Saturday, 9 June 2012

New Season Awaits

Well it's not long now until the new river season starts.How many anglers have been ready for some weeks?Me,well I've only today put new line on various reels,knocked up a few kilos of bait too.Much to Lady D's dismay as the house now in her words......."Stinks to high heaven".I do enjoy using my home made baits along with the old favorites like sweet corn,meat and worms.I do though hate using pellets,as the smell seems to sink into every thing.Clothing ,tackle,skin and anything you touch or eat.Proven fish catches they are,but I cant abide the stench.

I'll be on a new river for me on opening night the mighty river Trent.Gruff and I did hope to be on the Thames but out little twelve footer will not be sea worthy until around July.Get your finger out Gruff and as I type this he is hard at work,sweating like a good 'un.Sterling work the old boy is doing too while I offer  sage advice while sipping some nice chilled Stowford Press.

I'm looking forward to casting a line in the Trent,but as it's a no publicity stretch I cannot really report on what if anything I may catch.We aim to leave the leafy shires of Surrey around noon next Friday hopefully arriving around 15.30 and just soak up the atmosphere of the "Northen Wastelands"Then cast at midnight returning home around noon on the Saturday.

Here is a little photo of the lovely Hampshire Avon,that I hope to be on the following weekend.

I did cast a line two weeks ago at Marsh Farm in hope of a large Crucian or two.But we were up against it with the windy day and scorching sun.We only managed a few Tench before we headed for home.Float presentation was hard owing to the wind and if you have ever fished Marsh Farm,you will be aware of how gently the cagey "Crus" bite.Nice to sit down and relax though and that's what its all about surely?

Two things now...........

Matt Hayes got some right stick over on Fatwa just before Christmas 2010,concerning what he charges for a days fishing with his good self.I did mention this way back on here in 2010.

Have  a peek at this link posted by the BardofBridgenorth.At present it seems to be all loved up for Matt,how times change.The Bard and I had a little chat yesterday and we both agreed he is a really good man to present angling in a positive manner.

And also I have dived right in on another forum and agreed to take part in a "All Rounder"challenge.Not something I normally do but the Perch challenge last year was fun.

Good forum this,sure some may see it as a load of old fuddy duddy cane users.I like to think of it as a  collection of people who just derive immense enjoyment fom being on the bank side.Can that be a bad thing?

So I'll raise my glass and wish you all a great season on the rivers that you fish.Enjoy what you do and have fun.The years are passing at a great rate of knots so make the most of it.And look ye also while life lasts.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Good luck for the forthcoming season old chap, perhaps i will bump into you along the way sometime.

  2. " I type this he is hard at work,sweating like a good 'un."

    He does that getting off his arse!

  3. Tom,

    Yes we will mate it has been a while.

    Leave him be he is a leg end :-)

  4. You go careful up there in the frozen north Monty, they're an odd bunch ;-)

    Good luck for the season and may all your trips be blogworthy.

  5. Monty where you are going is not north!

  6. (1)who are you calling a fuddy-duddy you mincer?
    (2) that's it really.

    Thanks for the plug Monty and have a great 16th or as near to it as you are allowed. I'm off to bag my bullhead points for the challenge.

    Do like Mr Hayes' stuff as it happens and the more off the track he fishes the more I like it. Good to see him filming again.

  7. Biggun,

    It is too me,passport all packed.


    Forget the Bullead I have sussed out a cracking place for Gobio,Gobio.

    Oh and Dave it shall be fine Rocca is in Spain.