Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XXV

We have not had one of these since June so without further ado I'll crack on.Has anyone ever seen these fine fellows on the bank at the same time?

Below we have the Edwin twins Max and Mark who are currently appearing in the current series of Big Brother,over on that channel of all things kitsch,yep channel Five.Bloody awful is this Big Brother malarkey,but Lady D likes it so I have seen various snippets,in between walking in and out of the sitting room pissing and moaning about the dross.

And below we have ace blogger and Loddon angler extraordinaire Joe Glenny,with a nice Loddon Barbel that he caught recently.If you win the final and the filthy lucure Joe you know where to find me.

Keeping with the television for a second,I have mentioned before that not an awful lot on the box captures my imagination.But I did watch the whole series of Count Arthur Strong,that finished on BBC2 last night.Six episodes of madness and that veered from comedy to utter weirdness in my eyes.But I loved it,totally different to any comedy I have seen for years.Steve Delaney as Count Arthur gave a masterclass in acting as the dotty old sod.Did anyone else manage to catch it?It has certainly has caused a stir,some loathe it with a passion,others loved it.I guess you have to be a little odd to love it and I wear the odd hat with some style.

Count Arthur Strong

Football tonight and central London was awash today with Scotland fans on the piss.Kilts and ginger wigs were everywhere.It's Scotland's World Cup Final when they play us and as ever they have traveled in numbers.I'm looking forward to this,as this game is never,ever a "Friendly".They so badly want to stuff us and it is reciprocated from the English ranks.

Two-Nil England is my prediction.I wonder if Rooney will start the game as I fancy him to score first at 9/2,though shall hold fire until before the teams are announced.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Big Brother? You'll be watching that Puppet thing on Saturday evening next.

    1. That's on to late for me.Blown the river out tomorrow it is low and stale.So off to Upton Park;-0

  2. Oh I have been Doppled! I was half expecting you to use an image of Gomer Pyle from Full metal jacket. Have to admit you managed to capture a good likeness Jason, my mum is giving me a good ribbing here too.

    The footy was actually a good game and rather fast paced affair, still think Joe Hart should stick to shampoo adverts though.

    1. Mark,

      I'm glad it gave you both a smile,that is the general idea.The football was good,far closer than many expected our defence looks very poor indeed.

  3. Early days to get disheartened about the 'Ammers defence, Montague, dear boy, chin-up.

    Like the new DG and came accross one I believe is fairly good and think you may consider at some time, for your 'other' sports fans. I watched an interview with Sergio Perez, the new Speedy Gonsalves (of F-1 Maclaren fame) and thought he's a DG for the almost fully recovered and going well Rafa (the racquet) Nadal.

    Keep Well,

    1. Mike,

      I hope your well mate,I'll keep the DG in mind for the future ;-0