Friday, 22 June 2012

Doppelgangers Of The Angling World Part XVII

On this wet and sullen Friday afternoon I thought I would slip in another one of these.I was tipped off by a Northern reader of this blog,about the said likeness of these two fine stout,very stout fellows.So here goes........

Below we have the Catherine Tait character,who's catch phrase I'm led to believe is "How very dare you".Looking resplendent in some fluff flinging attire.

And below we have Chris  Pearson who looks aghast at being asked to get up the bar and get a round of drinks in.Looking good their Chris,looking good.

Now to some scurrilous  accusations that most of us have heard by now?Is it true or just some dark rumor concocted in internet land.Well Le Otterman who knocked up this little flyer,checked with his contact in the EA who confirmed it may be true,or it may not be.I still doff my cap at his superb art  work be it true or not.

Royal Ascot tomorrow and a bumper crowd is expected to greet a foreign raider aiming to plunder some large mullah.Black Caviar has won 21 on the spin,11 in group one company.The horse and connections have made the long journey from Australia and Royal Ascot expect 15,000 thousand Aussies to be in attendance to cheer on their favorite horse.Bang goes the dress code then I assume.I'll be on the river early but will be back home to see this wonder horse that runs at 15.45.Not one to back at skinny odds of 1/4 on,but a horse race to enjoy and I for one hope it wins.

Being that its a Friday I'm now going for a cupla pints.Enjoy your weekend and if your on the bank side tight lines.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Bit far off the beaten track over here Monty, I haven't heard a thing about Black Bob - I expect a pm soon xxx

  2. Later on Dave I'm orf down the river shortly.:-)

  3. Ooooh, the little celebrity rascal. Is it really true?
    How could I possibly comment.

  4. Bleedin' 'Ell,
    Talk about 'cool-hand-Luke', that jock' was as cool as the proverbial ladies friend!!!

    He only waved the whip at the mare during the last 300yds., eased that off inside the last furlong and rode her out kness-&-hands.

    I noticed, only on the slo-mo replay, that he did sort of give her a nudge with his hands well forward in the last few strides when he must've been aware of the two fast finishers coming upsides. Fantastic race and achievement!

    It took me back to the late '50's (1958/59) when I used to have a bet and followed a great filly Petite Etoile and an Aussie jockey George Moore(?). The grea 'Longshanks' later replaced George towards thte end of the season.

    Thanks for the reminder the hoss was here today, Monty.

  5. Its all right mate, 'Deep Throat' has given me the SP. If its true its just one more reason to add to the list ;-)

  6. Oz I thought the jockey rode and awful race.The trainers face was livid and the Aussie press pack have given him some right stick.

    Sure he won,but with two furlongs to go it was cruising and should never had just got up to win by a nose.The jockey was very sheepish after and he knows he nearly,very nearly ballsed it up.

    On a lighter note,it's been peeing down all night again so no gardening today ;-)

  7. Real fame at last Monty old boy.

    Next it'll be guiding, followed by public speaking and then a book deal.


  8. I know Phil I've seen it.It seems poor old Chris got a little miffed over the weekend.He was pissing and moaning on the HPS forum about "If clients Google Chris Pearson,they would be directed here and it may have a detrimental effect on his business" or so I am told by the HPS members.

    It seems Chris is big in bed pans and shite?:-)

  9. Hi,

    I run a nursing home which is a bit short-staffed at the moment. Does anybody know how to get hold of Chris Pearson ?

    Many thanks


  10. I could direct a few of his customers to some far more damning stuff than that if I was as petty as he is being at the moment.

  11. I do not mind little wind up comments on here or elsewhere as it's all a bit of fun.

    But whoever has posted concerning the ethnicity of Chris'es wife and children,did you really expect me to publish it?You may or may not know that Lady D is from a West Indian background.Piss takes yes as I've done out of myself and others over the last two years.Racism no.Now please F**k off with your bile elsewhere.

    I'm away from the PC soon until tomorrow,so any further comments may have to wait.

    1. Well said Monty.

      Not saying all anglers are bigots, far from it, but it has occurred to me that coarse angling seems to have more than its share of racist ba**ards. Some of the bile I've heard on the bank from other anglers beggers belief, the sort of shite that used to be regularly heard at football back in the 80's.

      I wouldn't blame you for naming and shaming those that have posted racist comments on your site.


  12. Joe 90

    That was a nickname I had at school with the old national 'elf glasses.Comments left were anonymous,and no way of finding out.

    The sun is out so I'm off for a pint.

  13. Well said about the racist bit Monty, no place for it in any part of society.
    I've met Chris's lovely Lady and a nicer person you'd been hard pushed to find. As for the lad, well he must take after his mum for his manners and good looks :-)


  14. Just to note that I have nearly run out of the anti bacterial soap that CP gave me in 2006. If you are looking in CPee please send more or be on HPS in late August.

    Its fantastic stuff, get hold of Cpee for Bulk orders.

    Thank you.