Saturday, 30 June 2012

Donkey Cray

I had a few hours today on my local river,the first trip here this season.Checking with my very local correspondent he said....." Carrying a nice bit of colour mate and still up so I reckon you'll best off fishing meat"I arrived later than normal owing to Lady D and I staying up late last night to watch Quadraphonia, why I do not know as we have it on DVD.Oh and a fair drop of wine was consumed,drinking at home is frowned upon by the powers that be.But with Glenridge Point on special at Sainsburys at present it's rude not to.

No chance to roam about today as the fishery was very busy.Barbel rods pointing to the heavens and camo attire on most anglers.I walked to the bottom of the beat and settled in here.And...............Struggled,two bites one resulting in a Perch of about a pound,on meat I ask you.

And this cane bending monster that took a liking to my Garlic flavored meat.How on earth it hooked itself up I do not know.I blame the colour that had dropped out of the river overnight and not me,for being so inept I only took one bait.Still enjoyed myself though.

I did have the pleasure of unhooking a monster,a young lad fishing just down form me came up and asked if I could untangle his rig from this,poor lad was shaking.I'll be honest even I thought no way!Biggest ugliest Cray Fish I have ever seen.But untangled he was then lovingly placed back in its watery abode.And that is about as good as it gets.Always next weekend though.

Yorkshire again.In The Times this week they had a short piece about the Olympic Flame going through Yorkshire and interviewed a chap called Bob Fallas,he was at pains to point out that not many people know about the Yorkshire flag or that August the first is Yorkshire Day.He went on....."The three days the torch was in Yorkshire it was reet waarm,then when it was in Lancashire it poured down,I'm not trying to say owt,but when it came back to Yorkshire the weather were nice again.Strange, isn't it?" You have to love 'em though don't you.

Lastly what if any are your views on this blazer?We have a fiftieth soiree to attend in late July and I do like my clobber.Lady D hates it,I do not.Can you see me in it?Not that you really care but Lady D is on nights tonight at Kings Hospital and between the normal Saturday night melee she will read this.You see darling I told you I would put it on here.See you in the morning.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and if you are on the bank I hope you fair better than me.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I like the blazer go for it, it will be a talking point if nothing else!!

  2. Monty, You'd look a right ponce in that jacket. My eldest lad is a 'new mod' and he's just bought an Italian style suit from M&S for a little over a ton. Worth checking out. (I don't think they're available in tonic though)

  3. Suits you sir
    The Gruff

  4. Joe and Gruff,

    You know it makes sense.

    Le Otter Man,

    M&S are you sure?Where you reside in Bromyard you are years behind.Hell you even phoned me last week to say......"Just had my first Big Mac,best thing to come to our way for years".What next?Waxing lyrical about the wheel?

    I think not(said in an Edmond Blackadder voice).

    Next time you visit here at least try and be half sensible.This is a high brow,serious angling blog.You would do well not to forget it!

  5. The blazer would look great on ....................... the crayfish ;-)

    But then, what do I know about clothes, I only wear jeans and T shirts and my 'posh' jacket is a fishing anorak. You wanna look like a tart you go ahead lover, just remember they'll be laughing with you not at you.

  6. I take this soiree is fancy dress and you are planning as going as an 80's coach driver ?

    If so then said blazer will go down a storm. Be sure to match it up with some ill-fitting navy blue trousers (elasticated waste naturally), a sweat stained white shirt (collar and top buttons unfastened) and the obligatory grey leather slip-ons and white socks.

    As this bash is not until the end of July, you should have just enough time to grow a Phil Smith style comb-over.

    Knock-them dead Monty!


  7. Is that a Barbus Maximus made by Edward Barder in the top photo?I have been reading through your web site since a link was posted on Fishing Magic.You seem to see our pastime as fun and can make light of the good days and bad days.More power to your mouse!

  8. Joe 90,

    I was thinking more of some nice jeans,suede loafers and a white high collard shirt,without the sweat.As for the comb over,alas it would be Christmas before I could manage that.;-)


    Yep it's a Barder.

    Now I must start prepping for a late dinner,to enjoy in front of the football.

  9. Go for it Monty we only live once.


  10. That Blazer put me in mind of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Popins, Then I read the comments above and suddenly it brought back that 70's/80's Saturday night TV standard 'The Comedians', DING DING DING DING DING...Could I remind the gentlemen in the audience, the sign in the gents saying wet paint is NOT an instruction...........


  11. Monty, he got it in Liverpool! Centre of the shell suit universe.

  12. You lot are getting on my tits!:-)

  13. read my thoughts! Exactly. Just the hat needed.

    One question Monty. Does your bum look big in it?


  14. And a Cardinal?

    That is a huge Cray, horrible things, yuk!

  15. Tom,

    Yep a Cardinal bought from Conrad last season.:-)

  16. But did you buy the blazer?

  17. Not yet waiting for the sale :-)

  18. Donkey Grey? Should have titled it Donkey jacket.

  19. It's Donkey Cray not Donkey Grey,please take time to read the blog header again.Thank you ;-0

  20. Should a gone to Specki savers. ;-)

  21. Ha ha, Specki, never thought I'd say it but your comments page is more entertaining than your blog! :-)

  22. MD,

    Gosh, sounds as though I'm addressing a doctor; did you mean 'sail' as against 'sale', for it does resemble a yacht cast-off.... if those are real stripes and not a photo' illusion. Not intended as cheeky with respect to your undoubted sartorial elegance dear boy!

    I'm sure you'll be a wow at the do, so attired, and the Lady D'll be proud of you,


  23. Dave,

    It is meant to make(hopefully) people smile.I do not mind setting myself up ;-)


    I had to double check the sale then ;-0

  24. "G"

    Sorry mate missed your comment.I'm now worried :-)

  25. Found it at last, check out 5 minutes in to about 5.10 ;-)