying my inane drivel this past year from upon high on Yat Rock.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Nice red reel shag !

  2. Good Morning, Monty,
    I hope the coupla pints went down well last night.... not venturing Trafford Park way today are you?

    My annual delicious treat from Neal's Yard Dairy arrived in the post yesterday and I shall savour the moment of tasting, as usual along with a suitable port and wish you and the Lady D. a very happy Christmas. Enjoy your 3 week break and get out there when it's fair,

  3. Ho Ho Ho and all that lover. Have a jolly one - up the 'ammers and all that.

    And buy a couple of spinnerbaits, one black one yellow or orange, you know it makes sense ;o)

  4. Ying,

    It may be a garish hue,but it felt right on the rod;-0


    No football today,we have been out to do the food shopping mate,but yes we stopped by Paxton and Whitfield for our cheese.And an early Happy Birthday to you also;-0.


    I ordered a few spinnerbaits on-line in the week.So hopefully they will be here soon.Still pissing down though.

  5. You will put them in a tree mate. stick to the cheep jellies!

    1. As an exponent of the "Wallis Cast",I will have no problems with a mini mangle ;-0

  6. Have a great Christmas and a happy healthy 2014 xxxx

  7. Merry Christmas Monty! The light lure gear looks great - I'm thinking of trying a similar set up next year along with drop shotting in search of my first three pound perch. But it looks like Garlic Spam time for a while yet... Ben

  8. Have a good one Monty.
    (Nice reel for a girl)

  9. Merry Christmas to you and your good lady Jason, hopefully the heavy rains will abate and you will get to put the lures to good use.

  10. Mark,

    And you,but I have just checked the levels on my local river.It has surpassed the highest ever recorded level and it will rise more.Time for a beer to drown my sorrows ;-0