Saturday, 13 October 2012

The View From My Office Window

I like this,this little stunner is just along from our office where I'm typing this up from.I do feel as if I have been here for ever these last few weeks.No line has been cast,no peace and sanity has calmed my aching mind,befuddled with a merger we are trying to engineer for one of our clients.It's a tough old life at times for poor Monty,oh and the boiler packed up at home last night.Thankfully Gruff is coming over early in the morning to have a look,so I can still get back up here in the office at a suitable hour.My money is on the PCB board needing to be replaced,so for now the emergency fan heaters will come into play.Glad to say the gaff still has hot water though.

Obviously spending so much time in the office of late it  has not been all work,when I need a little break I have been catching up with a few blogs.I don't tend to follow many, preferring to have a little peer down from Yat Rock  at my own leisure..... This Is one I really enjoy and Jeff writes well,he tells a tale well with a degree of humor.I'm not a fan of blogs that are "I cast out,caught a fish,here it be".I like to feel I'm involved in some way if that makes sense.Jeff does manage that. Marks blog keeps me entertained also .His videos are very good and he is so well spoken and polite.Every mother would like a son like Mark,mine got unlucky I guess having me? And lastly this one.Lumby comes across as a sarcastic and caustic old bastard.Who I'm sure would like to see smiling curtailed in public,Christmas abolished and gruel to be eaten five times a week.But for all that his blog is good.

There are others but time at present does not allow,if I'm going to make the 18.00 Epsom service from London Victoria today.I must though mention politics,well the end of the conference season.After watching the so called "Big Three" these last few weeks,Clegg,Milliband and Cameron my conclusion is that not one speech resonated with me at all.No one spoke to me or for me,not one barnstorming spiel that made me go actually I agree...........

Three men who were bland,unconvincing and not one will get my vote in a few years time,It's not all doom and gloom though.Mitt Romney,now will our American friends really vote for a man who is a Mormon?Or will they stay with Mr.Obama?Both guys make our guys look like poets and learned scholars.That's how poor they appear to me any how.

I started this with a view from my office,it will be another two weeks until I can be back where I want to be and seeing sunrises like this.Pretty boring and pointless blog entry really.But it's given me a little break from work,so it's done its job for now.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend you lucky people who are fishing.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Heed just one politician Monty.
    "If you're going through Hell, keep going!"
    You'll be wetting line before you know it.
    Autumn predators will soon have you grinning again.
    All the best fella.

  2. Richard,

    Always grinning me and yes I am looking forward to getting among the Pike and Perch soon.Now I must dash off home for a night of XFactor and what ever else Lady D would like to watch.

    That Ryland chap,gosh he winds me up no end.;-0

  3. Don't matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.

    Fish as soon as you can lover, put politics, pcb boards and piddley scooters to the back of your mind, perch and pike to the fore.

    And X Factor - really? Oh dear.

  4. Gosh !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. First frost of the autumn up yer this morning Mr Monty. Good...... chub and roach time for me, forget those barbelboriswhiskerbeard things.

    Yessling Ying.

  6. Dave,

    If Lady D wants to watch the X Factor,then she can mate.Lethal left 'ook the girl.


    We also had our first frost last night.But Gruff and Lady Gruff arrived first thing and the boiler is now sorted.Huge thank's to Kev and Lizzy for there help today;-0

  7. No thanks needed mate. Thank you for the coffee and cake from both of us.
    PCB every fecker who knows nowt about boilers blames it, as in this case its usually sumat else.

  8. I have always wanted a Vespa or even better a Lambretta but.................

    I am off to the Hampshire Avon next weekend after a pike or three, cannot wait.

    Hope the heating doesn't cost you as much as mine did mate, best part of five grand for a new system and a good friendship down the drain.

  9. Kev,

    My pleasure mate;-0


    It cost me the price of a "score".Even that was hard for the man to take.Off home now and no doubt more X Factor.

  10. Cheers for the little review, nice to know that you enjoy the videos as well. Although I really suspect in all honesty, that my mother would probably like me to always be as polite as I am in my videos and in that respect I have let her down at times.

  11. I'm with you on politicians — haven't voted in decades and won't again till a maverick with passion and believable ideas turns up, but I'm not holding my breath..

    As with Mark, thanks Monty for the unexpected plug. I'll work out some way of returning the compliment soon enough because Yat Rock is a must read sideways glance at fishy things for me. Cheers.

  12. Mark and Jeff,

    Honest gents credit where credit is due.A few years ago I used to read various forums both in work and at home.Now like many I much prefer blogs.I still look at forums,but in the main they to me are bland.

    Forums are mostly the "same 'ole same ole".Anyway back to the X Factor,I know I'm under the thumb;-0.

    Looking forward to getting back on the bank next Saturday,with friends for a social.

  13. Firstly, I've neglected you Monty, my humble apologies. More good blogs I have little time to read, dammit.

    You're not worng about Mitt, but if he can make BA look daft? Cheeze.

    Vote to keep the morons out, it's important. Eton bred dimwits and pretend socialists are better than some alternatives...

    Now I'm off fishing, forummed out and hoping for a late carpio and a big percha. Wish me luck.