Thursday, 21 November 2013

London O Hull 4

Right so I will get the boring fishing bit out of the way first,thus enabling me to move onto more pressing issues that were spotted today from Yat Rock.

Last Sunday I nipped out for a very quick two hour session on a  river local to me.Leaving the house at 0800,I was fishing within fifteen minutes.Trying for a Chub or two fishing bread crust as bait.Only the one bite in the second swim,resulting in this small Chub.Back home to cook the girls breakfast by 10.00,then onto yet more DIY.How boring was that?Ok it was cold and lot's of leaf litter were abound,I'm sure you get the idea.

Now to this.The great cosmopolitan city of Hull has been awarded the accolade of becoming the "UK City of Culture for 2017"Do what?No I found it hard to fathom out also.Today I have found out a few facts and figures to back this up.

1.The boiled sweet was invented there!That may be why the locals wear an expression of sucking on a Sherbet Bon Bon.
2.Sinnita is Hull City's most famous fan.That speaks volumes eh.
3.Ninety five percent of houses were hit in the blitz.And it certainly shows.
4.More than a quarter of the population are under the age of 20.Does this make you think the city is a hot bed of go getting,like a latter day silicon valley.Or as I thought a haven for single mothers on "Bens" and lay abouts.

I could go on but I am sure you get the general idea.If you were relaxing with your beloved over a glass of plonk and suggested a weekend away in the UK.You may suggest Bath a nice place,maybe Ludlow for some nice "Foodie" places.But Hull,well I'm not sure.

Imagine....."Darling how about a weekend away in Hull?",you may be be hit with a repost like this."Why would I want to go to the arsehole of the world,near the freezing cold Humber Estuary",a fair point.Perhaps I am being unkind.

Here is a resident of Hull,Mike "Biggun" Berridge and a man I'm glad to call,well an acquaintance.Does this man look like he could adapt well to a cultural environment.Enjoy the Arts,discuss architects of merit.Or is he more of a candy floss and ale,at the world renowned Hull Winter fair kind of man.Looking very much like Onslow in his wife beater vest in the photo below,he looks like he would struggle to find culture in a ten year old yogurt pot,languishing at the back of his fridge.I rest my case,though Robert Crampton writing in today's Times newspaper,mounted a stiff defense of his home city,but of course he now lives in London.Top columnist though is Robert!

I've mentioned before of my enjoyment with what the Paddy Power marketing team come up with.And this today,is just so spot on it is untrue.One a man of the cloth,another the ex-mayor of Toronto.Both love a crack pipe and a brass.Touche!

Upton Park for me this Saturday and another silly kick of time of 17.30 for our game against Chelsea.A royal pain in the arse are these late games.I end up watching them with one hand over my left eye just to focus.But next time I update I will try and keep it strictly fishing,as Gruff and I are off to the Royalty and the Parlor Pool,for a days Pike fishing next week.

A premature enjoy your weekend from me.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Acquaintance? Maybe not! Where's my defenders!!

  2. Great blog mucker, made I larf.

  3. I fancy The hammers to get something from the game, perhaps big sam will bamboozle them with his striker-less formation. Istill think Chelsea will win the league this year though. Enjoy the Royalty Monty!

    1. I think we are a little over priced at 5/1 to win,so I may have a little bet.Looking forward to the Royalty,it has been a while.

    2. Well that went well Ben ;-0.We desperately need a fit striker in the next transfer window.Failing that I'm ready to don my boots again.It's not all doom and gloom I did have a nice winner in the 14.15 at Huntingdon yesterday,Dalrymple at 33/1 that hacked up by 21 lengths ;-0

    3. Well in Monty, not all bad then eh? I got that one very wrong, nothing unusual there though. We (Ipswich) lost at home yesterday to Leicester and Nugent who loves scoring against us. I’d imagine you were a handy ‘false 9’ back in the day Monty! Not sure if big Andy will solve your problems, but getting a good striker in the window won’t be easy. Maybe Defoe?

  4. In defense of your erstwhile "aquaintance", the 'large-one-of-the -city-of-Kingston-Upon-Hull', as he wonders where we are, his defenders.....same place as MUFC defenders....missing at present, I digress, he does enjoy the 'arts' along with Mrs.B having had many visits to the West End theatres over the years; he is a fair exponent of the 'art-of-angling' and also the art of conversation when it comes to regaling his captive passengers on as to fill the cap on completion, no doubt!
    He can discuss architects of merit, knows fine fence maker & installer, kitchen & bathroom tilers of note and the odd brickie or two of the borough.
    He's also more than an aquaintance of another renowned architect, master of the clockwork winding mechanism, exponent of the cutting witicism and late-man-about-Sheffield and possible more-than-aquaintance of thine, dear fellow.
    Having said all that, he can be a right goof come Movember LoL.

  5. Mike,

    How much did he pay you,for such a ringing endorsement ;-0.I have been told he has posted a photo on Face Prowler of his "Movember" tache.Silly old bugger.