Friday, 5 April 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XXII

Well already the close season is only three weeks old and the usual threads are every where in internet land.Mostly to do with the close season and would you fish the rivers if you could.The same protagonist square up in the ring again,as they did last year and more than likely since the dawn of time.Still it is funny to have a read while at work.As for me,well I have not visited a lake yet or indeed a canal,though in our area we are not overly blessed with a canal system.My club lakes open around the first of May,though with the weather set to warm up next week I may venture down to Marsh Farm?

How was your Easter,cold was it not.It even snowed in central London yesterday,looking out of the office window shaking my head,moaning about the weather seems to be my life's aim at present.We did very little over Easter,a little lunch out,a few drinks and I cleaned all my tackle.So not a complete waste of time.Anyway I have not had a Doppelganger since January,so I thought it was time to get my arse in gear.

Below we have that stalwart of the Blair years,Martin Salter now an ex MP for the Labour Party,ex Dustman also,so a man who done a little graft prior to going into politics.And most I know,who have met the gent say he is a straight up guy,for a politician.

And here we have an angler who goes by the name Steve Ward,I do not know Steve,doubt I ever will.But I nicked this photo from a FB page,that advertises a fledgling bait company.I'll not name the company,as the owner of the said company,has a set of teeth that could eat an apple through a tennis racket.Eh Hartly ;-0

Do what?In the press this week the London Borough of Croydon,is laying claim to being the real Lake District.The tourism chiefs say that Croydon has at least two lakes,while the Lake District has only one,that being Basenthwaite.Ian Bone of the South Norwood Tourist Board(I'm not making this up) said"All the rest there are are styled as meres,tarns and waters"Now have you ever been to either of these two areas?I have been to both and I will tell you,one is lovely the other put the P into PISSHOLE.I'll let you make up your own mind as to which is which.

Croooyyydeeerrrn,how the Yoots say it.

Wordsworth Country

S***s are in crisis after last nights injury to Gareth Bale,a club photo event took place today,to cover up this royal balls up,from earlier in the season when they forgot they were only a one player squad.

Lastly its the Grand National tomorrow. I've backed Cappa Bleu each way at 14/1,it ran a good race at Chepstow recently to get it fit.And also Always Waining at 40/1,this horse has good form around Aintree,having won the Topsham for the last three years.But it is a huge increase in distance,so it may not stay? Just a few quid mind for some fun.

Enjoy the weekend.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Entertaining as ever young fella me lad. I'm out tomorrow for a couple of nights camping, maybe a carp or two will stir from their slumber.

  2. Steady on, Monty, dear boy,

    You go 'bigging' up the (one) Lake District and every Tom (Hee,Hee'smile'), Dick 'n' 'Arry (Lord forbid)will be motoring up here to check the veracity of your blog comments, 'cos I'm sure they all read it!! Can't be doing wi' all them Rollers 'n' Bentleys clogging up our lanes, cos it's bad enough when the large fellow comes along with his mobile house.

    Nice to see you hittin' the keyboard again, hope your house comes in, and not just a place,


  3. Dave,

    Just home from work,the sun is out here so who knows.


    As above I've not had the time of late.Biggun's a "Traveller" really ;-0.

  4. Good read as usual Monty.

    Ossie, Wait till the big boy fits out one if his coaches! He'd be a perfect new age traveller.

    Im poping down to MF for the first time mid May Monty. Looking forward to it.