Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XXVI

It has been a while since one of these graced the blog and as promised,for Mark Walters mainly who has expressed a liking for these doppelgangers.Has anyone ever seen these two fine fellows on the bank at the same time?

Below we have that astronaut extraordinaire and way ahead of his time was he in the space race Mr.Spoon.With a lovely shot of a common Carp caught from an oh so secret water.No doubt stalked out in the correct manner,with an ancient cane rod and a jelly bean as bait.  

And below we have author,teacher,sometimes genius musician and Captain Beefheart apostle Mr.Jon Berry.Here we see Jon on the internet,now Jon being something of a traditional angler he has not caught up with this broad band malarkey as of yet.Nice boots though!I do own a nice cane rod that Jon sold me a good few years back,one of my favorites it is too.God knows how he manages to write with such style having spoons as hands.

Quell Surprise Now.........Does anyone remember the shenanigans that went on in Newcastle last season after they were beaten by Sunderland.Not content with smashing up their own toon,this chap was so pissed he fancied a straightener with a police horse.Never a good idea in my eyes,man weighs in at let us say fourteen stone,horse,well I guess a hell of a lot more.Barry Rogerson was recently sentenced to twelve months for violent disorder,but shock horror he was on disability benefit.Why am I not surprised?I suppose he was trying out for a guest spot on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

What next,Yorkshire folk are tight at the bar exclusive.     

Be Lucky.

Monty D.


  1. Mr. Spoon look like he's about to snog that carp.... (welcome back Mont and good luck on the nuptials)

  2. Highly chucklesome blog mucker, fair brightened a gloomy morning.

  3. JAA,

    Thank you.


    It's peeing down here at present,in a way I am glad to be working this weekend.I can't abide fishing in the rain,its a chore.

    1. I couldn't agree more but needs must, I've scored a kilo of Dendra's and a couple pints of reds - Look out perch, here I come.

  4. Ooooops!!
    Missed these last two blogs, on their published dates, due to being warned previously you were taking a looooong furlogh, Monty. However, nice and refreshing having chanced upon 'em as I was wondering if you would be around and about here this weekend, knowing how patriotic you are.
    I do hope you managed your usual perch yesterday..... at the Cenotaph dear boy, not from a lake nor stream.
    Felicitations for you and Lady Monty, I trust you'll be suitably sartorially elegant to match your bride come April, best wishes, Mike

    1. Mike,

      I hope you are well mate.Yes we were at the Cenotaph yesterday,but chose not to blog it this year.I'll go again next year,as it is as most know, the centenary of the start of the "Great War" .After that I will make space for others.

      Rumours abound yesterday that many more people will want to attend next year,so it may be a ticket affair.Friends of mine who have never been have expressed an interest in attending.Read into that what you will.

      I recounted a little story yesterday of a few years ago.Putting two crosses in the garden of remembrance,it was as if someone had thrown lavender in my face,the smell was so pungent.

      When I got home and phoned Mum to tell her,she said "That is supposed to be the smell you get when spirits are around and it was your Great Granddad and Granddad saying thank you".

      Now as you know I like to embellish a tale,but the above is totally true.It has never happened again though.

      As for the sartorial elegance,I would have made a great Gatsby ;-0