Saturday, 25 May 2013

Float Versus Lead

Gruff and I popped down to Marsh Farm today and had five hours or so on the bank.The day did not get off to a good start as half way down the A3 a little voice went"Oh fook I've left me bastard reel at home"They do say with age comes wisdom,you could also say once you reach your sixtieth year,senility kicks in pretty dam quick.No major drama though as I always carry two reels,so Gruff had a loan of one of my pins.

I had been looking forward to it all week,I like the place.A friend fished Richardsons lake in the week and had a dozen Tench.He did warn me that all the fish caught,by him and other anglers were caught at distance on the lead,so leave your poxy twig rods at home and lump some bait in.Did I listen?Na!

We both fished or should I say blanked on Harris Lake today.Me in peg 26 on the far bank,Gruff in 27.Most anglers today were on Richardsons and I could here bite alarms going off on a regular basis.Now the peg I fished here.

I have caught well in this swim before,just off the edge of the Lily Pads about a rod length out.Today one bite at around ten o'clock then not a touch.Corn,Worm,Meat and soft hooker pellets.OK I tried further out but the gusty wind made float fishing awkward.A lad two pegs down from me had not had a bite on the float by the time we departed.

In fact the only fish I saw caught were two Tench to a guy just up from us,who was ledgering with an opened end feeder and hair rigged halibut pellets.Was it the bright sunlight that kept the fish further out,I'm not sure.I just love to float fish,the dips and sways are like a samba beat in my soul(did I really just write that,wanker).On small venues surely the float should rule the roost,or perhaps I should adapt more and return and spod the granny out of it.

When I walked around the lakes,hardly anyone was float fishing.Most guys had a two rod set ups.I think the time has come for me to burn my twigs on the fire.Real tree up and return with gusto.I can't believe I've got the front to post up a blank in relation to Marsh Farm.I have never,ever blanked here until today.

Welcome to the old mans club the Bard of Bridgenorth.

While pursuing FATWA,at work this week I came upon this semi rant(though he denies it is a rant) from the above.Now the Bard has reached a seminal moment in his life,yes he is over forty,not stone I hasten to add.But I think he is now ready for the order of the Pipe and Slippers.Steve may I welcome you into the fold old son.Being grumpy and oldish myself,I feel now is the right time to get down to pound land and sort out the above.You know it makes sense.

Yesterday, 08:38
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Its all about personal choice as far as I'm concerned.
Be that alarms, center pins, bivvies or anything else.....

I get a bit fed up of people 'telling' me I can't do this or I shouldn't do that....

I'll do what every I like....
I'm old enough and been fishing long enough to make my own mind up about how, where and when I fish.


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Now we all know what went on in Woolwich on Tuesday,I'll not say to much at all,as the papers,forums have been inundated with various views.But clink on the link if you can.

I ordered one of these,they look pretty good to me.If you do not want to walk about in one,then just donate,please.I will hope to have mine in time,to wear on opening night on the river Severn.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Blanking whilst persisting with a cane rod, writing in flowery prose, surrounding yourself with eccentric (forgetful) old anglers and using a whimsical pseudonym .... have you joined the Golden Scale Club? ;o)

    1. Can you imagine it ;-0.Yates and Co spluttering into their tea,as I rock up.No wipe that thought.

      Anyway sitting here is not getting the lawn done and the pub opens in a 102 minutes.;-0

  2. Sounding a bit poncy there Mont. I admit, but I dread the prospect of never blanking...

    Always fun, when it's suggested you fish further out/with modern gear/use boilies etc. to say "Nah, mate, it's too easy." ;-)

    If you're quite sure you won't get pushed in you can add "But don't mind me mate, you carry on.".

    "samba beat in my soul", what's the matter with you? :-)

    1. It was said in irony;-0

      I'm not a fan of Samba,well maybe Samba style football that we play.

  3. Monty. Fished MF last friday for the first time.

    With the float of course. 1 crucian and 1 tench in first 2 hours then for 10 more...............nowt.

    Even the lead / methosd wasn't producing for those that struggle to cast 10 yards with a float.( I was casting 2!)



  4. Graham,

    It does seem to have got an awful lot harder.Three years ago it was very good.I still may give it another few trips before the summer is over;-0