Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Nuff Said

I know I know I am a miserable old sod.But enough already,buying a paper for the next week is out of the question.Scared to turn on the television for fear of a gushing overload of forelock tugging.Even good old dependable left wing Radio Four has lost the plot.

I'm glad the family are all fit and healthy and I wish the young Prince a long and healthy life.But it's all to much for me.

But this made me chuckle out loud today when I spotted it,in the local shop.It is my kind of humour to a "T".

Be Lucky.

Monty D.


  1. The media is no longer interested in news - just headlines.

  2. Yesterday around 20.00Hrs I was washing up the dinner plates.Lady D was watching Sky News and I heard this from some lackey in the Sky team."What you have to remember is Baby Cambridge has spent his whole life on the Lindo Ward"

    Cue a FFS Denise can you turn that off please.The child is a day old and they trot out shite like that. Unbelievable it really is.Just silly sound bites!

    1. And whilst the world is led down this blinkered route of hysterical sycophantic bullshit the government are doubtless 'releasing' untold horrors upon us that are hidden from the usual scrutiny from the media.

      Oooh, the names just been announced, that means another three days of vacuous discussion.

  3. After a few scrapes with the press recently and maybe more to come I whole heartedly agree with both Monty and Dave B.
    They are only intersted in selling newpapers, this culture of big brother and other mindless rot that gets excreted onto the tube is a huge downfall in society.
    I used to laugh at films portraying the apocalypse such as running man with the publics mass interest in the TV media, but it seems to be coming true.

    Lots of love


  4. I always behave

  5. Can rely on the Private Eye. Spot on. And yes Radio Four has drifted slowly to the left over the years, pity really, towed behind the raft of BBC middle management spongers.

    It'll have to be "the Dark Lord" in the small hours then. Boloxnia or bust.