Saturday, 29 June 2013

Estate Lakes

Many anglers consider Estate Lakes to be an angling nirvana.Tucked away from the hoards of other fisher folk,peace and tranquility abound.And Gruff and I are know different,we much prefer if we do fish stillwaters to be able to switch off and unwind.Last season we were put onto this venue by a lad known as The Sussex Hermit,for he be all furtive and doth go about his fishing under the radar mostly.

A series of five lakes deep in the country side,so deep in fact that even Vodafone cannot find me here.Set it a valley the place is stunning.Last winter we fished a couple of the other lakes at this venue for Pike,Gruff doing very,very well.While I struggled.But we wanted some Crabtree style Tench fishing today.A quick call to his Lordship and he suggested this lake below for a few Tench.It looks good does it not?"It does hold a good head of Tench",said he.

We had not seen this lake in it's summer colours,but it did not scream Tench to me.I wanted Lilly pads but they were absent.Still I set about finding an area I fancied and set up a float rod and plumbed the depth.Shallow as a Mackem it was too.Two frigging feet deep!Others areas were the same it just seemed so barren.When the sun came up I had a little Scout around and the whole lake was like this,with maybe a small channel of deeper water,running from the top to bottom.You could I'm sure walk from one bank to the next.Still I had some fishing to do,in truth I did not fancy my chances.New venue,hot sun and little wind.

I just fished sweet corn or lob worms over some loose fed pellets,Dynamite baits Swimstim and the Source(product placement at it's best)And all I caught were these,why would you want to stock this into a lake that goes back around four hundred years old?It just does not seem right to me.Yep they look niceish,fight OK.But it just does not have that legitimacy for such an ancient venue.I know the other lakes hold some fish from the Leney strain and I found out today this lake was the only one to receive a stocking of ornamentals,the power of Google helped me out here.Gruff fared differently opting to fish bread flake for around a dozen Roach to about a pound,no photos I'm afraid having no phone signal put the kybosh on that.

The positives,well Gruff and I did have this lake to ourselves.We saw a few large,actually bloody long dark back Mirror Carp on the surface,who may need our attention in the future.It's pretty and you could hear a pin drop.Though I think it would take on a different persona under the cover of darkness.You know those places,when the sunlight dims and the bird song stops.A sweeping malevolent whisper seems to bend your ear.Yates I think mentioned this venue in his Casting at the Sun book.And would I fish here alone at night,not an 'effing chance.

So what next,well there is a much larger lake just down the valley,deeper and with Lilly pads,not cast a line into that one yet though.But I'm willing try for some Tench I just don't want to catch blood ornamentals,when  my heart was set on some Tincas all olive with amber eyes.Sure the old adage you can only catch what is front of you rings true,but today's venue has about as much Tench potential as I do hair.

Oh and I've just seen an army of wood ants marching across the room from my rucksack,spiteful sods bit me to buggery today.And The Lions lost so double bugger,sets it up nice though for next weekend.

Be lucky.

Monty D


  1. Tripple bugger my son. We fished the wrong fecking lake!! If you include the little lake we parked by we should have walked past two and fished the third. I am down that way with work soon, will do a full recce on my way home. A quick squint on Google Earth shows the missing lilly pads.

    1. FFS ;-0.Gruff and Monty the angling worlds "Laurel and Hardy".So we fished the wrong lake,brilliant simply brilliant.

      I've not stopped chuckling since your phone call Kev.

  2. Why would the lack of phone signal stop you taking pictures?

    Looks nice there despite the lack of tincas. And there's no such thing as ghosts ya big wuss :o)

    1. Gruff had no camera,we were miles apart.If I had a phone signal I could have walked up and taken a few snaps ;-0.

      Oh and we fished the wrong lake,see above.As for ghosts,trust me they do exist ;-0

    2. And used a traffic cone for a float :o) a fine display all round.

    3. That float is as old as me and I love it ;-0

  3. How I'd love a tench filled estate lake within driving distance of me. Do they still exist?

  4. Lee,

    Drop Steve Williams a PM over on Fatwa,he may have something on his clubs portfolio you may well like.