Tuesday, 29 January 2013

May I Introduce "BB"

I am afraid I am still at heart very much a boy;but why should one be ashamed of such a thing?There is still magic to me,thank God,in the seasons;there is still a sense of awesome mystery in a dark wood;I still lie awake with a slight quickening of the pulses when I know that at the first streak of dawn I shall be making my way through the reeds to ambush wild duck and geese.If ever the day comes when I can no longer feel that thrill,then I would be better dead.It is the same the night before some fishing expedition to perhaps an unknown burn or river,or maybe pool.I lie awake wondering what the morrow will bring fourth,and my mind gets busy with fabulous fish and heavy creels,    

The above is taken from the The Wayfaring Tree first published in 1945 by Hollis&Carter.

And to me these words still hold firm.I dread the day when I do not sleep before an angling trip.How I sleep lightly,wake and wake again looking at the clock.Willing the night to pass and to get out.Why BB tonight?Well Lady D is on nights and I am at a loose end.Also since last week I have been having a sort through of the book case and reading his work anew.

If you  were to ask a group of anglers,field sports enthusiasts or indeed every day children.How many of a certain age would never of heard of "BB" let alone read some of his work.I remember a while ago on this blog I was asked "When did I develop and interest in Dave Steuart".My answer then,as it is now,if you have an inherent interest in a subject,time and age are irrelevant.

I'll be honest my all time favorite is The Little Grey Men.It is a tale that I think transcends generations providing you have an imagination.How can you not be captivated by the words This is a story about the last gnomes in Britain.I love this story it's an absolute corker,my copy is now battered and falling to bits.But reading this again made me smile.Way back in 1942 this book first appeared.

Manka The Sky Gipsy,what a title for a book this truly is in my eyes.First published way back in 1939 the tome about a Wild Goose.Another favorite of mine,I was before and I am again,high up and flying right along side Manka.I will not spoil this one,but if you ever watched animated classics as a kid and have fond memories of the cartoon about the Artic Curlew,then you may know.You can watch the Curlew cartoon on YouTube,I have many a time.

If you do not own any books by "BB" and fancy a look at his work,this book retails at under twenty pounds.Thirty chapters that takes in his love of nature,angling,field sports and his children's tales.Give it a try you will not be disappointed.

Jeanie Deans.

Tomorrow night I'll be at Craven Cottage for our game against Fulham,always a favorite place of mine to go.Cracking little ground,nice pubs and easy to get a train home from Wimbeldon.And fingers crossed some Perch fishing on the river on Saturday,though if the rain does not abate it will have to be Barbel.What ever,it will beat being stuck in the office as I was last weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I have a number of BB books but now feel compelled to seek out more. Your work here is done.

    1. Funny mine is too,off to Putney way shortly for a cupla before the game ;-0

  2. Great Blog Monty. One of my favourite BB works is the "Idle Countryman"...its a classic. Very few authors capture the essence of the countryside in the way that he did.
    When I go down to visit the old dear this summer, I'm hoping to make a pilgrimage to "Beechmere", which is a couple of miles down the road, in fact I must get round to writing to the owner to request permission...fingers crossed.


  3. Monty, Dave,

    Just about to re-read "The Wizard of Boland", to be followed by "Lord of the Forest" and then I'll catch up with "Manka; The Sky Gypsy" and "The Little Grey Men".

    Incidentally, the cover prices are as follows on these copies, "Lord of the Forest", 55p from 1975, "The Wizard....", 60p from 1977 (though first published in 1959).

    Good huntin' at t'Cottage....

  4. Joe,

    Glad you enjoyed it.


    As for the football we were shite!To old for this mid week football piss ups.Sitting in work feeling a little F****d ;-0

  5. You'd have felt chipper if you'd won :o)

  6. Nice Post Monty. My favourite also the 'Little Grey Men', but 'Be quiet and Go A angling' is up there as well. He captures the love of the outdoors better than anyone - and do take a gander at the travel books as well, 'A Summer on the Nene' etc.

    1. JAA,

      I prefer the books BB penned about his Shooting,it makes me want to have a go at "Wild Fowling" and also his story's for children(cough),as opposed to his fishing exploits.

      I will have a gander at "A Summer on the Nene" when time allows.;-0