Saturday, 1 September 2012

When Saturday Comes

What to do,what to do.It's always the same thing what to do when Saturday comes?Go football,fish for Barbel,Carp or Chub.Perch or Pike maybe later in the season.A few years back I would often fish all day at the weekend,then grab two short after work sessions in the week.Now my angling has changed significantly in that I do not get out every weekend and seldom in the week.My sessions at the weekends are short compared to many,in that I prefer to fish for six hours or so.Fishing is important to me like many who fish,but I also enjoy football and the real world does seem to encroach with more frequency.

Today I fancied a Barbel or maybe two on this particular river If I was lucky,this venue being more of a mixed fishery as opposed to an "out and out Barbel river".Arriving around half past seven I walked past the swim I decided to fish.You can see below it's full of old tree roots and as I seldom take a chair it can be a pain in the arse literally,but I doubled back and decided to have a look and it looked good.Over hanging trees on the near bank and a good flow coming in from the far bank.

Casting at around eight o'clock I flicked a bait under the near bank and for the first thirty minutes the tip did not move.I noticed a good fish roll on the far bank so reeled in and cast to where the fish showed.Five minutes went past and as I looked away the ratchet started screaming.Rod in the air and a very angry force shot downstream and over to the near bank trying to find refuge in the tree roots.Good Barbel this I thought and all I could do was clamp down on the drum and hold firm,praying,hoping that all held firm.Stalemate,the rod was bent right over then a large tail slapped on the surface.Carp!She then set off back across the river,then up and down almost at will while I marveled at the power.It took three attempts to net her,each time she saw the net she was off again.Silly bollocks also forgot to put the float on the landing net pole(what landing net?),so it kept sinking in the strong near bank flow.Finally she was in and I was shaking,my wrist ached but was chuffed as hell.Not the most artistic of photographs I will admit,but climbing up a sharp bank while towing my rod and net was not in my remit.So just a quick snap and she went back.

No real  surprise after that protracted fight,that the swim went dead until around noon and in the last ninety minutes of fishing I manged a small Barbel of around 5lbs and a small Chub.The Perch were very active today and as I'm fishing Tuesday I may have a go for those,or maybe a Carp or Barbel.It's great is it not,fishing for various species as opposed to single species myopia.

For those who like a bit of class I got an e-mail from Edward Barder in the week,not just me I guess but those who have purchased rods from him.Edward and chums are about to market a new Centerpin.It's a snip at £800.00,If only I had the money,as I like the look of this.But alas the money well is somewhat depleted at present.Sorry Edward old boy,but you will sell loads I'm sure.Well the first 25,but I am sure many more will be commissioned.

Lastly have we all been cloned by smart phone manufactures.Every where I go and I'm sure its like this photo below where you live.

People staring in a gormless manner at their phones.No one seems to speak or look up anymore.Old Flo who lives next door always had a cheery "Hello" on a Sunday morning,as we met on route to the village shop for our papers.Now not a glimmer of recognition,shuffling along a quizzical look on her face.She is all "App'etd" up,high as a kite on the latest App.People put the phones down and converse you know it makes sense.

That's its from me for now,Lady D is on route to her night shift at Kings College Hospital and I will be opening a beer soon and waiting for Doctor Who."Save the Daleks,Save the Daleks",tell me would you?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Whoa,

    What's this new 'blue' colour scheme Monty, gone all 'royal' have we.... the maroon (I felt) was a more majestic sort of colour.

    Sounds as though you may have missed a pleasant win over the Cottagers, all this capering around.. or should that be carpering around... among tree roots.

    I feel sorry for you glutinous maximus area so suggest you look out in Aldi, Lidl or any up-market store for a garden kneeling pad... or two. They make extremely light, warm and comfortable seats for rough banks and (rough) southern arses.

    1. Oz,

      I just fancied a change of colour,got a little bored.Apparently we played some football in the first half yesterday.Why Liverpool let the big lad go I do not know.

      I normally sit on an unhooking mat as it normally stays dry ;-)

  2. Yessling Ying says....well done on the river carp Monty, but which rod pod for the gentleman river carper ?

    Mobile phones, we've become a nation of morons who are obsessed with checking the blessed things.

    £800 pounds for a modern day wooden reel ? The instant twee set will love that to help them reach their contrived goal of 'acceptability' in the race to be Yates clones.

  3. And I was looking forward to a "from the terraces" report too!
    Anyway, my team were away,other than that Hangerland hasn't got a clue.
    The big fella reminds me a bit of Best(Clive)

  4. You haven't quite matched the background colour with that of your unhooking mat but a good effort :-)

    Great tale from the river young Specki m'lad, variety is the spice of life and all that. As for that reel, made by Kingpin but with less effort (?) as they don't even drill any holes in it! so, its a £200 reel with an £800 price tag all because of the name on the back. Yeah, sounds like a deal, I'll have four please.

  5. I don't even own a mobile nowadays, dropped the last one in the canal a couple of years ago and have not missed it for a moment. Does it make life hard? No, it makes life mine.

    The height of bad manners though, is being at a meal with people who continue to text with the phone in their laps, or at a pub table with three others busy doing the same.

  6. Fred,

    I don't have a season ticket anymore,actually for some time.Journey time now is around two hours as opposed to when I could walk to UP.He will do alright if Nolan can keep his mind on football.


    Yoga mat mate,you know how calm and zen like I am :-0.


    Anyone who does that at a meal or in the pub is as you say lacking in manners.And speaking of the pub I'm going to pop down to the Dukes Head shortly for a cupla pints of Hobgoblin,then come home and cook dinner for the better half when she gets up.

  7. I am old enough to remember life before the mobile phone................. bliss!

    Lovely looking fish Monty old chap, keep up the good work.

  8. I go to a pub which has banned them, if yours rings its £2 in the charity box. If you want to make a call or send a text you go outside.

    It should be the law.

  9. It is the "law" in the pub Monty, and one which raises a considerable amount for charity each year. As does the no swearing and no blaspheming rule.
    When (if) Gruff ever gets you down that way you'll love the place :-)

    Progress is a good thing, as is keeping things modern and fresh BUT
    Can we please have the old colour back as this blue causes me eye strain ?

    What's up with Maynard, thought he'd get a run of games this year, or is it Big Sam reverting to type after the signing of Caroll?


  10. Phil,

    Gruff and I are think coming up in October,as for Fat Sam,I'm not sure if he knows what is occurring from week to week?

    As for the colour,na got bored with the old one.This will stay for now,sorry :-).

    Right I'm off fishing.

  11. Monty

    Just heard FAT Sam has sold Maynard to Cardiff. You heard owt ?

    I'll be on the water for first week in October.Bring some small freshwater deads for the ZZZZZZZZs

  12. Phil,

    Not heard owt,just home from a long lunch for Lady D's Birthday at Chez Bruce in Wandsworth.Must get my tackle ready for the morning,shall be back online late Friday.


  13. According to Sky he's gone to Cardiff for close on 3 mill.
    With the signing of Caroll I think Sam is setting you up to be the Bolton of the South :-(
    Happy days indeed


  14. The big lad is out for six weeks,just heard this on Talk Sport.

    *Best Get Some Dubbing On Me Boots Face*