Saturday, 2 February 2013

What Do You Do

Fifty worms are sitting in the fridge,I was hoping to go Perch fishing today.But then it rained and it rained some more.The river I was intending to fish is a brown,swollen,muddy mess!I could have fished for Barbel,but I'm not really into that species at present.I enjoy fishing for the them in the summer,but flood water fishing bores me.

But a silver lining and all that.On Monday I was asked by a Fund of Funds,If I would like to go to Twickenham today,at the time I declined owing to the thought of a big stripey.But yesterday a quick call was made to see if the offer still stood?Of course you can and you can bring a friend if you want.A quick call to Gruff and the twat did not pick up the phone,he loves Rugby and he played for years until his gimpy knee gave out.You missed out big time mate.So one of the lads who sorts my tickets for football got the nod.

We play today the Auld Enemy.Now talking to a Scotch lad yesterday who will be in attendance,his xenophobic like rant made me chuckle.He went even more red faced when I said....."Thing is Rob,we do not give a monkeys about you lot,but you seem to live in the past to much"That was it,spraying at the mouth and quivering with rage."See that's what I mean,you elitist bastard".I did point out that he attended the best school in Scotland that money could buy,before attending Oxford.While I,well Hackney Wick School of excellence does not have the same ring to it.

I hope today I can wind him up enough that his head explodes.Thing is away from England-Scotland sporting events he is a charming,articulate guy.Still I need my own sport in a way.

Boo Hiss

O'l Smiler

Wee Tam
The enemy are all shown above,well maybe not all of them.Best be getting ready as I have to be there for around noon for lunch and pre match drinks.Best behavior today though,I must remember I'm not at football,I'm not at football,I'm not at football.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be lucky

Monty D


  1. Jocks are way too easy to wind up, just let them have their rant and say "I notice you speak English". It works every time :o)

  2. My word, Monty,

    Five blog enties for January and here you are with an early February missive..... this is not a Leap Year so you may struggle to match January's offerings but we know you'll do your best to find us some entertaining 'bon mots'.

    Now, I DO NOT want to hear your dulcet tones, drowning out commentary, joining in any of the many renditions of FoS by the saltire clad (and painted) horde..... even though I have to say it's a stirring sound!

    Make sure the St.George's red get full support and the chariots are urged voluably to swing right low, .... enjoy young 'un, shame poor owd Gruff's missed out, a Donny lad'ldve been good company... and possibly a foil for the slings 'n' arrers bound to be comin' your way from righteously inebriated lads from way oop norf!

  3. From where I watched it Monty it looked like it was our game from the start. Good game to watch.

    No gloat tonight, 0 - Rooney 1 ;o)

  4. Nice afternoon/evening.Lots of very pissed people about who would never have got into a football ground in that state.A little class bias I think.

    Scotland defended resolutely for the first ten minutes or so,then our pack was too much for them.And West Ham got three,much needed points.

    But if the rivers where not in such shit order,I would rather have gone fishing.Next week is looking dry,so Gruff Perch at EF next Saturday.;-0

  5. Men against boys, its the same in all of the sports we turn up too play............... the promise is there but the execution is not quite there!

    Our National demeanour is one borne out of frustration at not quite being good enough to play with the big boys, the odd flash of brilliance now and again to give us hope but the results will always sadly be the same. It will not stop them turning up and having a go and enjoying it but with Murray's case it must be wearing very thin by now!

    Wee Tam.

  6. Tom,

    Murray is unfortunate to be playing against some great players.But I have a sneaky feeling he may win Wimbeldon this year.

    And I may have a few quid on him nearer the time.

  7. Archie Gemmill says....damn sassenachs....

    1. That had to be you again Ying I would expect ;-0

  8. bugger bugger bugger