Thursday, 27 June 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XXIV

It has been a couple of months since I threw in one of these,so I thought I would try and get the series of Doppelgangers back on track.

Below we have that ace catcher of Barbel and Executive Officer for The Barbel Society Mr.Phil Buckingham,who was a little miffed a while back to learn that non members were peeking at the BS Forum,quell surprise.Chin up Phil,it is an underused commodity as most are aware that Face Prowler now reigns supreme,as forums are so last millennium darling.

And below we have that great wit and raconteur of the much maligned show Catch Phrase,Roy Walker.Who among us as children did not huddle around the television on a Saturday evening,bellowing at the box "SAY WHAT YOU SEE,SAY WHAT YOU SEE YOU TOOL"It can't of been only me?

Now Pike anglers seem to think they are the hardiest of our angling breed.As Mick Brown mentioned in his book Pike Fishing The Practice And The Passion,for he regaled us with tales of the "Men with red faces"turned so by the biting winter winds.Sure Pike fishing in winter can be very,very cold.But so is winter Chub fishing,Roach and in fact any winter fishing at times can be bone crunching cold.Your out on the bank and think,what the hell am I doing here?

Move over boys,this young lady now rules the roost.This is from Tuesdays Times newspaper.Now I for one would not like to have a go at "Noodling",bad enough having one of these feckers on your arm,without the added risk of being bitten by snakes and snapping Turtles.From Yat Rock I doff my tiffter and salute you for being just a little mad Lucy.

His Not Happy.

This came into the Yat Phone yesterday.......Reckon I'll start a Wye guiding service,every other C**t is at it.My website would be for old rope.

Now the sender of this text is a local lad to the river Wye.And it does seem to be immensely productive and popular at present.Large river with plenty of space,but if it keeps getting hammered how long will it continue to be a superb and pristine place to fish.He is a good lad the sender and I can understand his concerns and possibly his frustrations.I'm glad my local rivers do not attract the hordes though,it would get right on my tits too.But with the Wye being so large I'm sure it will be OK mate.If not it may be time to start a new "Panthergate" chapter ;-0

Tench fishing on a nice Estate Lake for Gruff and I on Saturday,so until then.

Be Lucky.

Monty D.


  1. I just want the Severn to get back to its glory days, that may take some of the pressure off the Wye. It may be big but it is getting crowded and very expensive :o( Perhaps I'll become a redneck and go noodling instead.

    Good luck on the tench mucker!

    1. Not until Keith the seal moves on ;-0.As for the Tench,divided opinion.Land owner says a good head of Tench,the Sussex Hermit KCI,begs to differ.We will just have to and see what happens.

      Quiet and natural place all the same.

  2. Why would anyone want to be guided on such a prolific river as the wye cast out a crumb feeder two elips on a hair job done.the wye will change and in a not very nice way anglers and guides are now flocking to this river some to make a quick buck others to plunder the fish stocks.the local anglers myself included are fed up with brummies and cockneys accents all the time.

    rip the river wye.


  3. James,

    "Cockney accents" you saucy bastard ;-0.I do think you are being very premature when you talk about the demise of the river Wye.

    We will just have to see over the coming years if the pressure on the river has an impact.I will say though that catching ten to fifteen Barbel,day after day would soon bore me to tears.But each to their own.

    Just wait until the Pike guides turn up on mass,that will upset plenty of anglers no less.

    I'm now off to play Golf ;-0