Saturday, 7 July 2012

Some Summer Sun Please

In the words of Eliza Doolittle"Oh wouldn't it be luvveerly,luvveerly".That is how many of us feel at present is it not?Sick and tired of rain,rain and more rain.It's all well and good if you primarily fish for Barbel on our native rivers.But what if you are more inclined to diversify and try for different species,well at present you may like me be royally F****d.Gruff phoned the Yat phone on Thursday and said he fancied a go on a stretch of river that tends to be wider than it's upstream beats with little flow at this time of year and holds some nice Carp.So on Thursday I got my surface tackle ready.And it's been raining since.Not really enough to make the river higher,but keeping it a murky brown colour.Today the weather man promised some nice warm sunshine this morning and I was hopeful that I could maybe get a few Carp interested.

When the alarm trilled into life at 0500 it was a lovely sunny morning Arriving at  the river the cloud had built up and a stiff breeze was blowing.Gruff decided to fish static baits on the bottom I roamed up and down dropping in freebies,under trees and Lilly Pads and not a fish stirred.Stalking was out owing to the turbidity.I finally found one Carp a good mid double Mirror under some pads right in the edge.Sitting right back I flicked mixers in for half an hour and Mr.Carp did not move.Then it got better it started to rain some more and Mr.Carp sank away.Bright spot(boom,boom) very over grown banks and very little in the way to suggest the water had seen many other anglers.When it does warm up and the sun is out I will return and I've kept the rod tackled up in readiness.

Noon arrived and so did the rain getting heavier and heavier and I thought sod this.Packed up and came home.I've looked at the weather forecast for the next week and guess what?

I'm not sure what to do next weekend,I'm led to understand that Conrad is travelling South for a day with Gruff and I.So I'll suppose it will have to be Barbel,but god would it be nice to have some warm and dry weather so I can get some Carp in the net before we head into the Autumn.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be cheering on Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final on Sunday,good discussion on Talk Sport at present on how we should get behind Andy Murray.Yeah righto.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I hope you do not mind me asking, but are you by any chance the same Montague Dalrymple that attended Uppingham from 1968 to 1973?

    Gideon 'Giddy' Chetwynd-Talbot

  2. Since you brought up Wimbledon I remember why that jacket looks so familiar.

  3. I had so many plans for the summer Monty, all involved low, clear rivers and lakes below a bright warm skies, instead its flood fishing and sheltering from the storms - glum is the word.

    And as for the tennis, who gives a toss? Scottish bloke verses some Swiss/S. African chap, how does that involve me? Bores the pants off me it does.

  4. It has been peeing down for 14 hours solid now.I feel the need to float down the pub at noon.

  5. I dont give a hoot for the tennis but the Murray/Scottish debate does make me chortle now and again.................. Sir Chris Hoy does not have this problem LOL

    Keep at it Monty old chum, the weather is supposed to brighten up in about nine months time :-(

  6. His place of birth is of no issue,I remember when Alan Wells won in the Olympics,he was cheered home.No I just find him a dour miserable so and so.

    Some callers from Scotland said the same on Talk Sport yesterday.I've had a wee bet for some fun on Fed to win three sets to one.

    As for the weather Tom,when can't do owt about it.Does not stop me moaning though,as is my wont.:-)

  7. My sympathies Monty. Just had a weeks "summer" holiday in Yogi's stomp. It rained every day. No option but to make the best of it.