Thursday, 29 August 2013

Moth Balls

The last couple of weeks I've had a few phone calls and text messages to inquire why I have stopped updating the blog?I have been out for a couple of short sessions,but I have hardly had the time to look online lately.And with this in mind this blog will be put into moths balls for a few months.

This venue below has caught my eye recently and it has yielded a few fish.But with it being very small and intimate,I'm not too comfortable at all blogging about this particular river.

My time will be limited over the next few months,we have not long had an extension put in that houses the new kitchen,also the house needs a lick of paint  with the last Bank Holiday weekend spent tarting up the sitting room.Also and much more time consuming is that I have been offered a promotion at work.I have deliberated over the last two weeks whether or not to take this role on.Financially it is a no brainier,with a good increase for me.On the downside this will entail much longer hours,no more leaving early on a Friday for a cupla pints.I'll not expect to get home until around 20.00Hrs most days in the future.But I'm forty three now and with my heart set on retiring at fifty the new role had to be taken.Sold my soul to the corporate behemoth that is,na I cant say;-0.

I enjoy doing this blog as I'm sure all fellow bloggers do,while they spend time on there own blogs.And if I'm only going to do it half arsed,then that is not for me.All or nothing is my way,not unlike Black and White from last season.

But one more semi rant before the self enforced sabbatical. What a total and utter prick Gareth Bale looks.You earn good money at S***s,why dress like you want to be in a bleeding boy band.Pink is one of my favorite colours,but a back to front baseball cap.This is so,so wrong on every level.

Now S***s,if you chaps do not qualify for Champions League football this season,considering the vast amounts you have spent.Then you never will!And I for one will look forward to you imploding again.

So until I hope the late Autumn.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XXV

We have not had one of these since June so without further ado I'll crack on.Has anyone ever seen these fine fellows on the bank at the same time?

Below we have the Edwin twins Max and Mark who are currently appearing in the current series of Big Brother,over on that channel of all things kitsch,yep channel Five.Bloody awful is this Big Brother malarkey,but Lady D likes it so I have seen various snippets,in between walking in and out of the sitting room pissing and moaning about the dross.

And below we have ace blogger and Loddon angler extraordinaire Joe Glenny,with a nice Loddon Barbel that he caught recently.If you win the final and the filthy lucure Joe you know where to find me.

Keeping with the television for a second,I have mentioned before that not an awful lot on the box captures my imagination.But I did watch the whole series of Count Arthur Strong,that finished on BBC2 last night.Six episodes of madness and that veered from comedy to utter weirdness in my eyes.But I loved it,totally different to any comedy I have seen for years.Steve Delaney as Count Arthur gave a masterclass in acting as the dotty old sod.Did anyone else manage to catch it?It has certainly has caused a stir,some loathe it with a passion,others loved it.I guess you have to be a little odd to love it and I wear the odd hat with some style.

Count Arthur Strong

Football tonight and central London was awash today with Scotland fans on the piss.Kilts and ginger wigs were everywhere.It's Scotland's World Cup Final when they play us and as ever they have traveled in numbers.I'm looking forward to this,as this game is never,ever a "Friendly".They so badly want to stuff us and it is reciprocated from the English ranks.

Two-Nil England is my prediction.I wonder if Rooney will start the game as I fancy him to score first at 9/2,though shall hold fire until before the teams are announced.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Still No Tench

Today Gruff and I popped down to a different lake on the complex hopeful of a Tench or two and failed again to find that elusive Tinca.This lake below was a lot more to my liking than the lake above where we fished last month.It looked more "Tenchy",had a much better depth with around four feet or so in the edge,with a deeper channel running through the middle of the lake.

So what went wrong? Hoards and hoards and I mean hoards of small Roach,Rudd,Silver Bream and Bleak,it was akin to a Mongol invasion of small stuff.Now Gruff fished two rods,one on the float and a feeder rod,baited with two pieces of real corn and a fake piece fished on a hair rig.Time and again the two real bits were stripped down leaving just the fake corn left.

He soldiered on though and was rewarded if that is the right term,with this Bream and was snapped up  on the float rod by what he said felt like a very solid fish.

That Shirt Will Hum A Bit.
I decided to float fish,alternating between Corn and Maggots as bait.I could not keep a bait in the water for more than five minutes.Time and again suicidal small fish hung themselves,two large bits of corn were soon bashed up until the float slid away.All the fish I caught were of this stamp below and I lost count after around forty or so.

So what can be done to get into the Tench that we know the lake holds.On the way back we discussed this.We both agreed a boilie approach may help us.But me being me,I do not want to fish this way on a small Estate Lake,I have fished in this manner on large lakes and gravel pits years ago and it works.But on here,I just do not want too.Like many of us we have a preferred style of fishing,it may hinder us a great deal.But when we do get it right it's all the sweeter,though when that will be god alone knows.

The predators were very active today,with prey fish scattering in all areas of the lake.I also spent an hour stalking two nice Carp,who were aware of my presence.This lake see's very little angling pressure and they simply just melted away each time some crust was placed near by.Canny bastards.

But we also had Princess Lola with us today,I had not seen her for a while.So Gruff took this photo of his little darling.She was somewhat shocked to see me using a cane rod and not dressed in tweed,but each to their own eh Lola?

Clever dog though,a while back Gruff was fishing with two lads from THE REGIMENT,those bastions of excellence based in Hereford.Sandwiches were left on the bank,Lola crept up on the blindside,ate the sandwich filling and slipped away undetected.Way to go lads I feel so much safer with you two looking after our national interests ;-0.

"No tweed you pikey tramp"
But you know how it is,you did not catch what you were after.But you still spent more time laughing than anything,so it's not all bad.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky.

Monty D