Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Sunday

As usual a few of us jumped on the train early this morning to travel into Whitehall,to pay our respects to the fallen.To remember Grandparents who fought in both wars and for some of our number,to friends who have given their lives in more recent times.

My train home most days from work,leaves from platform eight at London Victoria.And this plaque was put up around two years ago.I often wonder while awaiting to depart,if a restless spirit still roams the station in the silent hours.Now we often bemoan the lack of respect in our country,but the bottom cross in the photo has been their since remembrance Sunday 2011.It reads simply "thank you",a nice gesture from who ever placed it their and great that it has stayed in place.Not defaced,or thrown away as thankfully most war memorials  are treated.

A quick early morning pint in Witherspoons,to warm the soul on a cold morning in our capital.Then onto the garden of remembrance at Westminster Abbey,to place our crosses to those no longer with us,a silent prayer and a heart felt thank you for the sacrifices they gave.Even now I really miss my grandparents,and great grandparents.I guess I was lucky in that I had many years with them all,where as some were not so fortunate.

The weather was superb today,the atmosphere as ever crackles with emotion.I would not miss this day for anything.It is what this country does really well,it puts on a show,but with the greatest of respect.Anyway on the way back we stopped for a pint in a pub near St.James's Park and this sign outside may me chuckle.

I did inquire while ordering a round of drinks,why the chef felt the need to punch the granny out of the Cod,but it fell on deaf ears.I also took this photo yesterday in a break from work.This lake holds some cracking Carp,Perch and Rudd and is very under fished.I am told I have to write too the lady who sometimes resides in the large house at the back of the photo to gain angling rights.Wish me luck!

I will have some angling to talk about when I next update,as my weekend work issues have lessened.The report we have been working on for one of our clients has gone out.And good god has it been a pain in the 'Arris.I should not really complain though,but bloody hell I miss my fishing.

Time to get the dinner on for when Lady D gets home from work,pour a glass and listen to us and Newcastle on TalkSport.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Good blog mucker - can you put my name on that letter as well pretty pleeease :o)

  2. Dave,

    I will see if I can.When I took that photo yesterday,some nice Carp were mooching about.It must be worth a "guest" session?Give or take plod being about.

    1. Tell her I used to work for her, you'll be okay ;o)

  3. A fine example you set us all Monty, lest we forget.
    Some huge rudd in there by all accounts, tho I hear the bailiffs corgi's are sod's for snaffling your bait. They turn their noses up at the spam tho! ;o)
    An enjoyable read, nice one.

  4. How much for Fish n Chips !!!!!!!!!

    Glad I live in the poor Norf, you can get a row of terraced houses for that much. With an inside cludgey to boot.

    Good result at Newcastle though.


    1. Modern ones then Phil

  5. Dear Monty,

    Agree with DB, "Good Blog"!!

    Dear ol' Aunty Beeb has been on the wrong-end of a loada brickbats this last week or so, with just deserves, though through all that they do one thing real well, the annual "Festival of Rememberance", even if for my taste some of the presentations are a tad too modern'ish by the st*rs.... poor ol' Rodders look and sounded out of kilter this year, especially with his end of song'whooping' a coupla times.

    I was a tad moved by the dignity demonstrated by the lad who carried the "Book of Rememberance" to the altar-of-drums; bare-headed, whilst the assembled ranks were still 'capped', solemn and truly respectful with the deep bow to the altar.

    Look after my large friend on his visit this weekend and keep well yersel,

  6. Richard,

    That it does ;-0


    I thought we may "nick" a draw so pleased with that.


    Alas Biggun will be on his own this Friday,I could not get the day off from work:-(

  7. Michael I'm sure I'll manage.
    I was in central London on Sunday and hoped to drop off my passengers early enough to get to Whitehall to pay my respects. Alas the traffic was too bad and I was still on Westminster Bridge at 11am, so I stopped the coach on a red route, a copper gave me the "nod".