Saturday, 4 May 2013

Four Seasons

That was the weather today,after the last few days of balmy temperatures.Yesterday evening I was mowing the lawn in a pair of shorts.Today it was a stiff breeze,hail,rain and some weak sunshine.I popped down to a small club lake for a few hours float fishing that opened in the week.

Mother Nature is well behind her normal spring colours this year.These Lilly pads should  have a vibrant green tinge,as opposed to this rather lack luster brown hue.Still I had the pool to myself so I set about to do some fishing.The first hour or so I fished corn on the hook and missed a succession of lighting bites.Small Roach I think were the culprit.

I then changed tack and fished meat,lift method stylie.It worked a treat I managed five small Carp and three Bream.Just fun fishing really on light tackle with the Carp giving a good account of themselves,the Bream well they just do that Bream thing.Shame about the mouth damage on the Carp though.I wonder how that happens?Maybe,just maybe it's the haul 'em in merchants that some time appear.Nice four hours though,but I would have loved some on my bones.

Oh dear poor Wolves.Three years ago my mate Rich Frampton posted on the BS forum within minutes of my lot getting relegated.Having a good old chortle!But these last three years I have been awaiting my time to come back.But to have back to back relegation's takes some real panache Rich.I now hope your club plummets even faster than Gabriel,on your route to damnation or Non League football what ever floats your boat.

Still with football.Brentford and Doncaster Rovers last weekend.I tried to explain to Lady D,that it could not have been scripted by anyone in Hollywood.It will be one of those games in years to come when every "Donnie" fan,claims to have been at the game.I'd be gutted if I missed that.

Lastly this.A client of mine was in Holland last weekend,to see some paintings toshed up by a gezzer who cut off his ear.You can keep your Sunflowers,this really for some reason has always been my favorite.What draws me to it,time and time again I will never know.Cue "starry,starry night,paint your palate blue and grey".


Enjoy the rest of the weekend,the weather looks set to be luvvveeerrrly in the South East.

Be Lucky.

Monty D.


  1. Good words as ever lover, bloody ugly carp though.

    1. It's a shame really the mouth damage.It's a place where the Carp only go to mid-doubles.Like I mentioned fun fishing.

      A stop gap for me until the rivers open.I'm led to believe that some do indulge in floater fishing with 30 pound braid and haul 'em in.Though the bailiff may be wrong?

      Anyway it's a beautiful morning,I'm going to take a stroll down the river while madame sleeps of her night shift.

      PS I was going to comment on that shirt,on your latest blog.But you would expect that ;-0

    2. You should see the front to of it mate, an highly amusing illustration distorted by irregular bumps and folds :o)

      As for the use of braid - I'd ban it as a mainline in a heartbeat. Its okay for lure fishing but on carp and barbel it can cause all sorts of damage and noddy anglers don't think twice about that when they are heaving fish out of weed beds.

      Hope the walk was pleasant.

  2. The carp does look down in the mouth. Perhaps it was a wanderer fan ;o)
    Those platforms on the far side look a little close together. I know how you despise your close quarter angling. Soon be riverside solitude time. :o)

  3. Less to do with the braid, than the stiff tip action big t/c carp rods I'd say Mont. Sounds like a JW Avon would be enough [or a dodgy old cane rod ;-) ]

  4. Boots remind me of life mate and judging how i feel at the moment those boots could reflect mine :)

    Mouth damage? over powering rods in my opinion.

    Keep well