Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Parlour Pool

Wide awake at just after three o'clock this morning,no other river in this country can do that to me ahead of a days fishing.I love the Hampshire Avon,it is in my eyes the most supreme of rivers in the UK.

We arrived just in time for me to take a couple of quick photo's prior to our days Pike trip in the Parlour Pool.

Sunrise over Pipes.

Gruff and I had made the trip down from Surrey,also tagging along was Coops who had traveled down the night before from Worcester.The day started well,Coops with his first cast,using a lure was in straight away and was rewarded with a Pike of 10.15.Now I cannot put a photo up of Coops owing to the nature of his job(no not a male escort),but he tends to travel to the middle east a fair bit.And anymore than that information could cause problems.Well done that man!

It looked like it would be a good day,but I  left the lads to it after an hour.The levels below the main sluice were to low for my liking,two anglers can fish the deeper water with no problems but three is an angler to many.Here is Gruff doing a good likeness of a garden gnome trying to snatch a few live baits.

Gruff and Coops no doubt slandering the world.
I moved and fished from the little weir,all the way down the back water until it meets the main river again and drew a blank.Jumping swims every half an hour the dead baits went unmolested.I used lures with no joy,grabbed the whip to try and catch some live baits,but was minnowed out as we all were.Why can you never catch Roach and Dace when you need them for bait?I fished bloody hard too and could not raise a fish.

Just after 15.30 I saw a Pike strike out at prey fish under this tree,a good depth here of around six feet.So I gently flicked the bait under it and waited and waited until I could not see the float.And then joined the boys back in the parlour while we packed up after half an hour in the dark.

Was I disappointed,yes a little but I also know what a ball breaker of a river this can be.Sure I prefer the water above Christchurch,Hale Park being one of my favorites.Two friends have tickets for the Longford Estate,no guest tickets here though,but at well over five hundred pound per season I guess they can keep it how they want.

Gruff and I did think of getting a Ringwood permit the other season.But it takes around two hours each way,so in truth you have to be practical about these things.So it leaves the Royalty or Britford for the day ticket angler.Fisherman will always be drawn to this river,time and time again,sure blanks seem to out weigh the good days.And it is not the river it was,are any these days?The Roach that the late John Searl caught from the boom swim,on the cinder path are but a moment in time,a cherished memory for the  angler in question and looked at by me with awe.I was looking at those photos again last night,in his book A Brush with the Avon and I took a moment to walk up and stand in that swim today.You see with me,when you fish the Avon,your not only fishing,but your walking in the foot steps of the greats of our sport.You can day dream and just smile and count your blessings,to be on such a historic water way.It is in my eyes how Carp anglers view Redmire Pool.

Na,it's not such a kick in the nuts,that no other fish graced the bank for us three today.Because next time,it may be the fish of your dreams and that is the thing that pulls you back,always will.

Footnote:-Coops your fish does not now count,as no lures or spinning are permitted in the Parlour Pool,so you sir are a fraud.Also if anyone is fishing the Parlour soon,watch out for Seagulls as Gruff had a belting run today,that left his trace up a tree.Yep you two wondered while I slipped away for some peace and quiet.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Monty D

Thursday, 21 November 2013

London O Hull 4

Right so I will get the boring fishing bit out of the way first,thus enabling me to move onto more pressing issues that were spotted today from Yat Rock.

Last Sunday I nipped out for a very quick two hour session on a  river local to me.Leaving the house at 0800,I was fishing within fifteen minutes.Trying for a Chub or two fishing bread crust as bait.Only the one bite in the second swim,resulting in this small Chub.Back home to cook the girls breakfast by 10.00,then onto yet more DIY.How boring was that?Ok it was cold and lot's of leaf litter were abound,I'm sure you get the idea.

Now to this.The great cosmopolitan city of Hull has been awarded the accolade of becoming the "UK City of Culture for 2017"Do what?No I found it hard to fathom out also.Today I have found out a few facts and figures to back this up.

1.The boiled sweet was invented there!That may be why the locals wear an expression of sucking on a Sherbet Bon Bon.
2.Sinnita is Hull City's most famous fan.That speaks volumes eh.
3.Ninety five percent of houses were hit in the blitz.And it certainly shows.
4.More than a quarter of the population are under the age of 20.Does this make you think the city is a hot bed of go getting,like a latter day silicon valley.Or as I thought a haven for single mothers on "Bens" and lay abouts.

I could go on but I am sure you get the general idea.If you were relaxing with your beloved over a glass of plonk and suggested a weekend away in the UK.You may suggest Bath a nice place,maybe Ludlow for some nice "Foodie" places.But Hull,well I'm not sure.

Imagine....."Darling how about a weekend away in Hull?",you may be be hit with a repost like this."Why would I want to go to the arsehole of the world,near the freezing cold Humber Estuary",a fair point.Perhaps I am being unkind.

Here is a resident of Hull,Mike "Biggun" Berridge and a man I'm glad to call,well an acquaintance.Does this man look like he could adapt well to a cultural environment.Enjoy the Arts,discuss architects of merit.Or is he more of a candy floss and ale,at the world renowned Hull Winter fair kind of man.Looking very much like Onslow in his wife beater vest in the photo below,he looks like he would struggle to find culture in a ten year old yogurt pot,languishing at the back of his fridge.I rest my case,though Robert Crampton writing in today's Times newspaper,mounted a stiff defense of his home city,but of course he now lives in London.Top columnist though is Robert!

I've mentioned before of my enjoyment with what the Paddy Power marketing team come up with.And this today,is just so spot on it is untrue.One a man of the cloth,another the ex-mayor of Toronto.Both love a crack pipe and a brass.Touche!

Upton Park for me this Saturday and another silly kick of time of 17.30 for our game against Chelsea.A royal pain in the arse are these late games.I end up watching them with one hand over my left eye just to focus.But next time I update I will try and keep it strictly fishing,as Gruff and I are off to the Royalty and the Parlor Pool,for a days Pike fishing next week.

A premature enjoy your weekend from me.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XXVI

It has been a while since one of these graced the blog and as promised,for Mark Walters mainly who has expressed a liking for these doppelgangers.Has anyone ever seen these two fine fellows on the bank at the same time?

Below we have that astronaut extraordinaire and way ahead of his time was he in the space race Mr.Spoon.With a lovely shot of a common Carp caught from an oh so secret water.No doubt stalked out in the correct manner,with an ancient cane rod and a jelly bean as bait.  

And below we have author,teacher,sometimes genius musician and Captain Beefheart apostle Mr.Jon Berry.Here we see Jon on the internet,now Jon being something of a traditional angler he has not caught up with this broad band malarkey as of yet.Nice boots though!I do own a nice cane rod that Jon sold me a good few years back,one of my favorites it is too.God knows how he manages to write with such style having spoons as hands.

Quell Surprise Now.........Does anyone remember the shenanigans that went on in Newcastle last season after they were beaten by Sunderland.Not content with smashing up their own toon,this chap was so pissed he fancied a straightener with a police horse.Never a good idea in my eyes,man weighs in at let us say fourteen stone,horse,well I guess a hell of a lot more.Barry Rogerson was recently sentenced to twelve months for violent disorder,but shock horror he was on disability benefit.Why am I not surprised?I suppose he was trying out for a guest spot on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

What next,Yorkshire folk are tight at the bar exclusive.     

Be Lucky.

Monty D.