Thursday, 16 May 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XXIII

I've not had one of these for a couple of months now and this one was sent into the Yat phone,on Tuesday from my west country correspondent.

Here we have that all time favorite character from the legendary 1980's film the Goonies,yes it be Sloth.Here we see Sloth with a pencil drawing done by his daughter with a new PB Perch that weighed in,at I think 4lbs 8oz.Two things though,how on earth did Sloth manage to beguile someone enough to make baby's?And secondly how does he manage to hold a rod long enough to fish,in between eating candy bars?

And below with have the angler known as Barbelist,or in real terms Paul Thomas looking I must say, rather dashing.

My copy of Pikelines landed on the door mat yesterday and I spent last night reading through this.Much better call I thought,than watching Benfica and Chelsea.The summer issue shone the light on Pike fishing in Ireland.The PAC magazine has various themes to most issues.We have had a focus on Scotland,with a cracking article by Craig Renwick,who has caught some extraordinary large fish,for one so young,he pulled no punches too,good to see.Issues on River Pike Fishing,Fly Fishing for Pike have also graced various issues.The current issues best article was written by Chris Bishop,entitled Building Bridges concerning a fish-in with the Polish Anglers Association.Like it or not anglers from Eastern Europe are hear to stay.So surely a directive like this is the way forward,educate,make friends,learn new ways to fish etc.As opposed to xenophobic like rants on internet forums? Keep up the good work chaps.

I had to laugh at this.On the way back from a meeting today I came upon this parked up in Charles Street.It seems the lady who done is not very happy at all.If you google the names,you will find out a lot more of what has been going on.A tip,make sure your ex-wife does not have a spare key to your vehicle.

Lastly Will Golightly may and I say may,have been up to his old tricks again.A thread over on Fatwa today was pulled about an E-bay scammer.What ever next?I reckon Steve "Small Hands" Pope was only to glad to see the back of this chap.Eh Steve ;-0

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Surely the tip should be "Don't cheat on yer wife"...

    Seven Poles where I work. Hard work conscientious chaps to almost a man ('cos one of them's a girl).

  2. Ying said....well, that went down like the General Belgrano didn't it. :(

    1. Off to Marsh Farm shortly,bloody cold night grrrrrr;-0