Sunday, 4 November 2012

A Fool and His Eel

Work has kept me away from the bank side this week,so I thought I would do a little review of this tome that arrived with me on Wednesday.Now there are plenty of reviews online that will be far better than my words,but I will give an honest appraisal to the best of my limited ability.

Like many of us who cast a line,the best thing to do when not fishing is to read about it.I started this on Wednesday and finished it in the wee early hours this morning.At over four hundred pages and thirty two chapters its a cracking read.Written by a member of the Golden Scale Club Mark "Skeff" Walshingham.To me its a book about a man who loves his fishing,his family and all that nature has to offer in this great island of ours.

Mark takes you the reader on a journey through his life,his job and his beloved Ashmead lake and the surrounding wetland.Mark is a senior conservation manger for the National Trust and is obviously an intelligent and thoughtful person and that shines through in his writing style.He has in my eyes lived a "real boys own existence".He studied Marine Biology and he then spent five years on Operation Raleigh ending up on the Torres Strait Islands.

The book moves on and meanders from such topics as triploidisation and his work in Scotland.From rivers and Barbel to stalking Carp in old lakes.Photos of a young cherub looking author adorn the book,fishing with friends,catching Trout and learning to cast a fly.Story's of characters he has been lucky enough to meet upon the way,I really like the chapter relating the tale of whiskey and some late night poaching of Salmon.

The artwork in the book has been done by David Miller and is second to none,compared to any other book that I own.The photos are also a joy to look at,some really huge great conditioned Carp peer back at at you.But it's not just a book to glance at with envy,it's a story,like a diary really,into one mans life and dreams.

What type of angler would it appeal too?One in my eyes who likes a tale told and told well and the author manages that with some distinction.It's available here and worth every penny.............

Be Lucky

Monty D



  1. My copy arrived on Sat am, I ordered it after reading the reviews on the ABF 'Great Fishing Books' thread. I've only had a cursory flick through, but it does look like a good read.
    It will come in handy next this week whilst I'm sat on the freezing cold banks of Lochnaw not catching big roach.

    Big respect to the Hammers for yesterday's result against Citeh. The bitters look a bit flaky to me. Think Ajax look like a bit of value at 15/2 to beat Mankini's Mob on Tuesday pm. They certainly have a lot better than a 12% chance. Fill your boots!

    Joe 90 (A very happy red)

  2. Its on my Christmas list, it looks a great read.

  3. Joe,

    Here I be back in the office again.I have smashed the Chelsea wankers coffe cup,as they let me down for over two hundred quid on Saturday.I had Man Utd,Hull,Bournemouth and Chelsea let the taffs get one back late on.So stuff football.


    May not be any left by Chrimbo ;-0

  4. I saw the title and thought it was Scuba's autobiography.

  5. It is a wonderful book, I'm reading mine as slowly as self discipline will allow to try and make it last. Neil read it before me and was equally impressed, it's sure to go down as a classic.

    Never mind losing out on a few bob Monty, I enjoyed that result so I'm sure that more than makes up for it ;o)

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