Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Inanimate Object Blog

This be the offending beastie,the inanimate object that has caused me more pain.My seventh blank trip on the spin today.This sad excuse of a quiver tip,just does not show any inclination to do the job it's paid to do.This is my worst run of blanks since I was a child!Today,fishing a run off below a weir pool,with liquidized bread and alternating between flake and crust hook baits  resulted in nixy poo.Perhaps I should have roamed about,but the wind was so cold today I sat it out under my brolly,seeking solace from the chill.

No more to add really,I did take a lead after reading Jeff Hatts blog,that when the fish are not biting you need to take lots of photos and to that end I've stuck a few on here.

But If I ever come across this weather God,him and I are going to have strong words.Last weekend Lady D and I went to Whistable for a short break.The weather was lovely,I did mention how nice it would have been to be fishing.When  mentioning  it a second time adding a deep sigh for theatrical effect,the look I got was to put it mildly withering.So watch out pal,it's me and you.You owe me big time for what you have thrown my way this season

Then the weather improved some more and it started to snow.My hands were freezing putting the bread mix into the feeder owing to the crumb itself getting icy.I know when I go into work on Monday it will be the usual "Your mad","An idiot to be out in the cold and not catching AGAIN"You cannot educate people though,they would never understand.We,you and I do it because we love it,that to me is all it is.Three little words.Just two weeks now to try and salvage something from an abysmal winter.

Flood Damage

Lovely Surrey

Moving on.Twenty years ago tomorrow the legend that is Bobby Moore passed away aged fifty one.The twenty years have flown bye.I remember I was working for Barclays De Zoot-Wedd at the time and left work at Monday lunchtime to go to Upton Park.It seems like yesterday.I met Bobby once,the club I played for as a kid won the Met and Essex Cup,we played the final at Roots Hall,Southend United's ground.Bobby gave out the medals on that day.I know my Mum,still has the photo at home.

We play S***s at home on Monday a game I will be attending,though S***s are playing well at present,with Bale playing out of his skin.Their will be a little memorial prior to the game to remember Bobby.This little video is my indulgence,the lad singing goes by the moniker of "Bubbles" and can often be found in the Vic in Plaistow on match days.

So I'll raise a glass to a real legend,"Sir" Bobby Moore and wish everyone else a good rest of the weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Just watched the Rugby,so it is not all Oh dear;-0.One of those things Dave,this river has been very fickle all season.

    The bailiff popped down today,not a soul on the river apart from me.But last Thursday from the swim I was in he,had a 15lb Barbel,six Chub and a 1.15oz Roach.He did leave with a twinkle in his eye and he is a great character.;-0

    1. Nothing wrong with your fishing then, its just your time keeping :-) Next time mate, there's always next time.

    2. I think next weekend it will be maggot feeder,a Minnow a Minnow my kingdom for a Minnow.;-0

      Off for a cupla before cooking dinner.

  2. He also is a complete stranger to the truth mate.

  3. I used to have Bobby Moore's autograph on the back of one of my uncles business cards but it got thrown out by my stepmother along with just about everything else I owned when I joined the RAF,(except my boxed collection of matchbox lorries, she gave them to her son to play with, spoilt brat).

    But I'm not bitter.......


  4. Gruff,

    Of course we both know that,he is a real nice old boy though.


    Up late,pissed up? ;-

  5. i have been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it.i find a link to it on the idlers quest blog.keep posting as even when you are not catching you make a story up and that makes it fun.



  6. I have only ever heard good words spoken about Bobby Moore, a true gentleman of the game.

    Better luck next time Monty old chap.

  7. Ben,

    Thank you.


    He was not an angel,know one is.He loved a drink and he could party with the best.West Ham as a club treated him very badly at times.He was asked to move out of a seat as he had the wrong ticket,when he was watching a game.It's Bobby Moore for crying out loud.Now the club try and trade on the name,in adverts West Ham are "Moore than a club".Marketing at its worse!

    As for the fishing,I may need to practice on my short iron game in the spring ;-0

  8. Try a bit of Stilton for the chub Monty

    1. Wash your mouth out!It is for eating ;-0.Nope the colour is dropping out fast so I am told.So this weekend will be grubs.