Saturday, 16 June 2012

Opening Night

Well that's another opening night out of the way.Last week I mentioned that a few of us were starting on a stretch of the river Trent.My tackle was all ready on Thursday night even though the weather forecast left a lot to be desired,I was really looking forward to it.

Gruff and I left Surrey at around 11.30 and the temperature was a balmy 19 degrees.The traffic was,as ever really bad on the M25 and it seemed to take an age to reach the M1 and the ominous road signs that simply read THE NORTH.

We trundled along at a sedate 40 miles per hour around Luton owing to road works,that done we picked up speed and sped on to the mighty Trent.It was just passed Copthall Bishop that I glanced out of the van window and noticed my first ever Dark Satanic Mill,it was a shock to behold as I was led to understand that these were but a figment of some "Southern Ponce's" imagination.But there it was glowering like the gates to Hades.

As we headed further up country the temperature gauge seemed to drop with every passing mile and as we reached the East Midlands Airport it was showing just 11 degrees.I gave an involuntary shudder and wondered what  I had let my self in for?While Gruff just morphed back into "Donnie" mode as he neared his birth place.It goes to show a man can live down south for years,but you can't really ever educate a Yorkshire man.

We arrived around 1600 in the pissing rain and howling wind and went for a little stroll.Sorted a couple of swims we fancied and then went for some "Scran",a nice pub in Fishkerton called the Bromley Arms.Nice food,good Ale and friendly people.The North was growing on me.

Back to the river and time to set up and await the other guys who were due down.The river was rising(more of that latter),so I picked this swim here.

Next to arrive where Mike Oz and Biggun,hand shakes and greetings exchanged the two wily old buggers set about finding some areas to fish.Next down was Warren Haywood followed much,much later by Conrad.Conrad was so late that dusk was approaching and he did not quite grasp how much the river was coming up.And settled in a perilous swim.

It was now 22.30,the rain had mercifully stopped and I was sitting under my umbrella just relaxing when along the flood bank came a bobbing head torch.It was Conrad............

"Fooking 'ell Monty if this comes up much higher I'm going to be in trouble"
"Move down here with me mate,plenty of room,not worth the risk"

I had already moved back up the bank twice already but had plenty of space behind me if need be.

"OK mate thanks"

By now it was 23.15 and my nice tidy peg was being royally smashed to fook,as Gruff helped Conrad get his gear down.Job done by 23.45 and we could enjoy the last 15 minutes of tension.Or could we?It was all to much for Conrad and this was himself just passed midnight after my first cast,while his rod still lay dormant.Or was it my wit and conversation that had this effect.

We had to move back up the bank a further twice more as the levels increased through the night.How did it fish?It's a no publicity stretch on the capture front,so all I can say is that we all caught on opening night.I was told I could at least say THAT :-)

We all packed away around 0630 and said our goodbyes and by now it was pissing down again.Did I enjoy,not a'rrff.Great company and I look forward to the next time.

Three things though.......

Who managed to drop a Chris Lythe Pin in the Trent?
Who fell asleep without the bait runner engaged?
Who's landing net saved a lost rod?

None of the above is me!

I'm now going to have a little kip,as I've been awake since Friday morning and I'm knackered.Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I had a lovely time as you can see. :)

  2. It was just as the man said. The temp gauge plummeted as the miles increased.
    I have to admit one of the three cardinal sins mentioned above was mine; however I did not chuck a 300 quid+ reel in the drink though.

  3. Oh do tell Monty :-)

    Never a dull moment shared with the Northern proletariat, that Conrad's a real live wire.

  4. Dave,

    Modesty prevents me at present,the culprits have a day or two yet to confess :-)

  5. Nice one Monty on surviving life so far Norf.
    How did you get on with the laguage barrier, phrase book or just talking loudly and slowly ?


  6. Bleeeeedin' Hell,

    Accusations flying around here!!! So's it doesn't have to go to the Leveson Enquiry, and the rumours don't get outa hand and secret LoL text messages don't have to be made public, t'was my rod which was saved by anothers landing net.... which btw was absolutely useless for said CL reel retreiving.... meant yors trooly had to bend duff knee and 'tickle' for it... successfully.

    .......... and the only reason said rod had to be saved by t'others landing net was that I had tired of touch ledgering and put said rod on rest with butt to right side instead of betwixt legs. Resulting bite caught one unawares and knee-locked, so couldn'y grab rod before it headed south... thankfully the l/net was judiciously place!!!

    Butterfingers may eventually own up to throwing CL 'pin for a wash LoL.

  7. Postscript to previous,
    was geat to see you, Monty, after quite a number of years and to meet the (in)famous Gruff', who isn't as bad as he sounds.

  8. Phil,

    Sign language mate was the order of the day.


    Good to see you,you don't age mate and are a "Pwoper Gent"

  9. No more!
    No more!!
    I admit it, it was my CL (£425 and 2 year wait) if the old fella hadn't gone in, I would have "stripped off" and slid down the bank, there was more chance of me holding onto him!! Than vice versa.

  10. Great too see you and Gruff again, when I said "you should move" I didn't mean backwards.

  11. All's well that ends well Biggun.

    Orf to mwork tally hoooooooooooo.

  12. Of course it was Bigguns..........