Thursday, 29 November 2012

He Scrubs Up Well

This blog entry will not mean a thing to most people,but will to others who know this guy,this episode really made me chuckle on Tuesday evening.Here we have the now legendary angler in action on the river Wye in September 2011,doing some trotting.

Here he sits also,at the back of the bar in the Red Lion,while Tony Rocca and I practice our man love(photo courtesy of Dave Burr).Now those of you who have attended these annual functions,may be aware it can be a little bit of a piss up.And said legendary angler was a little worse for wear the last time we met.He did make a rather good job of speaking Swahili around 0130 hours,before sliding off to bed.

Jump forward a few good months to this Tuesday evening just gone.I was just starting to get the dinner prepared for Lady D and I.Sky News was on in the background and the presenter said "And now we go to Malton In North Yorkshire to get the latest on the floods" I turn around and there in his pomp was Scotty,he gave a masterpiece on the flood issues facing those poor people.He was eloquent to a fault and ever so humble,a changed man to the last time we met.I had to grab the phone and take this quick snap.

Scotty a star is born,what next an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing?Maybe I'm a Celebrity,though Eric Bristow will be hard to top.You sir are now even more legendary than before and I doff my cap at the way you conducted yourself.I do hope the next time we meet,you are more like your old self though.

As I said,it will mean nowt to many.But may make a few chuckle.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Friday, 23 November 2012

Weekend Plan Build An Ark

Well I am just about at the end of my tether with this weather.On the train into work on Monday,my mind was already on the angling trip planned for this weekend.I have not been near the bank for four weeks,long weeks to be truthful.But my work schedule has eased off and thoughts drifted to Perch on the river and a few hours peace and quiet.Phone calls were made,lob worms had been ordered and all was well,as well as can be,while struggling with fellow commuters on the train,who even at such an ungodly hour feel the need to bellow into their phones.Read will you not FFS!Who cares that your beloved misses you,it's not even 0600 and she is only phoning so she does not feel guilty while the Milk Man sneaks in to a still warm bed.Double cream you say love?

About midweek it tends to go a little "Tits Up".Rain is falling steadily,the wind picks up.You phone a few of your more how shall I say it? Philistine friends,you know the kind,builders,plumbers the kind of chaps who drive a white van and seem to cut you up with impunity.Reports come in that river levels are bank high and full of crap.You keep your fingers crossed and pray to the great angling god that is Ray Walton(Have a look on Fatwa,for he doth know best).But to know avail and its a futile cause.So you have a change of plan,Pike on a lake,yes that will be sufficient,more than that for a man who has not fished for four weeks.Until last night when we had rain and wind in biblical proportions.I went to the shop for Lady D around 2100hrs and it was like a scene from the Wizard of Oz(steady Mike),a maelstrom of flying cats,cheap Primark underwear and god knows what else.

Que today and Gruff went to have a look at our chosen Pike venue.......It now resembles the Somme,he should know as he is fairly ancient.The lakes have now merged into one and a river runs through it.His words this morning......"We are fooked son".Now Gruff and I do not mind some inclement weather,but when he says that it is a no go,one must take heed.The rivers as I type this are in the fields,Barbel I would assume are now far more happier in lake three and out of the main current.Pike are god knows where and I'm at a loose end.

The Autumn to me is this........

Or the above,nice and calm.Stunning to look at,but not this weekend and Gruff I shall be beavering away to make this on Saturday morning.For it is getting a lot worse from tomorrow.Weather gods permitting I'll be out next weekend,but I wanted,needed to go this weekend.Christ I finish work in less than a month for three weeks,but I can't wait that long!Rant'ish over.

Chelsea football club,a joke maybe?But this did make me laugh and nicked from the BFAMWE,forum.If I were a Chelsea fan(thank god I'm not) I would suggest the owner just picks the team.It's like Groundhog Day,manager drops Chairmans star buy,manager departs.And off we go again......

So for me this weekend is a quiet day on Saturday,Ark building aside.I shall though be backing The Giant Bolster E/way around 7/1 in the Betfiar Chase at Haydock.And on Sunday I shall be at our game away to S***s,a draw I'll be chuffed with.Chuck in a little X Factor on Saturday night at Lady D's behest and all is well,well mostly.

Until then I'm off for a pint or two now and pray that the weather gods,take pity for next weekend.Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Momty D

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Sunday

As usual a few of us jumped on the train early this morning to travel into Whitehall,to pay our respects to the fallen.To remember Grandparents who fought in both wars and for some of our number,to friends who have given their lives in more recent times.

My train home most days from work,leaves from platform eight at London Victoria.And this plaque was put up around two years ago.I often wonder while awaiting to depart,if a restless spirit still roams the station in the silent hours.Now we often bemoan the lack of respect in our country,but the bottom cross in the photo has been their since remembrance Sunday 2011.It reads simply "thank you",a nice gesture from who ever placed it their and great that it has stayed in place.Not defaced,or thrown away as thankfully most war memorials  are treated.

A quick early morning pint in Witherspoons,to warm the soul on a cold morning in our capital.Then onto the garden of remembrance at Westminster Abbey,to place our crosses to those no longer with us,a silent prayer and a heart felt thank you for the sacrifices they gave.Even now I really miss my grandparents,and great grandparents.I guess I was lucky in that I had many years with them all,where as some were not so fortunate.

The weather was superb today,the atmosphere as ever crackles with emotion.I would not miss this day for anything.It is what this country does really well,it puts on a show,but with the greatest of respect.Anyway on the way back we stopped for a pint in a pub near St.James's Park and this sign outside may me chuckle.

I did inquire while ordering a round of drinks,why the chef felt the need to punch the granny out of the Cod,but it fell on deaf ears.I also took this photo yesterday in a break from work.This lake holds some cracking Carp,Perch and Rudd and is very under fished.I am told I have to write too the lady who sometimes resides in the large house at the back of the photo to gain angling rights.Wish me luck!

I will have some angling to talk about when I next update,as my weekend work issues have lessened.The report we have been working on for one of our clients has gone out.And good god has it been a pain in the 'Arris.I should not really complain though,but bloody hell I miss my fishing.

Time to get the dinner on for when Lady D gets home from work,pour a glass and listen to us and Newcastle on TalkSport.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

One Not To Miss

Are you and your beloved at a loose end tomorrow night?Do you hanker after a little romance and want to show your partner why angling appeals to you so much.Then get down to "Bas Vegas",for the world premier of Under Water 7.

The red carpet has been laid out and the paparazzi are on heat to capture the great and the good of the Carp angling world.You will receive a complimentary dictionary,so you may understand the "lingo".The phrases "Munga","They have been smashed up in the bay","Getttt innnn my saaannnn" and "Pukka job mate" will be second nature to you by the end of the evening.Just by learning how to converse in Thinking Tackle parlance,will make you a better angler than you are now.Its and edge that will improve your angling one fold.

After the premier you are invited to dine at the new and improved Danny Fairbrass diner,cutlery optional.Dress code is real tree top to toe.Don't be square be their.......Hugh Miles you have nothing on these guys.

Meanwhile in a corner of the netherworld,these fine chaps think on......

Where did it all go wrong Dick?

"Off to self flagellate"Again..............

Be Lucky

Monty D

Sunday, 4 November 2012

A Fool and His Eel

Work has kept me away from the bank side this week,so I thought I would do a little review of this tome that arrived with me on Wednesday.Now there are plenty of reviews online that will be far better than my words,but I will give an honest appraisal to the best of my limited ability.

Like many of us who cast a line,the best thing to do when not fishing is to read about it.I started this on Wednesday and finished it in the wee early hours this morning.At over four hundred pages and thirty two chapters its a cracking read.Written by a member of the Golden Scale Club Mark "Skeff" Walshingham.To me its a book about a man who loves his fishing,his family and all that nature has to offer in this great island of ours.

Mark takes you the reader on a journey through his life,his job and his beloved Ashmead lake and the surrounding wetland.Mark is a senior conservation manger for the National Trust and is obviously an intelligent and thoughtful person and that shines through in his writing style.He has in my eyes lived a "real boys own existence".He studied Marine Biology and he then spent five years on Operation Raleigh ending up on the Torres Strait Islands.

The book moves on and meanders from such topics as triploidisation and his work in Scotland.From rivers and Barbel to stalking Carp in old lakes.Photos of a young cherub looking author adorn the book,fishing with friends,catching Trout and learning to cast a fly.Story's of characters he has been lucky enough to meet upon the way,I really like the chapter relating the tale of whiskey and some late night poaching of Salmon.

The artwork in the book has been done by David Miller and is second to none,compared to any other book that I own.The photos are also a joy to look at,some really huge great conditioned Carp peer back at at you.But it's not just a book to glance at with envy,it's a story,like a diary really,into one mans life and dreams.

What type of angler would it appeal too?One in my eyes who likes a tale told and told well and the author manages that with some distinction.It's available here and worth every penny.............

Be Lucky

Monty D