Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pike Recce

With Gruff and I's local rivers being up and running at present,we decided to have a gander at one of our club lakes for Pike.Personally,it did not hold a huge amount of appeal to me,much preferring my Pike fishing to be done on running water.Plus the last time I looked at this lake was around eight years ago and the inspiration  was just not there at the time to fish it.

Move forward to today and it's a different looking lake,very weedy still at present.Depths go down to forty feet at it deepest with some shallows and bays.A good head of Tench now,plus hoards of Roach and Rudd.The Pike count,well Gruff has been chatting to one of our fellow PAC members,he informs him that it is in no way,a prolific Pike venue,but it does hold some good fish.

I settled around the middle of the lake and fish two dead baits on the bottom.Chilly old morning in the shade and with a stiff breeze,so on came the most sublime and lucky of angling tiftters.Gruff settled into a bay and fish a popped up Mackerel over the weed and a float ledgerd Herring.

Top Tiffter,But Learn To Smile Son
We nearly never got any bait at all,Gruff phoned the local fish monger and asked him to put aside some Herrings for us.Gruff pops down about an hour later to collect said Herrings.....

"Got me Herrings then mate"

"Nope I've sold 'em all"

"Why?I asked you to keep some"

"Don't worry I've saved you some Whitebait instead"

"Whitebait I did not want fooking Whitebait,how the fook can I Pike fish with them"

Frankly I think Gruff was bang out of order swearing like that in public,but well done for finding another source,even though the bait was huge.Best phone uncle Fickling on Monday and stock up the freezer.Oh and we both blanked not a sniff of a Pike today.We fished until one o'clock from first light but the water looked dead.No prey fish scattered in fright as a large Esox made a bid for her lunch.

To be honest I would now like to give this lake a good try,just to see what surprises it holds.But as ever time and other species are to be taken into consideration.I can't do the whole single species thing,it bores me.Perch,Pike,Chub,Roach I love them all.And after today,I will not now be back on the bank side in all probability until the last Saturday in October,due to an excruciating work load coming up.But on that said Saturday,Gruff and I will be travelling to deepest Sussex to fish some where very special with the legend that is Mr.Kevin Colston-Iles,author of an article in BF1,hence the decent price it sells for owing to KCI and his valuable input.So September started well with a nice River Carp,Chub and Perch but tailed of slightly in these last two trips.Sorry about the poor quality photos,had to use the camera phone today. 


From Tuesdays Times,this I think sums it up very well.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and if your on the bank,enjoy it as much as I do.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Monday, 24 September 2012

Before The Rain.......

A little odd one this weekend as whether  to fish or not.My presence should have been made at the Wye do,but four weeks ago my transport manager informed me that he would be unable to make the trip this year,for a multitude of reasons the main one being that he was skint.Various other avenues were explored,people asked but with the short notice it was a non starter.So on Friday I still got up early and was going to go back down one of my local venues for some Perch.Tackle sorted the night before and I heaved the rucksack on my back,got to the front door to leave and closed it again.My heart was just not in it,really wanted to be elsewhere.But that's life and  now have to make sure I get to next years bash.

Saturday I made the trip to Upton Park for our game against Sunderland,cracking day for standing outside the pub and talking bollocks.As ever I manged this with some expertise,numerous pints were swallowed and a brisk walk down the Barking Road to the ground just before kick off.Sunderland went a goal up after around ten minutes and you just knew it would be a hard struggle as O'neil has molded them into a typical hard to beat side.And we battered them without scoring,until right near the final whistle when Nolan popped up to rescue a point.Good game and it's always nice to catch up with mates,you only really see at football give of take the odd "I'm now happily divorced party".

Yesterday I did manage to sneak a few hours on the bank,looking at the weather forecast I figured I could get away with four hours or so before the predicted deluge arrived.Would the Barbel play ball this morning,well no.Neither did the Chub,nothing wanted to head up away from this raft swim where I have caught some nice fish in the past.Being truthful I was on auto pilot,going through the motions so to speak.Never a good way to fish in my eyes.The rain came early,I packed up and got soaked walking back and squelched  home for a hot bath and two pints of London Porter to warm the soul.Depends on the weather as to what to target this coming weekend.

Now picture the scene............A lovely day a few weeks back on the river Kennet,on one bank sits a single species chairman and his friend.On the other two lads who belong to the ABF amble along,a hearty hello all round.When it's heard that the "ABF are the enemy" and the said single species chairman pretends to shoot across the bank with an imaginary gun.

"Darn those ABF chaps,let 'em have it.Blatt,Blatt"

The two chaps from the ABF found it rather and odd thing to experience.I myself found it mildly amusing and would assume the men in white coats will be along soon?

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Perch Bobber

These past few weeks while out an about on various beats of river it's been noticeable how active the Perch have been.So this week I ordered 100 lob worms in readiness for today's six hours or so down on the bank side.Where to go though was the quandary?I fancied some where new,away from my usual Perch haunts that I can almost guarantee some good sport,its the unknown that lights up my and many other anglers imagination.I decided to head to a beat of river that I fish for other species but have never tried for Perch.

As ever I arrived around first light and entered the fishery and headed around a mile or so downstream.Mild morning too in comparison with others mornings this week.Nothing fancy about my Perch tackle,six pound line straight through to a size six hook,two lob worms,job done.Cast out and await..........The Crayfish and they did not disappoint,float dibbling and swaying with gay abandon from the off.Not an awful lot that can be done really,you just have to fish through the bloody things.First proper bite and the float buried and stayed under,rod swept back and a small Jack shot up and tail walked all over the swim,deepest of deep joys.Hooked firmly in the scissors and back he went,to no doubt to fool some other angler that he or she was attached to a large Perch for a brief second.

In the next four hours I did mange six Perch in between the Crayfish,none that needed weighing with the largest maybe going around 1.8lbs or so.Time for a move.........

I walked 500 yards or so upstream and settled in a swim that had a nice shady area,good depth of around six feet under a willow tree.Cast out and wait.......The float buried,rod back and strike into thin air.Cast back out and it did not cock,taken on the drop.A nice little sparky,zig zag kind of fight associated with this cracking species.In the net and on the scales she went 2.12,not a bad fish that.The next three casts brought a further three,two pound plus Perch.I had landed on a shoal it seemed,no Cray Fish too and all was well with the world once more.

A 2.1 going back

A 2.12 Largest of the Day
By the time I packed away at 12.15,I had another Jack of around six pounds,that jumped out of the net while I got my camera,gave a great scrap did that fish.Again hooked firmly in the scissors and took line off the clutch at will.And a further six Perch that went from around  the pound mark,down to ounces.The largest fish getting caught first.Really pleased with today,nice when a plan works out.I'm not one to blow my own trumpet,but by keeping my eyes open these last few weeks I've seen some Perch potential where I've not looked before.Will this beat bring me my much longed for 4lb plus fish,I'm not sure.But it will be fun finding out,if it goes tits up I can scuttle back to my more regular haunts and try there.

Now around six weeks or so ago,a poster on the River Thames thread over on Fatwa posted about a capture of a brace of Barbel he had caught.Both in excess of 15lbs.As of yet no photos have come to light,various excuses have been made as to why.He also has a link with a bait company,no photos on that website either.Various posters on Fatwa have gently prodded him,but the lad is standing firm!I would have thought by now the bait company would want to reap some publicity?Or is it a little fib?Time will out I guess,but the old adage "No Need To Lie" surely must still apply to our most wonderful of pastimes.Who's fooling who I wonder.

That's it for now,enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Friday, 7 September 2012

Doppelgangers Of The Angling World Part XVIII

I've not had one of these since June,so here we go again.Below we have that all round good egg and new editor of the BS magazine,Barbel Fisher Rob Hilton.

Rob Hilton

A below we have that terrible chap who revels in the dark arts Lord Voldemort,who also happens to be a huge Leeds United fan and a lover of Spanish Carp,caught recently on a break away from causing trouble at 'T Mill.

Lord Voldermort
Two sessions out on the bank for me in the past few days.Tuesday was a real struggle with just one small Bream to show for my efforts.I fished a beat of river that I normally avoid as it can get somewhat busy at weekends.But being a Tuesday I took a chance,one other angler was also on the banks and we exchanged pleasantries.He was all doom and gloom on the Barbel front,telling me how poor he and his fishing companions had fared this season.I think for what it's worth,on this particular river you must expect to bank maybe one Barbel every three to four visits.Other species far out number the Barbel,though they do go to in excess of 15lbs.Then it was the Crayfish and the Otter problem etc,etc.Nice enough chap,but a little pessimistic for my liking.I did make a suggestion in that he should just enjoy his fishing and take what comes along and not get caught up reading about more productive rivers,I do feel though my words fell on deaf ears?

Today I was up and on the river for first light and went around four miles downstream from the other day.Cracking weather for sun bathing not the best for fishing,roaming about for five hours or so rolling meat,looking for well oxygenated water in hope of a Barbel.

No Barbel today but I did have five Chub.Not really what I was after on such robust tackle,enjoyable all the same keeping mobile and trying to find some fish as opposed to fishing static and watching a tip,that at times can be hard work if you are a fidget arse like me.

Now I know a few of you like a good munch with the odd glass of wine,yesterday was Lady D's birthday and we went for lunch here you are in the south of the country or indeed you pop down to civilization every now and then for some culture,do yourself a favor and give it a go.It's been superb for years now and they  really do look after you.Great food though the wine list can make the eyes water a little.Mention Monty and no doubt you will treated like a Lord I assure you,or maybe not.

It's Friday so as ever I'm going to pop out and have a cupla pints in the warm afternoon sun.Enjoy your weekend and if you are out on the bank tight lines.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 1 September 2012

When Saturday Comes

What to do,what to do.It's always the same thing what to do when Saturday comes?Go football,fish for Barbel,Carp or Chub.Perch or Pike maybe later in the season.A few years back I would often fish all day at the weekend,then grab two short after work sessions in the week.Now my angling has changed significantly in that I do not get out every weekend and seldom in the week.My sessions at the weekends are short compared to many,in that I prefer to fish for six hours or so.Fishing is important to me like many who fish,but I also enjoy football and the real world does seem to encroach with more frequency.

Today I fancied a Barbel or maybe two on this particular river If I was lucky,this venue being more of a mixed fishery as opposed to an "out and out Barbel river".Arriving around half past seven I walked past the swim I decided to fish.You can see below it's full of old tree roots and as I seldom take a chair it can be a pain in the arse literally,but I doubled back and decided to have a look and it looked good.Over hanging trees on the near bank and a good flow coming in from the far bank.

Casting at around eight o'clock I flicked a bait under the near bank and for the first thirty minutes the tip did not move.I noticed a good fish roll on the far bank so reeled in and cast to where the fish showed.Five minutes went past and as I looked away the ratchet started screaming.Rod in the air and a very angry force shot downstream and over to the near bank trying to find refuge in the tree roots.Good Barbel this I thought and all I could do was clamp down on the drum and hold firm,praying,hoping that all held firm.Stalemate,the rod was bent right over then a large tail slapped on the surface.Carp!She then set off back across the river,then up and down almost at will while I marveled at the power.It took three attempts to net her,each time she saw the net she was off again.Silly bollocks also forgot to put the float on the landing net pole(what landing net?),so it kept sinking in the strong near bank flow.Finally she was in and I was shaking,my wrist ached but was chuffed as hell.Not the most artistic of photographs I will admit,but climbing up a sharp bank while towing my rod and net was not in my remit.So just a quick snap and she went back.

No real  surprise after that protracted fight,that the swim went dead until around noon and in the last ninety minutes of fishing I manged a small Barbel of around 5lbs and a small Chub.The Perch were very active today and as I'm fishing Tuesday I may have a go for those,or maybe a Carp or Barbel.It's great is it not,fishing for various species as opposed to single species myopia.

For those who like a bit of class I got an e-mail from Edward Barder in the week,not just me I guess but those who have purchased rods from him.Edward and chums are about to market a new Centerpin.It's a snip at £800.00,If only I had the money,as I like the look of this.But alas the money well is somewhat depleted at present.Sorry Edward old boy,but you will sell loads I'm sure.Well the first 25,but I am sure many more will be commissioned.

Lastly have we all been cloned by smart phone manufactures.Every where I go and I'm sure its like this photo below where you live.

People staring in a gormless manner at their phones.No one seems to speak or look up anymore.Old Flo who lives next door always had a cheery "Hello" on a Sunday morning,as we met on route to the village shop for our papers.Now not a glimmer of recognition,shuffling along a quizzical look on her face.She is all "App'etd" up,high as a kite on the latest App.People put the phones down and converse you know it makes sense.

That's its from me for now,Lady D is on route to her night shift at Kings College Hospital and I will be opening a beer soon and waiting for Doctor Who."Save the Daleks,Save the Daleks",tell me would you?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D