Saturday, 14 July 2012

Operation Northern Monkey.............Canceled

A last minute change of plan really this week.Operation Northern Monkey was canceled around noon yesterday.For those that are not aware?Conrad has a strange fishing fetish,in that he is trying to catch a Barbel from nearly every river in the UK.He is currently spending two days a week working down south,holed up in some laboratory doing techy stuff that makes the Higgs Bosun boys seem mundane.

He was due to fish one of Gruff and I's local rivers today,but alas the weather gods put a spanner in the works.Yes you guessed it rain,rain and more rain have made two of our local rivers empty into the fields again.So he toddled off back 'oop narrff.That in turn led me to go and fish a small club pool this morning.


Because it was all a little last minute I did not have time to get to the tackle shop to collect some maggots.I got home from work Friday and raided the freezer for some corn and meat,got my tackle ready for the morning and went and had a cupla pints,as you do on a Friday.

The lake in question is not large,more of a pool really.I had never set eyes upon it until this morning and arrived early and had a walk around.I was pleasantly surprised as to how pretty it was and more so that no other anglers were about also,nor where there all day.I decided to fish this little swim here and threw in some corn and tackled up.Not long after this first cast it started to pour down again.Bream,Carp,Tench and Roach were caught the Roach on corn the others species on meat.Nothing huge that would trouble the Drennan Cup if that is still going?I only took a quick snap of the Bream in between the downpours as fumbling with a camera in the pissing rain is not my forte.I hate getting my hair wet,look you.

About To Flip

The sun came out around half past twelve,so I took that as my Que to tackle down and head for home and I caught this little chap eyeing up my corn.

Ow Do

Thoughts for today?I should fish this place more often,just for the sheer enjoyment of watching a float and thinking on things.Simon Barnes wrote in The Times the other week........."Anglers are superb at contemplating,of course they only take a rod,not to look soppy.For a grown man cannot sit alone in the countryside and just contemplate,hence the need for a rod".I am not sure if I have remembered that in it's entirety,but I love to sit and day dream.And this little pool made me happy today.And that is what angling is all about is it not.My weekly fix has been sated.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,my tackle is drying off,a beer has been opened and it's raining again.Ahh how will the Olympic venues fare in this most quagmire of summers.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Never mind piddleing little ponds. The Gruffelett, is nearly ready, new gunnels were fitted today and the big river is calling.


  2. Nice trip Monty and a lovely pool.

    Said the olympics should have been ooooooop norf as we have had sun, sun and yet more sun.


  3. Seconded to drive athletes and press at Olympics. We have been issued with Mae Wests lest the cobbled streets at Upton Park Bus Depot are flooded.
    Glad you got out and in amongst the fish Monty.

  4. Tis a grand way to spend your day.

  5. Gruff,

    You keep on with the boat mate,but your welcome to a guest ticket next Saturday as I'll be back for another go,if the weather forecast is correct for the coming week.


    They should have put the Olympics up your way,my journey to and from work is going to be a real pain.


    Later in the season come and have a fish with us as your in the next county.


    It made a change from the river that's for sure.Time to slope off to the pub before Sunday dinner ;-0

  6. i thought you were keeping that rod set up for carp until the weather improves.

  7. Your spy glass is poor my friend.The blog entry you posted on has a pristine MKIV Avon in the photo.The blog from last weekend was a Scotties Carp rod,impregnated with the inscription......Jon "Guido" Berry Golden Scale Club.

    Nice try though;-0

  8. Which indoor firework ?

  9. Never mind that mont, I see the old garlic spam masturbation has resurfaced on you know where !

  10. Oh good another bream. Yay.

    You know, a drennen boilie-pult and bag of 0.38" balls will turn a pheasant into a good supper in a trice ;-)

  11. Yesterday was a struggle JAA,lots of people,lots of splooshing,lots of noise and after three hours I walked away.Back to the river and peace for a while now.

    Will have to update in the week no time today,I have cut the lawn and I'm about to fire up the "Barbie".Jerk Pork,Jerk Chicken,Rice and Peas,home made coleslaw,nice salad and a few beers and wine with friends.

    Enjoy the sun.

    *Poxy Fair Weather Anglers Face*