Monday, 24 September 2012

Before The Rain.......

A little odd one this weekend as whether  to fish or not.My presence should have been made at the Wye do,but four weeks ago my transport manager informed me that he would be unable to make the trip this year,for a multitude of reasons the main one being that he was skint.Various other avenues were explored,people asked but with the short notice it was a non starter.So on Friday I still got up early and was going to go back down one of my local venues for some Perch.Tackle sorted the night before and I heaved the rucksack on my back,got to the front door to leave and closed it again.My heart was just not in it,really wanted to be elsewhere.But that's life and  now have to make sure I get to next years bash.

Saturday I made the trip to Upton Park for our game against Sunderland,cracking day for standing outside the pub and talking bollocks.As ever I manged this with some expertise,numerous pints were swallowed and a brisk walk down the Barking Road to the ground just before kick off.Sunderland went a goal up after around ten minutes and you just knew it would be a hard struggle as O'neil has molded them into a typical hard to beat side.And we battered them without scoring,until right near the final whistle when Nolan popped up to rescue a point.Good game and it's always nice to catch up with mates,you only really see at football give of take the odd "I'm now happily divorced party".

Yesterday I did manage to sneak a few hours on the bank,looking at the weather forecast I figured I could get away with four hours or so before the predicted deluge arrived.Would the Barbel play ball this morning,well no.Neither did the Chub,nothing wanted to head up away from this raft swim where I have caught some nice fish in the past.Being truthful I was on auto pilot,going through the motions so to speak.Never a good way to fish in my eyes.The rain came early,I packed up and got soaked walking back and squelched  home for a hot bath and two pints of London Porter to warm the soul.Depends on the weather as to what to target this coming weekend.

Now picture the scene............A lovely day a few weeks back on the river Kennet,on one bank sits a single species chairman and his friend.On the other two lads who belong to the ABF amble along,a hearty hello all round.When it's heard that the "ABF are the enemy" and the said single species chairman pretends to shoot across the bank with an imaginary gun.

"Darn those ABF chaps,let 'em have it.Blatt,Blatt"

The two chaps from the ABF found it rather and odd thing to experience.I myself found it mildly amusing and would assume the men in white coats will be along soon?

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I listened to the game and with gritted teeth thinking quietly to myself, "Come on you 'Ammers." Feck knows why! Now back to my beloved Gunners.

  2. Still no comments? Everybody is dumbstruck with incredulity.

    You were missed at the weekend mate, well, by those you owe a pint anyway ;-) xxx

  3. Le Otterr,

    We have you in a couple of weeks,game has been moved to 17.30 for Sky I'm afraid.


    When I was told by Pooh Bear,he could BEAR-LEY get his words out he was chuckling that much.;-0

  4. "and the said single species chairman pretends to shoot across the bank with an imaginary gun."

    Kids today eh !!!!!!!!!!


  5. Oh look Monty a new theme for thy blog. Bit technical innit? Did it hurt much or was it forced upon you by the google monsters?

    I keep trying to get a trip on your local but my 'mate' just keeps fobbing me off with floods, overtime, a vasectomy and would you believe it the removal of genital warts!

    One day we shall meet again.

  6. Con,

    Saturdays Pike trip will be the last session for a cupla weeks.Work,work and more work is on the horizon I'm afraid.

    How's Holland?

  7. I'm surprised that the single species group chairman was noticed given his penchant for head to toe real tree...perhaps it was the yapping poodle by his side which gave away his presence. What a clown !

    Joe 90 (not bloody Bob Roberts !)

  8. Joe,

    How did you know it was Rich who was with him?I just said "friend".

    Yep I did think you were Bob at first as you post in a similar style.

    Off to work TFIF.;-)