Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Suns Out And So Are Other Anglers

These last few weeks I've been bemoaning the amount of rain that has fallen this summer,but one plus point is that many anglers have stayed away from the banks.Last Saturday I arrived at the little pool and found I had it to myself again.On arrival I noticed little bubbles dimpling the surface near these Lilly Pads,that would do for me.Some sweetcorn was put in and I tackled up.

Lift method again,I love to watch the float rise up like Excalibur.I was into fish from the off with small Tench and Bream coming to the net.Peace and quiet reigned and all was well with the world.Some nice Carp were on the surface,not huge going to maybe mid double figures.But over the next three hours or so the place filled up with other anglers.Large leads were cast in again and again and a barrage of boilies were deposited in an attempt to raise the water level.Mates shouting to each other and just a general pain in the arse hubbub.Not young anglers either but men in there 30's I guess.Around ten o'clock I threw in the towel and headed for home.

Sure I do not think that I should have every water I fish to myself,but surely some peace and quiet is not to much to ask?Anyway I've wangled a day off tomorrow,my floater tackle is ready and I'll try for a few fish off the top in this lovely heat.And being midweek I hope to be able to fish without a cacophony of noise.It will be my last trip for a few weeks owing to  THAT fiftieth soiree on Saturday and yes I will post a photo of my good self looking "fly" in my new jacket.Also the Olympics that I will come to in a second.

Clip Boards At The Ready

The above is opposite our office all looking very official,like a cross between David Brent and Mr.Brittas and below these poor souls are doing twelve hour shifts both day and night to check for bombs in cars going near The Hilton.

Check Point Charlie

And as from Friday on my way into the office I will have my bag checked as I will need to travel through a "Secure Zone" past Buckingham Palace and through Green Park.An over kill maybe?I do not mind as we the UK or is that London ;-0,are putting on a huge event.

Macdonalds Scanner Opposite Buckingham Palace

I have tickets for the Track and Field events at the Olympic Stadium for the first weekend of August.What would I like to see from these games.Firstly a safe one for all concerned.Athlete wise well Perri Shakes-Drayton to get a medal in the 400m Hurdles,firstly she is from Stratford but of more importance she has a hundred watt smile. Jessica Ennis to win gold please would be nice.Usain Bolt to be fit and defend his title as we have no real contender for the 100m or 200m as the man is an entertainer.I could go on but you get the drift.

Lastly an ode to Fred Bonney who has stood down from the Barbel Society in an official capacity.Lots of rumors and innuendo  are coming into the Yat Phone,but I'm a man who has never liked or listened to idle gossip,so to you dear Fred..............

At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning,
We shall remember him,
The Glorious Fred.

Fred now you can just go fishing like most of us ;-)

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I am sooooo bored with the Olympics. When does it finish?

  2. And so I shall my ol' mate with a clear mind and a new direction.
    Lies and innuendo is probably the correct interpretation of your calls to the Yat Phone though.
    As the saying goes... Fuck'em!

  3. On fishing: It's a shame to have the peace shattered by idiots.
    On Olympics: It will be a shame if the peace is shattered by idiots.
    On Fred Bonney: Well, you're better at punchlines Monty ;-)

  4. Fred language!Gosh;-).

    Time for bed an early start awaits.

  5. I can say that now Monty without some prat telling me you shouldn't be doing that as a.... etc etc
    Sorry if it offends, not really,I know it don't ;o)

  6. "Not one to listen to idle gossip" eh Monty. I almost fell of my mushroom............. you start most of it!

    Fred, Couldn't manage the long haul then, no surprise there.

  7. Tony,

    Your as ever sooooo wrong.;-0

  8. Good luck on the solitude bit Monty. Have a word with Gruff about making the long journey for a couple of days, you'd be most welcome. Peace,quiet,good fishing for all sorts, and a real ale real pub within walking distance.

    Inuendo Fred, don't make me laugh.


  9. As I'm not allowed a response on Rocca's blog,he's locked me out. Perhaps a quick word, or so Monty please.

    I never ever stay for the long haul, my life has been 5 year cycles, looking for other challenges.
    The first will be to see how many times I can get to fish Hazelford just for the spite, in the next 5 years before I meet you face to face!;o)

  10. Phil,

    I did not see as soul today,bloody hot though.Gruff and I will I think sort something for the early Autumn,we spoke about it a few weeks back.But thank you for the offer.


    Of course you can post on here.Not overly controlled unlike the BS forum.I was saddened that Rich Frampton did not offer his thanks over on the BS forum,just the two Steve's.Rich normally is such a prolific poster,perhaps he is busy,busy,busy.!!!!!!!!!:-)

    Anyway you lot,we are off for a drink,to hot to stay in the house.Until the 'morrow...........

  11. Take up Phils offer Monty it is very peaceful down there.


  12. Dear Mr Monty,

    Please can you advise me on the correct definition of 'Frampton'. Is it no.1, 3 or 4 ?

    Many thanks

    Bob in Arbroath

  13. Bob,

    That is funny I reckon selection 1.Smile Rich 'tis but fun.Now it's time to settle down and get all Olympic.

    Enjoy it.

  14. Well Fred you can post on "The Path", no-one ever reads that ;-)

  15. Fred, You and I both know you dont have the balls so lets not be kidding eh.

    And, I aint locked you out of owt at all.

  16. Fred I look ever so forward to finding you try to poach Hazleford,

    love and bear hugs


  17. Really Tony ? We shall see, I'll put the photo's on my blog.

    See you down there Coops,sorry it won't be at weekends though.

  18. Sorry JAA, must get back, been elsewhere.

  19. Edit.........

    Coops post removed by moi as requested owing to your job.Still think you are a big pussy though.

  20. You have to be lucky all the time Fred, I just have to be lucky once ;-)


  21. I wouldn't waste your time Fred. Like many others I've been 'guesting' on the HPS water for years and fair enough its a nice stretch of the Trent with some big fish, but you'll find better fishing on the Newark Pisc stretch.
    In fact there are some stretches at Kelham and East Stoke where even a noddy like you could expect to bag-up :)

  22. Shame you're known to be unlucky Coops ;O)

    Didn't think there were any big fish at Hazelford, only little folk who think they are ;o)

  23. May I suggest Messrs Coops,Tony and Fred either pick up the phone,or feck off.

    I thank you :-)