Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pike Recce

With Gruff and I's local rivers being up and running at present,we decided to have a gander at one of our club lakes for Pike.Personally,it did not hold a huge amount of appeal to me,much preferring my Pike fishing to be done on running water.Plus the last time I looked at this lake was around eight years ago and the inspiration  was just not there at the time to fish it.

Move forward to today and it's a different looking lake,very weedy still at present.Depths go down to forty feet at it deepest with some shallows and bays.A good head of Tench now,plus hoards of Roach and Rudd.The Pike count,well Gruff has been chatting to one of our fellow PAC members,he informs him that it is in no way,a prolific Pike venue,but it does hold some good fish.

I settled around the middle of the lake and fish two dead baits on the bottom.Chilly old morning in the shade and with a stiff breeze,so on came the most sublime and lucky of angling tiftters.Gruff settled into a bay and fish a popped up Mackerel over the weed and a float ledgerd Herring.

Top Tiffter,But Learn To Smile Son
We nearly never got any bait at all,Gruff phoned the local fish monger and asked him to put aside some Herrings for us.Gruff pops down about an hour later to collect said Herrings.....

"Got me Herrings then mate"

"Nope I've sold 'em all"

"Why?I asked you to keep some"

"Don't worry I've saved you some Whitebait instead"

"Whitebait I did not want fooking Whitebait,how the fook can I Pike fish with them"

Frankly I think Gruff was bang out of order swearing like that in public,but well done for finding another source,even though the bait was huge.Best phone uncle Fickling on Monday and stock up the freezer.Oh and we both blanked not a sniff of a Pike today.We fished until one o'clock from first light but the water looked dead.No prey fish scattered in fright as a large Esox made a bid for her lunch.

To be honest I would now like to give this lake a good try,just to see what surprises it holds.But as ever time and other species are to be taken into consideration.I can't do the whole single species thing,it bores me.Perch,Pike,Chub,Roach I love them all.And after today,I will not now be back on the bank side in all probability until the last Saturday in October,due to an excruciating work load coming up.But on that said Saturday,Gruff and I will be travelling to deepest Sussex to fish some where very special with the legend that is Mr.Kevin Colston-Iles,author of an article in BF1,hence the decent price it sells for owing to KCI and his valuable input.So September started well with a nice River Carp,Chub and Perch but tailed of slightly in these last two trips.Sorry about the poor quality photos,had to use the camera phone today. 


From Tuesdays Times,this I think sums it up very well.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and if your on the bank,enjoy it as much as I do.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Yessling Ying said........Wot, no 'bins' Mr Monty ? Been laser corrected ?

  2. Ying,

    Put 'em down and could not find 'em mate.;-0.

  3. Nice hat Monty...knowing your liking for 'Dopplegangers of the Angling World' it would be remiss of me not to point out your uncanny resemblence to Pootle Flump? :)


    Joe 90

  4. Lord Dalrymple in my stomp?! There was nothing in the local papers!
    All work and no play....welcome to my world, and county! Tight lines :o)

  5. Joe,

    Brilliant,better than Benny from Crossroads.Lady D rolled up.


    Yep works a bugger but needs and musts.Time to cook the dinner and open a cupla bottles.

  6. Monty, i usually stock up with whole sardines from Waitrose, they are cheap as chips from there.

    Good luck mate

  7. Tom,

    I love Sardines as baits,on rivers mostly as they can be a bugger to cast.A little underarm flick they are great,but banging 'em out I think will be a pain.Smelts are my favourite though.

    Waitrose are soooo posh.Keep well and it's about time you had an "18" out from you know where.;-0

  8. Well well Monty. Saw the same Single species chap and a customer last week as well on the opposite bank. Was making my way to the same swim as you pictured...(well the one above it) but it was engaged.