Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Kiss Of Death

A little late with this one in regards to opening night,but better late than never.Now this trip to the Lower Severn had been planned for a couple of months.A time to catch up with people I had not seen for some time,the typical opening night social.

Two weeks before,Lady D's brother decided he was going to have a fancy dress party for his birthday on the fifteenth.Get out of that one Monty,but how can one explain to someone who does not fish,the importance of the glorious sixteenth.Tell you the truth I did not even try,I was going fishing and that was that.

Now Ying put the kiss of death on the fishing front.Two days before our trip dear old Ying said"It's had a drop of rain and it should fish well".I took him at his word.Now Gruff and I made good time on the drive to Worcester,pulling up at the pub around 13.00Hrs.And what a pub,talk about a step back in time,a time before cleanliness,mobile phones and piped muzak.I loved it,it was how I would describe a proper British boozer should be.The banter flowed as did the Ale,from I think about twelve of us,various accents all vying to be heard.May I suggest if you get the chance to try a pint of Old Ludlow,you do.I had five or six.

I've never fished the Lower Severn before and I liked it.But how do you kill the eight hours post pub,before midnight.Easy,tea,slow cooked chicken,chips and just talking bollocks among mates.In between seeing "Kevin" the seal,it must be more than one as numerous sightings were made over the weekend.Oh and Gruffs brolly disappeared while we had a stroll, the wind look you.So if anyone finds a Korda brolly on the Lower,please let me know here at Yat Rock.

The fish well non existent,why does that happen?You guest someone on your river or go to theirs and the fish disappear.I crept into my swim at around 22.30 and just sat and thought about what this season had in store for me.A lovely night to be out under the stars,carefree and child like again.Non anglers do not know what they are missing,while we sit out at night in the summer.Shooting stars,the wild life and just a sense of well,contentment.We packed up at 0500 Gruff and I,eager to get back home for Fathers Day.Some may say a three hundred odd mile round trip,for five hours fishing is madness?I'll disagree,it was fun.And that is what fishing should be,fun and escapism.

Just a couple of photos taken at dawn.

Newcastle football club,you could not make it up.Good 'ol Joe and his interview on TalkSport will go down in the annals of football history for years to come.I thought he had been on the crack pipe when I listened to him.It should be interesting when he opens his trap again.

I know my onions.

No fishing this weekend,the first Lions Test down under.I'll be in the Dukes Head for the "Lions Tour Breakfast Club".So I'll apologies in advance for any drunk rambling phone calls I make on Saturday afternoon.

Be Lucky.

Monty D. 


  1. Ranting Joe is about as popular on Toon Side as Kevin is to Severn barbellers - which one will hang around the longest :o)

    Sorry you blanked lover, glad I wasn't the only one. I always think that fish are over rated anyway.

  2. I can't understand the whole Newcastle thing.Unless Mike Ashley wants to force Pardew's hand?

    As for the blanking,never a better night to be sat out ;-0

  3. Always nice too be out on the river at night, fish or no fish Monty.