Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Humble Maggot

After the last few weeks of abysmal blanking,a new approach was needed to try and catch some Chub.Out went the cheese paste and bread.In came a couple of pints of red maggots.I stopped off in Kenny Collins Angling on the way home yesterday,picked up my bait,then went on to the local synagogue to get the Rabbi to bless my gentiles,oi vey,oi vey,following Friday prayer.

Moving downstream about five miles from my previous sessions,arriving at first light I picked a swim with a far bank snag.After half an hour I moved,it just did not feel right.That gut instinct we all get,that makes you move was nagging in my ear.I walked about a mile back from whence I came.

Casting out I settled back,praying,hoping that I would not have to post up yet another blog entry that shows my angling prowess to be zero.The tip moved just a little,my heart was thumping it has been so long.Hand hovering over the rod,tip goes round and yes a fish is on.A spirited little Perch was in the net,phew thank god for that.I did not trouble to weigh it,guessing it may have just shaded two pounds or so.

The bait goes back out and I get another little knock,here we go,here we go I'm on a roll.I struck another little pull and the fish came to the surface quickly,at first thinking it was a small Chub.Then it morphed into a nice Roach.I did weigh this though and it tipped the scales at 1lb 9oz.It Not as vibrant in colour as it's chalk stream cousins,but a nice Roach all the same.Life was looking up,I was catching again and the sun was out.

I have mentioned before I only tend to fish short sessions,it's all about grabbing a few hours when I can and fitting my angling around the real world.I fished on until noon and had a further five Perch all about this stamp below and two small Roach.No Chub though and I thought the river looked good for a couple.Not that I am complaining all the same,it was a relief to catch a few fish.

Now the weather next week is getting very mild,Barbel anglers everywhere will be girding there loins.Forum chatter will reach a crescendo as the gods of Barbeldom you know where,post about the last chance for a Boris,Whisker,Bar of Gold etc,etc.But this scene may be played out,underwater on a river near you.Here lay Frank and Fred.

"Alright Frank"
"Alright Fred,you heard the news?"
"No mate I have not,whats up?"
"Temperature rise next week me old son"
"Oh for Fooks sake,here we go again,that lot will be clomping down the bank,three ounce leads on our heads,fooking Garlic fooking Spam"
"Your not wrong,If I see one more lump of Garlic Spam this season,well I will turn into a Barbel bulimic"
"Look at Charlie Chub over their,pissing his self laughing"
"Oi Charlie you can get fooked,we aint having it,you are not getting this snag back!"
"Ready then Frank,stand firm old son,stand firm"
"Stand firm yourself Fred and take care"

Best self take photo ever?Yesterday I received a text late in the afternoon from Yessling Ying,letting me know he had caught a golden 15.10 Common from a local pool.Now Ying,as mentioned before,lives in the Forest of Dean.Inbred capital of the UK,where you are know one if you don't have a tail,six fingers on each hand or have cloven hooves as feet.

Well Ying looks like he has made a new game,spin the Carp.How on earth mate,did you manage this?Superb and I doff my cap.

That's it for another week,enjoy the rest of the weekend and tight lines if your out on the bank.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Carp juggling - what a noble sport :o)

    Glad to hear you've not lost your touch lover.

  2. Dave,

    It has been a hard winter as I've mentioned before.I may have a couple off days off in the last week,weather dependent as old man Biggun is down South.


    Good 'ent it.

    Off to get a Sunday paper,first time in weeks,as West Ham won yesterday,so its safe to read it.;-0

  3. That Roach looks like it has been about a little you have to admire them though.All the predators that they have to strive against.As for the barbel skit very funny and so very true for many it is all about that one dreary species.

  4. Note to self: Get eyes tested.
    Thought it read "Get the Rabbi to bless my gentlies"
    Knew you had a run of blanks but that sounds a bit extreme even for you fella!

    'Mazel Tov' ;o]

  5. Anon,

    Yep the Roach was missing a few scales,but I was still made up.I had a grin like a wanking Jap,not had a nice Roach for a while.I caught two,two pound plus Roach way back in 1988 from the old Lea,near Springfield Marina.God where does the time go?As for Barbel,not dreary in my eyes,I love to fish for them at times.It's the bollocks that
    surrounds them in internet land,I find abhorrent.


    Coming from good Yiddish stock,on my old man's side, I like to think I know the difference between "Gentiles" and "Gentlies".;-0

  6. Jason, you certainly ended your blanking in style with some lovely looking fish there, that roach does look a bit of a battler too and those sergeants look stunning, but when don't they?

  7. That is a roach with some character Monty and would brighten any day. Are you sure that last photo isn't just someone throwing up. :-)

  8. Mark,

    Yep Perch do look real nice when they grow into a fair size.


    I think Ying has gone to ground,he seems all shy at present ;-0

  9. Ying says......'twas indeed a carp and not spew. It went splash, and landed in the margins, I don't know who was more surprised, me or it.