Thursday, 11 April 2013


Well it looks like we are to be treated to a new book,from that master teller of angling angling tales Chris Yates.

Have a look here.

It seems like the sage has found an old angling diary and it will be published for us all to read.Now I do not know about you,but Yates to me is head and shoulders above any other angling writer.I'm not one of these who see Yates as some kind of angling deity,sure I do have a preference for cane rods to be used if I can.But I do not own a Kelly Kettle,or wear tweed breeks.But by Christ can the man conjurer up a misty dawn better than most.So pledge away at will......

And looking at the video,that study seems to have more books than the anyone I know,bar my mate Mr.Double Decker.

Here's hoping it's available soon.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I'm the fool that turned down a day on the Avon with the main man himself. What was I thinking?

    I'll be buying the book though.

  2. Spot on Monty, Yates is simply the best by a long margin at telling a great fishing story. I finished On Fishing at Sea in 24 hours, a superb read.

  3. Exactly so Mont, always a good read - avoid the tweed breeks myself - am looking forward to reading it.


  4. I've got my name down for a copy, have you read Nightwalk yet Monty?

    1. Yes done a little review of Night Walk last year Fred.Can't remember what month though?

  5. He is a great read mate, i do think i have read a bad word written by him.

  6. My favourite writer Monty is Chris Yates.

    Read my first edition deepening pool 8 times. Sad but true.

    Imo very similar in style to some of the old BV stories in early Creel magazines.

    Ps. Bales back (snigger)