Friday, 18 January 2013

Fridays Blog

I've not done a Friday blog for months and months,it's a time thing really.But having a little time today I thought I would get a couple of things off my chest.Snowing where you are?Down in the South East we have had around two inches.I took this photo on my phone at around noon on my way back to London Victoria,hardly problematic is it.

Well it is if you are a train.Last night South West trains into London Waterloo and Southern train services into London Victoria introduced an "Emergency Timetable",this all before a single flake had fallen.What a load of bollocks!This was forecast early on in the week and they still cannot cope.During work today I kept checking the timetables online for London Victoria,it said all was running fine.I leave work at noon,walk down to be greeted by utter chaos.It took me just over two and a half hours to get home.How can such a small amount of the white stuff amount to such pandemonium.Lord knows why the useless twats cannot get it right after years of practice.At over two grand a just year to get to and from work you toss pots,at least try and make an effort.

Still I could be worse off........Earlier on in the week a message came into the Yat Phone"****** boiler has broken down and he is fooking freezing".Now mates being mates,it has caused no end of mirth and where the said chap resides,it's a cold and inhospitable place even in those balmy days of summer.So round about now it must be like spending a weekend in outa bleeding Mongolia.Chin up old son;-0

Keeping with the snow theme this little joke made me chuckle today.I have nicked this from the Cemex forum.

The Highways Agency warning said anyone travelling in icey conditions should take a shovel,blankets,sleeping bag,extra clothes,,including a scarf,hat,gloves,24 hour supply of food and drink,de-icer,rock salt,torch,tow rope,petrol can,first aid kit and jump leads

I looked a right twat on the bus this morning

Horsegate.Now I'm not sure about you,but why are people surprised that certain cheap frozen "Beefburgers" have been shown to contain 27% horse meat.A pound for some frozen burgers,what do people really think they are made up of?Finest Rib Eye from Cows that have feasted on the best of clover.I have mentioned before that my old man is a retired butcher and that I used to work in the school holidays with him down at Smithfield.He showed me then,what actually went into some of the produce that make up these meals.It's junk,all the cast offs really.So a little horse meat is the least of your worry's I would say.And anyway do we all not love Black Pudding?Get real people and just chow down.

Us against Man Utd the other night was boring even for me.Not once did I get animated,we never looked liked scoring to be honest.But we should have had a penalty,but being Old Trafford your pissing in the wind to be given anything.I did laugh at Fergies face when the extra time came up,horses for courses Alex old boy.

If your looking in Bob I take it your about with a brush in the morning?

We have decided to give the fishing a miss this weekend,hell I'm struggling as it is at present,without the joys of hypothermia to contend with.So enjoy your weekend what ever you do.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. ............ and 2,000 schools closed for the weather today......... I might be a bit long in the tooth these days, but "schools closed for snow" IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!! It's H & S gone mad. I nivver missed a days school for snow, mind you Mummy didn't have to drive me there in a 4 X 4.

    Me and our lass were gutted when Immus said he was getting rid of the 'owd boiler' as we are quite fond of the lass............ helluva relief when he added it was a gas combi and was 'uckt

    1. "When I were a lad we lived in 't shoe box in 't middle of 't road" eh Mike ;-0

  2. Mate of mine used to live in Switzerland where they'd get about a foot of snow overnight only to find every road and pavement clear by the time they left for work. The UK on the other hand, is pathetic. If al qaeda could invent a snow machine we'd all be facing East within a month.

    1. Not long back from Sainsburys and its panic buying of bread and milk by the great British public.

      We on the other hand bake ours in the Aga ;-0

  3. You get what you pay for when it comes too food mate.

    Keep well

  4. Monty
    I only got a two word reply when I offered a text to the lad about the old boilers finally getting their own back...............

    AND he's not replied to my text re the Spurs lasdt minute goal either............;


  5. Well chaps I'm at home,all trains cancelled into work today.