Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Parts XX and XXI

A double Doppelganger this week from up here on a very snowy Yat Rock,so snowy was it that my trains into work yesterday would not run.But I ranted about that last Friday so I'll leave that one for the time being.

Below we have that all round lady's man from the 1970's and 1980's David "Hutch" Soul enjoying a spot of Barbel fishing way back in 1993 on I think the river Severn.

"Don't give up on me baby,it's been a long,long time"

And below we have blog fan and all round nice guy Six fingers Kev,AKA Yessling Ying,doing a spot of police work in Ross Vegas the other week.

Hold it right where you are Shag!

Now to dear old Monty Dalrymple.This was taken by Denise on her phone last Sunday afternoon.I was dared to go and make a small snow man in the back garden,naked!Which I did and I will introduce to you my new friend Melvin.Obviously I got dressed again for the photo and Melvin and I had a few glasses of wine,tight bastard never put his hand in his pocket though!

And today this photo was sent into to the Yat Phone,with the words"What the F**k are you doing in the Sun on the Dear Deidre page"I for the life of me cannot see any sort of resemblance,can you ?

Have you got a spare few minutes,then if so have a look through this thread and either cringe or chuckle.Depends on your mind set,I did both.


Just a very quick and possibly humorous blog today,I'll have the crystal set on tonight and hope Bradford beat the Villa.

Be lucky.

Monty D


  1. Ying said.......It's actually a Beauchamp Court fish from before the Bastard. Society took over the stretch. Hair, them were the days......

    1. Nice fish though mate,trotted silk weed I assume;-0

  2. Yer snowman looks a doppleganger for Two Canes - full sized too :o)

  3. Thank you Mr Burr!