Saturday, 22 December 2012

Man Versus Fish

And Fish won!What a day to go fishing,It was pouring down and howling with wind when I got up today and if the truth be told,I did not fancy it one bit.But you know how it is,you arrange to go and you cannot really back out.

Arriving at first light we lingered longer by the van  than normal,both really not wanting to brave the elements.Gruff chose the far bank while I scuttled off to find some shelter from the wind on the near bank.This collection of lakes are stream fed and Gruff crossed over to the far bank,traversing a small weir that has a trickle of water covering the lip.

I should be at home
This was my swim here,the lakes being in a valley had water cascading down on all sides making it mostly and unpleasant experience.One of those days when your on auto pilot,you do not really want to come out from under the shelter of your umbrella.And we did not need to on the fish front.Around two o'clock there was a momentary pause in the rain,the phone rang"What you reckon kid,'ad enough"."Your not wrong mate,really would love to go home"So my gear was stowed away in double quick time.

But their was a slight problem,the small weir that Gruff had walked across at first light was now running way over the top.Apologies for the misty look,but the lens was steamed up.So I had to go round to the other side and help Gruff up the steep banks.If you look at the first photo,you will see what I mean.Not a nice experience as the banks had turned into a slippery quagmire.Boots were pulled off,the both of us slipped,fell over and tripped again.Both of us being new to this venue we never gave a  thought to how the water levels could rise so quickly.Not a trek back to the van I would liked to have undertaken at last light,as was the original plan.A lesson learnt on that score.Did I enjoy today?No it was a bloody chore and on the way home all the rivers are in the fields again,so lord knows where we will end up next week?

It's not all bad though as Christmas is upon us.I'm waiting expectantly for this on Christmas Eve The Snowman and  the Snow Dog.Will it surpass the original Snowman from way back in 1984?Time will tell.Chuck in the odd Danny Kaye film and I will be a happy man.I love Christmas I really do.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite Christmas Carols,very,very evocative in my ever so humble opinion.

So this is Monty Dalrymple from high up on Yat Rock,wishing you and your loved ones,a very Merry Christmas.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Dear Santa

That time of year is upon us again,those of us who have been good boys and girls this past year should have sent our letters by now and hopefully they reached the North Pole in good time.Any later than the fourteenth of December may be too late and you may be a little despondent when all you get on Christmas Day is a Satsuma and some socks.

I have asked Santa for two books,no tackle is needed as I have way to much as it is.The first is The Best of Barlow.I used to love Franks columns in the angling press in years gone by.Often funny and outspoken a fine angler to boot too.So fingers crossed for this one,it should be a hoot.

The second one is Big Carp Legends written by Mike Wilson.I have met Mike a few times over the years and shared a day on the Test with him and another group of anglers around six years ago.Without going over board,he is without doubt one of the nicest guys I have met both in and out of fishing.So if Santa is kind I'm really looking forward to reading this also.What ever you have asked for,I hope your wishes come true.

Away from fishing the Yat phone has been ringing off the hook these past few weeks.Various story's have been in the press and rather than phone people individually,it makes sense to put the record straight here.This IS not me,but my great,great uncle thrice removed.Please guys I'm getting on in years but I'm not that old!

This one here is a complete and utter fabrication.I am no body's stooge,my own man and honest as the day is long.I mean come on guys,the bloody Trinity Mirror  group for crying out loud.Wake up and smell the coffee please.

This does have some credence to be fair.My audience does stretch far and wide these days,my viewing figures from Australia have shot up very recently and I cannot really fathom out why?But I have been asked to open the Diwali celebrations next year in Mumbai and good to my word I shall attend and do my bit for our trade relations.

I hope that has allayed a few fears from certain party's?The "Beast from the East" is petering out and the "Pest from the West" is due in.Barbel anglers everywhere are girding their loins,at the thought of hauling some winter Barbel,well if you read those erstwhile chaps on Fatwa you would think so.I would like some calm and mild weather,trot a float maybe.Fish for some Pike and Perch, anything must be better than this cold front though.

Be Lucky

Monty D 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Beast From The East

The "Beast from the East" those are the portents from the weather gods for next week,it would appear we are about to be hit by some very inclement weather.I don't know about you but this past week I have found it bone rattling cold.Hell the South East of the country had a whole two centimeters of snow on Wednesday,that caused chaos on the trains and roads.It made me laugh,as on Tuesday the rail company's said they were "Ready for everything mother nature could produce and they would run empty trains all night if need be to keep the tracks clear".That plan worked well then did it not?Still after all this time I should not really be surprised,at how dreadful we are as a nation when faced with a drop of the white stuff.So anyway Gruff and I headed across country today from Surrey and into Sussex.Now Gruff has put in a few hours on this collection of lakes recently and caught some nice Pike,so today I was expectant of some action in my first trip out for a few weeks.

A nice mild morning and the thermometer gauge showed a sultry two degrees on arrival,at just before seven o'clock.Gruff chose to fish two ledgerd  dead baits,one Mackerel the other a Herring,I chose to float ledger with Herrings.Gruff had a tentative and stuttering take just after eight o'clock that stopped before it had even got going.His next run came belting towards him but alas he failed to connect.My float fished baits did not get a mention.Now we were chatting,as you do as to why.All Gruff's fish of late have come to ledgerd baits,while no action has taken place on the float rigs.I do like to float fish If I can,I just enjoy watching a float slide away or not as the case may be at present.Perhaps on these venues the Pike like a bait hard on the deck,something I will not do on the float,as fishing too over depth on the float has in the past led to a couple of fishing taking the hooks lower than I like.Or does it just happen to be the way they are feeding at present and that may change on the next visit.

Gruff's bite alarms never sounded again for the rest of the day,my floats were not to move.Around noon I got the Jerk Bait rod out and worked the water,maybe that would succeed in a take or just wake some fish up around our baits.

All the skill of a performing Bear.

All to no avail.No fish caught and more questions than answers.I love these new venues that KCI showed to us(where were you today mate)? Peaceful and some stunning countryside though a steep learning curve seems to be in the offing.We still had a laugh today,putting the worlds to rights as you do.Chuckling away at the latest postings on Fatwa,the home of god knows what these days.Perhaps they are gearing up for a Christmas Panto.One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest maybe,who knows.But keep it up lads as the site owner loves the HUGE audience and stuff the content;-0

So that is the fishing done and dusted.My Saturday under the pain of death will be to cook dinner and pour the wine for Lady D,while she watches the X Factor "Grand Final".Oh and of course I must not make any snide comments about the great acts that are on show.Well only this one.......If this Scouse Twat wins I give up.

Upton Park for me tomorrow and our home game against Liverpool and with no star player for the mighty'Pool.Will we win,well after our great result last weekend against Chelsea that I predicted elsewhere;-0.I will plump for a draw in this fixture.Only seven more days at work now until the Christmas break,so hopefully the "Beast from the East" is not to bad as I have lots of fishing to fit in.It was great to get back out today.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D