Friday, 17 August 2012

Dog Days Of Summer

The "Dog Days Of Summer",who invented that phrase and what does it mean?That was on my mind in work yesterday when I mulled over what to fish for today.I did fancy a Barbel or two,but with the temperatures on the up and up this past week I thought better of it.It's about 28 degrees down here today and looking to hit 32 over the weekend.I'm not about to go all "Fatwa"on those who do fish for Barbel when it's red hot,but it's not for me.I had one go belly up a few seasons back,followed the correct protocol as decreed by the Barbel Society,rest the fish in the net before unhooking etc and after two hours nursing the fish in the river,it's eyes went from amber to grey and she went belly up.Not a nice experience,I reckon it happens more than we think?

So I decided to have a mornings trotting,grabbed two pints of whites on the way home yesterday.The weather forecast said only a ten percent chance of precipitation,so I left the brolly at home but did fling in a poncho just in case.

I arrived around half past six and settled for a pool to trot through above this shallow area,it's the same above for about 70 yards,then leaving a nice area of about 40 yards of steady water to run the float through.

The first hour was a blast,pissing with rain for ten minutes grab the Poncho,struggle to get it over your head while trying not to break your glasses,rain stops,rain starts.Stops,starts,Poncho on,Poncho off.I felt like the Karate Fecking Kid.Needless to say I did not get a bite until thankfully the rain stopped,when I could concentrate.

The next four hours flew by,more or less every run through resulted in a bite,I was Marks,Pickering,Barlow and Clegg all rolled into one.In my minds eye I was on "Hooked" that I used to watch as a child in the 70's.Final tally was six Chub all about this stamp,Roach and Dace aplenty.Today was the first time in years I wished I owned a keepnet,it may have made a nice photo of a great mornings fishing.Packed up around noon as by now it was bloody hot.

Now tomorrow Gruff is taking our new boat out to test her "SeaWorthiness".So if anyone is around the Walton-on-Thames area around noon and you come across this,this will be the good ship "Gruff".Good luck though mate,lets hope all goes well and we can fish from her next weekend.

Lastly,the football is back on Saturday,I'll be at Upton Park for our game against the Villa.Is there a nicer place to be on a hot August Saturday,than drinking outside a decrepit boozer on the Barking Road,with piss water for beer?I can think of a few,but the first game is always a laugh,a draw I reckon.

Arsenal fans have gone a bit quiet though.Anyway it's Friday I'm off to meet Lady D from work and have a cupla pints.Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Angling Heroes

Well I'll add a quick snippet about the Olympics thus far.It has been superb has it not?Medals galore for the host nation and some great performances from sports men and women from around the globe.Lady D and I were lucky,no very lucky to be at the evening session last Saturday at the Olympic stadium.To witness team GB win three Gold medals was the stuff of dreams.A great stadium to watch athletics and a sublime atmosphere.I do hope though West Ham never take over as the main tenant as it will be awful for football.When Lady D's phone dries out(ended up in the bath on Tuesday night) how many times darling talk to your mates when not having a soak!I'll try and load up some photos of the night on here.I will stick my neck out now and say the Usain Bolt will break the World Record in the 200 meters final tonight.

Now to Angling heroes........I took a phone call from Yessling Ying on Tuesday evening....."Monty the Anglers Mail have started a new series entitled Angling Heroes,someone we know gets a name check".So on Wednesday after work I took a quick flick through at WH Smiths in London Victoria and lo and behold smiling back at me was the BardofBridgEnorth.Apologies for the quick photo with the phone,but I felt a right mucky so and so handling this magazine.Way to go Bardy old boy.

But it gets even better for not a few minutes later I happened upon this over on Fatwa..........

Here he is in the first part of an interview with Lol Breakspear,the man is a natural.Look at the way he keeps glancing to the camera,trying to get his good side.A cross between a young Marlon Brando,with the voice of Barry the Brummie Brickie from back in the day.In truth the lad does an awful lot for other anglers and is a nice guy,video was good too.Global domination for the Bard is imminent I feel.My fishing will  begin again next weekend in earnest,after the round of  party's and sport,two weeks now since my line has been cast and I miss it,getting a little terse so people tell me.

On Facebook?Na me neither but after today I am concerned,very in fact.It appears billions of us are psychopaths.According to some psychologists by using Facebook you have a healthy social network and that avoiding it,is suspicious.The German magazine Der Tagesspiegel points out that James Holmes the alleged US cinema killer and Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivick both lacked a Facebook profile.Even reports that employees are becoming wary of Facebook-avoiders as they have something to hide.

How many people world wide?7 or 8 Billion with maybe a Billion or so on Facebook?If I was the Illuminati I would be very concerned at the thought of all of us non Facebook users going MAD.

I'm non Facebook and proud.
Be Lucky

Monty D