Friday, 7 September 2012

Doppelgangers Of The Angling World Part XVIII

I've not had one of these since June,so here we go again.Below we have that all round good egg and new editor of the BS magazine,Barbel Fisher Rob Hilton.

Rob Hilton

A below we have that terrible chap who revels in the dark arts Lord Voldemort,who also happens to be a huge Leeds United fan and a lover of Spanish Carp,caught recently on a break away from causing trouble at 'T Mill.

Lord Voldermort
Two sessions out on the bank for me in the past few days.Tuesday was a real struggle with just one small Bream to show for my efforts.I fished a beat of river that I normally avoid as it can get somewhat busy at weekends.But being a Tuesday I took a chance,one other angler was also on the banks and we exchanged pleasantries.He was all doom and gloom on the Barbel front,telling me how poor he and his fishing companions had fared this season.I think for what it's worth,on this particular river you must expect to bank maybe one Barbel every three to four visits.Other species far out number the Barbel,though they do go to in excess of 15lbs.Then it was the Crayfish and the Otter problem etc,etc.Nice enough chap,but a little pessimistic for my liking.I did make a suggestion in that he should just enjoy his fishing and take what comes along and not get caught up reading about more productive rivers,I do feel though my words fell on deaf ears?

Today I was up and on the river for first light and went around four miles downstream from the other day.Cracking weather for sun bathing not the best for fishing,roaming about for five hours or so rolling meat,looking for well oxygenated water in hope of a Barbel.

No Barbel today but I did have five Chub.Not really what I was after on such robust tackle,enjoyable all the same keeping mobile and trying to find some fish as opposed to fishing static and watching a tip,that at times can be hard work if you are a fidget arse like me.

Now I know a few of you like a good munch with the odd glass of wine,yesterday was Lady D's birthday and we went for lunch here you are in the south of the country or indeed you pop down to civilization every now and then for some culture,do yourself a favor and give it a go.It's been superb for years now and they  really do look after you.Great food though the wine list can make the eyes water a little.Mention Monty and no doubt you will treated like a Lord I assure you,or maybe not.

It's Friday so as ever I'm going to pop out and have a cupla pints in the warm afternoon sun.Enjoy your weekend and if you are out on the bank tight lines.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Replies
    1. Dave,

      No mate I do have a friend called KCI though,who lives in splendid isolation in the Ashdown Forest.

  2. looks lovely there mate and a chub is always welcome.

  3. The Gruffalina made it to The Big River today mate.
    I went up the river on electric power then down the river on electric power. I up the river on petrol power then down the river on petrol power. Drifted about a bit (intentionally) Anchored up with every combination an anchor a grapple and two mud weights can give. I even trotted a couple of deads down the stream. Unfortunately No fish were harmed in these exercises. However I did entertain a young family with a spectacular mishap on the slipway while recovering my new P and J resulting in me sat up to my neck in the wet stuff. Remind me to take waders.