Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XVIIII

It's been some time since I have had one of these,September in fact so here we go.Has anyone ever seen these two fine gentlemen on the bank at any one time?Below we have twenty year old Essex lad,JonJo Shelvey who plays for Liverpool football club,who had the brass neck to score the winning goal against us at Upton Park a few weeks back,the swine.

And below we have that famous globetrotter of an angler and superb photographer Johnny Jensen,who also happens to enjoy fishing the mighty river Wye,as well as a pint or two.

Blimey the time has flown by since my last blog entry prior to Christmas.I hope you all had a good one?Now the weather was so poor all over the country between Christmas and the New Year and consequently it meant I could not cast a line,as the rivers and fields had merged into one muddy mess.2013 dawned,the weather gods had started to smile,but alas Lady D and I went away for a short break,where we also found the time to get engaged.Gruff was kind enough to state"Best catch of your life that mate and about time",while others of a more cerebral nature were concerned about Lady D's mental state.But you cant please everyone all the time.

West Ham versus Manchester United last week was a real roller coaster for me,down,drawing,then up.Hanging on,hanging on,not long now lads.Then THAT goal from Van Persie,cue a touretets like meltdown from moi.Prior to the game I would have loved a draw,but to come that close,bollocks and then some.Great ball from Giggs though and a superb finish.The replay should be another cracker also,fingers crossed.

What about Wolves though and a new manager in Dean Saunders?Who is the happier those fans in Yammshire(even those armchair fans).Not you though Bard as I know you went to Luton.Or the Donnie connection.;-0.Keeping with the football theme,Razor Ruddock on Celebrity Big Brother,what a porker he has turned into,bloody hell I hope he uses Rylan as a tooth pick.


Lady D enjoys the program and not I,low brow tosh!

This Saturday I shall be back on the bank and some Chub fishing on a little river near me.Sure the weather is turning nippy again, but needs and musts and all that.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Tight lines for the weekend Monty, it will be good to finally get to a river.


    1. Reb,

      I hear you and a mate,now back from over seas work(cough),may pop down to Sussex soon.Take care soldier ;-0

  2. Congratulations my good man, when is the big day?

    Crackin' doppelganger by the way, how long have you been saving that one up?

    1. Dave,

      Maybe October or early next year,we need(like I have a say in the matter)to decide on Canada or over here.

      As for the Doppelgänger,about two weeks back ;-0

  3. Replies
    1. It may be off,the smell of my Cheese Paste for the morning is causing some consternation.But thank you ;-0

  4. Congratulations Monty. Finally.


    1. Thank you ;-0.Look after Scuba tomorrow if you both meet up.