Saturday, 11 May 2013

Guesting Yes or No?

I met a mate at lunchtime today for a cupla pints,no fishing for me this weekend as work this past week has been manic.I fancied a lie in today and a feet up kind of day.But prior to meeting him I took a stroll around a small section of river that is out of bounds to anglers,the signs nailed up told me this!

It's not club controlled,as most of this river has free fishing along the majority of its length.I used to fish this river a few times a week,in the evenings mostly around five years ago,with some nice fish gracing my net.But the sheer volume of human dumped rubbish that adorn the banks,put paid to that.I simply can't abide fishing surrounded by shite,regardless of what the river holds.

Now I have been known to guest on National Trust land,where angling was prohibited in my younger days.Creeping underneath a fence as dusk fell and enjoying a few undisturbed hours,before slinking away again like a thief in the night.But is it OK to do it the wrong side of forty years young?I'll also add that I would never guest on a water that is syndicated or club controlled,as to me that is wrong.But what harm would I be doing,having a few hours at dusk in the summer.I took a few photos and spotted the normal signs that an angler,other than Kingfishers and Herons had trod the banks.Tell tale rod rest holes in the earth,worn down bank side etc.As ever I suppose the devil in me,will out and talk far louder in my head than the good side.Remember the scene from the film Animal House,you know the one,the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other,that is me on a daily basis,excluding the naked,drunk cheerleader chick.

Looks Fishy To Me

I like to read as most of us do,this book may be of interest to those who like to read about the history of our great country,or is that once great.It's know wonder most of the planet shows an immense dislike for us.We have "rucked" our way around the globe for eons.

Their are currently 193 country's that are UN member states.We have invaded or fought conflicts with around 171 of these.We have invaded Ethiopia arriving on elephants,we picked on the poor old Philippines in the eighteenth century and occupied Manila.

In short we have tried it on from A to Z over the years.Trying to install some of our values and beliefs in to these lesser nations.And what thanks do we get?Very little by the looks of things,I think the world is just jealous of us to be truthful.As they all want to be British,not me though I'm English and proud of that fact.It's a decent old read in my opinion,it taught me things I was not aware of,as normally I'm just fuck as fick.

Football now and not about Sir Alex Ferguson!Have the press not gone overboard though in this past week.Every paper had a supplementary pull out on the cantankerous old sod,you would have thought he had passed away,not just deciding that he was ready for his pipe and slippers.

No the legendary Alfredo Di Stefano who is 86(looking good my man looking goooodddd),is set to marry Gina Gonzalez a Costa Rican television reporter aged 36.Now Alfredo's three children are up in arms over this.Not once have his three loving offspring,mentioned the real reason why they wish to contest this most romantic of unions.MONEY!I think they should just be happy for the old boy.You only have to look at this photo to see a lady who is in know way a gold digger.Alfredo from high up on Yat Rock,I wish you well my old son.Get in their you lucky bastard.

FA Cup final later on today,looking forward to it?Na me neither.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Ying said......that ain't Di Stefano it's BCC midlands region stalwart Geoff Dace ! LMFCO !

    (By the way Mr Monty, I know that swim....)

    1. Ying,

      You also being an ex BCC member,he wrote with Steve Chell chapter eleven,in the definitive Barbel book,Barbel Rivers and Captures way back in 2004 ;-0

  2. Since when did you find a moral compass Jase.You have fished in more out of bounds places than anyone i know.Fish it you tosser.


  3. That book seems somehow appropriate for a Hammers fan ;o)

    Di Stefano is a lucky, lucky bastard - she looks just the homely caring type of girl a man of that age needs.

    And what a cup final result, I was off my chair and dancing.

  4. Nah, Guesting not really on these days, it's not as if you're feeding your family. Like the 'right to roam' pillocks who think they should be allowed to go anywhere, they'd soon bleat if 50 other folk camped in their back garden. If you'd allow unlimited guesting on your water, that you paid for with your own money, stocked, gave up half your week-ends to maintain, then feel free I suppose...

    PS I Hate Mondays.