Saturday, 15 September 2012

Perch Bobber

These past few weeks while out an about on various beats of river it's been noticeable how active the Perch have been.So this week I ordered 100 lob worms in readiness for today's six hours or so down on the bank side.Where to go though was the quandary?I fancied some where new,away from my usual Perch haunts that I can almost guarantee some good sport,its the unknown that lights up my and many other anglers imagination.I decided to head to a beat of river that I fish for other species but have never tried for Perch.

As ever I arrived around first light and entered the fishery and headed around a mile or so downstream.Mild morning too in comparison with others mornings this week.Nothing fancy about my Perch tackle,six pound line straight through to a size six hook,two lob worms,job done.Cast out and await..........The Crayfish and they did not disappoint,float dibbling and swaying with gay abandon from the off.Not an awful lot that can be done really,you just have to fish through the bloody things.First proper bite and the float buried and stayed under,rod swept back and a small Jack shot up and tail walked all over the swim,deepest of deep joys.Hooked firmly in the scissors and back he went,to no doubt to fool some other angler that he or she was attached to a large Perch for a brief second.

In the next four hours I did mange six Perch in between the Crayfish,none that needed weighing with the largest maybe going around 1.8lbs or so.Time for a move.........

I walked 500 yards or so upstream and settled in a swim that had a nice shady area,good depth of around six feet under a willow tree.Cast out and wait.......The float buried,rod back and strike into thin air.Cast back out and it did not cock,taken on the drop.A nice little sparky,zig zag kind of fight associated with this cracking species.In the net and on the scales she went 2.12,not a bad fish that.The next three casts brought a further three,two pound plus Perch.I had landed on a shoal it seemed,no Cray Fish too and all was well with the world once more.

A 2.1 going back

A 2.12 Largest of the Day
By the time I packed away at 12.15,I had another Jack of around six pounds,that jumped out of the net while I got my camera,gave a great scrap did that fish.Again hooked firmly in the scissors and took line off the clutch at will.And a further six Perch that went from around  the pound mark,down to ounces.The largest fish getting caught first.Really pleased with today,nice when a plan works out.I'm not one to blow my own trumpet,but by keeping my eyes open these last few weeks I've seen some Perch potential where I've not looked before.Will this beat bring me my much longed for 4lb plus fish,I'm not sure.But it will be fun finding out,if it goes tits up I can scuttle back to my more regular haunts and try there.

Now around six weeks or so ago,a poster on the River Thames thread over on Fatwa posted about a capture of a brace of Barbel he had caught.Both in excess of 15lbs.As of yet no photos have come to light,various excuses have been made as to why.He also has a link with a bait company,no photos on that website either.Various posters on Fatwa have gently prodded him,but the lad is standing firm!I would have thought by now the bait company would want to reap some publicity?Or is it a little fib?Time will out I guess,but the old adage "No Need To Lie" surely must still apply to our most wonderful of pastimes.Who's fooling who I wonder.

That's it for now,enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Some nice looking Perch there Monty. That 2.12 looks a stocky chap. Surely with the Crayfish you stand a good chance of finding that 4 pounder perhaps.

  2. Some cracking Perch there Monty, and caught the right way as well you lucky boy.


  3. Crackin days effort Monty. Some smashing perch. Will have to hook up sometime, I fancy some of that.

  4. Mark,

    I'm not sure it may be but a pipe dream,who knows I would like to think so.


    Love the Perch Bobbers,great little floats.


    When your free drop me a line mate,free of charge too ;-)

  5. Never seen a perch doing yoga before mate :-)

    A great day's fishing, I'm jealous.

  6. what river did you catch those on mate.

  7. Dave,

    They fold up sooooo good ;-0.


    The River Pin so loved by Paul Boot.

  8. Yessling Ying said....well done Monts.

    1. Ying,

      Get back over around your birthday again like last season and we can have another go.Time to cook the Sunday dinner.Gawd bless Aunt Bessie ;-0

  9. Lovely stuff Monty, a man of your determination will see a four pound fish soon enough.

    Well done