Saturday, 20 July 2013

Staying Local

This morning I paid my first visit this season to my local river with the intention of having a mornings trotting.On the walk down to where I wanted to fish,the river was low and sluggish.This beat really does suffer from the doldrums in the summer when we have no rain what so ever.Even so on the twenty minute walk to where I wanted to be,I was still surprised to see the bank completely empty of anglers.

I fancied this area as know one can fish above you for about a hundred yards and the same from below.Also it does has a good flow of oxygenated water going through it that I assumed would be beneficial today.I started to trot the far bank and the float was not going through how I wanted it too,a stiff downstream wind was hampering my presentation.A better float angler than I may have fared better and after half an hour for two Minnows I gave up.

I slung a Barbel rod out under the near bank about thirty yards down stream.Your fishing for one Barbel a session down here these days,so the one cast with a boilie and a bag full of chops I sat back.Not a touch until noon when a very violent take with out any warning occurred.The rod bent then snapped back lifeless.In between the worst of curses I checked the end tackle and the hook link had parted mid way down.Now I'm one of these fastidious bores with my rigs,checking knots through a small magnifying glass and checking my main line and hook links for any little imperfections.If I'm not happy I'll start over.

I put a small bomb on and had a lead about,snagged,snagged,snagged all the way down the near bank run.It appears since I last fished this swim back in September last season,the winter floods had deposited god knows what in the vicinity.Crass bad angling is that,not to have a lead about prior to fishing and I've only myself to blame.I did it on opening night on the Severn,but not today.I'll not self flagellate,but I'm still a bit pissed off.With this river it could have been anything from a single figure fish to a good mid double,topping out heavier at the back end.

Walking back around 1300.Hrs the banks were still empty,like the others I'll give it a miss until we get some rain.

Snag city the inside run.


Enjoying The Ashes?It's great at the moment is it not?Last Sunday I still thought we would get that wicket after lunch and we did.Today is going well also,though I still think Broad should have walked in the first Test.It is all well and good pundits and ex-players stating that batsman don't walk in the modern game.Who cares really,well I do.Football is played by a load of cheating,coning bastards.Athletics appears to be riddled with drug use.But Cricket I think should still be played with some moral stance.Just because so and so does not walk,it does not follow suit that you should be a lemming also.Yes winning is important,but to me it is how you win and last weekend was not the correct way.

This made me laugh though,the advert was in yesterdays Times news paper.Paddy Power has got it spot on again with their marketing.Though the way Cook is batting he may well have been at the crease since 1770.

Time for a cold bottle of Thatchers cider,so enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky.

Monty D.


  1. Another fine read squire. Don't beat yourself up too much about losing a fish, that's what mates are for.

    I agree with your comments about footballers and athletes, also the Tour de Pharmaceutical is about to end so cricketers have a lot to live up to.... hang on a minute, they're all match fixing, cheating bastards as well!

    Keep cool next week mucker, tiz gonna be a tad warm.

  2. I'm on the same wavelength with the cricket Monty.

  3. Manageable temps next weekend bud. What say we try to find the right lake this time?
    We may not be built like your Herefordshire correspondent, but we is pretty scary.

    1. Yes mate now my work is done for a while at the weekend,in between the painting and decorating that is on the horizon :-(