Wednesday, 7 November 2012

One Not To Miss

Are you and your beloved at a loose end tomorrow night?Do you hanker after a little romance and want to show your partner why angling appeals to you so much.Then get down to "Bas Vegas",for the world premier of Under Water 7.

The red carpet has been laid out and the paparazzi are on heat to capture the great and the good of the Carp angling world.You will receive a complimentary dictionary,so you may understand the "lingo".The phrases "Munga","They have been smashed up in the bay","Getttt innnn my saaannnn" and "Pukka job mate" will be second nature to you by the end of the evening.Just by learning how to converse in Thinking Tackle parlance,will make you a better angler than you are now.Its and edge that will improve your angling one fold.

After the premier you are invited to dine at the new and improved Danny Fairbrass diner,cutlery optional.Dress code is real tree top to toe.Don't be square be their.......Hugh Miles you have nothing on these guys.

Meanwhile in a corner of the netherworld,these fine chaps think on......

Where did it all go wrong Dick?

"Off to self flagellate"Again..............

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Ying says.....Spod the granny aht of it, Monty !

  2. Fanny Dairbrass says...Oi Monty, you caaahnt, leave it out you enormodon.

  3. Right with you on this one Monty Boy, I'd rather watch Downton than Thinking...

    and I NEVER watch Downton.

    Roll back the years and send the Essex Massive to a gravel pit far, far away.

  4. Ying,

    I assume that was you as Fanny Dairbrass also you daft bugger.


    I like Downton,it is reminiscent of my youth ;-0

  5. I like Downton because I have to on pain of expulsion...

    Repulsive TV.

    I hail from Essex though so appreciate your judgements. Ill judged perhaps, just a gnats cock out of true but a gnats cock out is all it takes to misunderstand the truth of Essex!

    It's a world unto itself is Essex, believe me they wont care, when just being talked about is enough!

  6. Jeff,

    My parents reside in Leigh-on-Sea,as does my brother.Some nice parts in the county,but some......Well you know ;-0.

    Orf to the station,talllyyyy hoooooo.

  7. I'm not saying the everybody from Essex is a muppet and, once you've got past the accent, there are some really nice people over there - apparently ;o)

    I just have a thing about those from Essex that pick up carp rods or anybody that thinks that Lord Danny is the great guru of all things carpy rather than somebody out to ruthlessly fleece fishermen and get them to fill our waters with too much bait and tons of 'dropped leads'.

    Rant over.

    And Specki - "Reminiscent of my youth" - that made I larf almost as much as the Spaniards speeding ticket :o)

  8. Dave,

    It's only a small speeding fine apparently ;-0

    As for Essex,I have over the passage of time fished some nice waters.Shot Gate Farm,BADAC waters,Colney Lakes and the now sadly gone Aquatels.All many,many years ago.

    If I was to live there,it would be in the wild lands that border Suffolk.Very few Barbel,but you only have to look at the three "16"s in a session on FATWA,to understand why ;-0.

    But avoid Bas Vegas and Pitsea at all costs.

  9. Nothing wrong with the Essex wilds all right if you can afford it now though.
    Essex folk are pretty fine folk come to that,just misunderstood when calling a spade a spade!;o)

  10. Fred,

    Yep it is expensive that way now.But I much prefer Surrey ;-0.

    As ever just home from work,then Whitehall tomorrow so now a beer is calling.And thankfully back to fishing next weekend.