Thursday, 29 November 2012

He Scrubs Up Well

This blog entry will not mean a thing to most people,but will to others who know this guy,this episode really made me chuckle on Tuesday evening.Here we have the now legendary angler in action on the river Wye in September 2011,doing some trotting.

Here he sits also,at the back of the bar in the Red Lion,while Tony Rocca and I practice our man love(photo courtesy of Dave Burr).Now those of you who have attended these annual functions,may be aware it can be a little bit of a piss up.And said legendary angler was a little worse for wear the last time we met.He did make a rather good job of speaking Swahili around 0130 hours,before sliding off to bed.

Jump forward a few good months to this Tuesday evening just gone.I was just starting to get the dinner prepared for Lady D and I.Sky News was on in the background and the presenter said "And now we go to Malton In North Yorkshire to get the latest on the floods" I turn around and there in his pomp was Scotty,he gave a masterpiece on the flood issues facing those poor people.He was eloquent to a fault and ever so humble,a changed man to the last time we met.I had to grab the phone and take this quick snap.

Scotty a star is born,what next an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing?Maybe I'm a Celebrity,though Eric Bristow will be hard to top.You sir are now even more legendary than before and I doff my cap at the way you conducted yourself.I do hope the next time we meet,you are more like your old self though.

As I said,it will mean nowt to many.But may make a few chuckle.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. You could have waited for him to smile!

    Scotty is a legend and has been known to perform perfect swallow dives into the clear waters of the Wye :o) Good spot young Monty.

    1. Smile?He was standing in cold water up to his bollocks.......Again;-0

  2. Imagine! I feel truly privileged to have seen a real live celebrity in his natural habitat. It was Swahili was it Monty? I did wonder.

  3. He came across very well up here on Look North too. Nice bloke. ;o)