Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hill Street Blues Barbel Fishing

Well the last few months have simply flown by since I last sat down to update this blog,work,work and more work has been the main theme.I seem to spend my whole life going up and down on a train six or seven days a week.

Add to the mix Lady D is morphing into Bridezilla,as we move towards our nuptials in April.How can a small family wedding bring so much angst?I'm keeping well out of it,letting the girls do all the planning.The brides dress has been changed numerous times,flower choice and catering is getting her in a right mess.It is easy for me as I just say"What ever you want darling I'm happy with,oh and while your up pour me another glass please".Or have I planned my speech yet?Well no,I will just make it up on the day,how hard can it be.

I have manged a few and I mean very few short trips out on the river.Nothing major on the fish front,a few Perch to just over two pounds,some Chub and a couple of small Barbel.I did have the pleasure of photographing a lovely Barbel of thirteen pounds for a young lad a few weeks back.A real stocky fish,it kind of makes a mockery of some of the "magic scale" fish I have seen in the gallery over on Fatwa.One that springs to mind is a supposedly 13.2 from the Trent.Jesus it looks around eight pounds top whack,so why do it.

I popped out today for five hours and drew a blank.The river was still up about a foot or so,having been around three feet up in the week,according to the scum line on the far bank.I roamed around slip sliding in the mud and tried half a dozen swims to no avail.Still a very mild day but with the wind bringing the leaves down it was awkward.I thought on the way down I would nick a couple of fish,but not a tap registered on the tip.

Normally A Banker Swim

Now where does the Hill Street Blues come in?Well our old friends on Fatwa really made a couple of us chuckle with this thread...

Good lord,yes the outside can be rather inclement at certain times of the year and this weekend could be "Pwoper Nawty".But do we,as adults really need to be told "Be careful out their" .I know just stepping out your front door can bring certain pitfalls(Remember the poor couple in Beetlejuice),but fuck me,no really come on gentleman.Lots of hand wringing over on Fatwa at present too,people have been banned for having the brass neck to ask a question.But like all good communists,the protagonist are sent to the gulag.Still on-wards and  upwards,remember "Support your BFW team",as dear old Johnny Walker said.And to hell with free speech and being able to offer a different view point,anyone remember the film The Killing Fields?Dith Pran did not drink the blood of a cow,so he could not have his voice heard.

Be Careful You Fatwa Zealouts.
Keeping with the forum Barbel theme,the BS forum has a bit of a "Chap" posting at present.A chap who goes by the name of Ben Griffiths,bit of a lairy geezer he be.If you do not cede to his point of view then your a prick,charming I must say.Also it seems one forum poster has taken Celebrity Wife Swap,to his heart and is really going for it.Mate it's not good to try and squire your mates misses.Tsk,tsk.I have a doppelganger of him coming soon.

Anyway enjoy the rest of your weekend and if your bank side,be careful out their.

Be Lucky

Monty D.


  1. Back with a bang lover, good to read your opinions as ever.

    Mind how you go now :o)

  2. Congratulations on you forth coming joining of souls, you will make a most splendid couple.

    As dave has said, always good too read your views on life, keep well old chum.

  3. Dont leave it to long before the next installment, I love the doppelgangers ;)

  4. Mark,

    Next week mate,off to work now.A good result for you guys yesterday,I sat through a predictable draw at Upton Park.

    1. Thank God your back Monty as I have had to follow Fred's Russian trips to get my fix!!!!.

    2. I thought it was good,not many people I know have visited Russia.