Saturday, 30 June 2012

Donkey Cray

I had a few hours today on my local river,the first trip here this season.Checking with my very local correspondent he said....." Carrying a nice bit of colour mate and still up so I reckon you'll best off fishing meat"I arrived later than normal owing to Lady D and I staying up late last night to watch Quadraphonia, why I do not know as we have it on DVD.Oh and a fair drop of wine was consumed,drinking at home is frowned upon by the powers that be.But with Glenridge Point on special at Sainsburys at present it's rude not to.

No chance to roam about today as the fishery was very busy.Barbel rods pointing to the heavens and camo attire on most anglers.I walked to the bottom of the beat and settled in here.And...............Struggled,two bites one resulting in a Perch of about a pound,on meat I ask you.

And this cane bending monster that took a liking to my Garlic flavored meat.How on earth it hooked itself up I do not know.I blame the colour that had dropped out of the river overnight and not me,for being so inept I only took one bait.Still enjoyed myself though.

I did have the pleasure of unhooking a monster,a young lad fishing just down form me came up and asked if I could untangle his rig from this,poor lad was shaking.I'll be honest even I thought no way!Biggest ugliest Cray Fish I have ever seen.But untangled he was then lovingly placed back in its watery abode.And that is about as good as it gets.Always next weekend though.

Yorkshire again.In The Times this week they had a short piece about the Olympic Flame going through Yorkshire and interviewed a chap called Bob Fallas,he was at pains to point out that not many people know about the Yorkshire flag or that August the first is Yorkshire Day.He went on....."The three days the torch was in Yorkshire it was reet waarm,then when it was in Lancashire it poured down,I'm not trying to say owt,but when it came back to Yorkshire the weather were nice again.Strange, isn't it?" You have to love 'em though don't you.

Lastly what if any are your views on this blazer?We have a fiftieth soiree to attend in late July and I do like my clobber.Lady D hates it,I do not.Can you see me in it?Not that you really care but Lady D is on nights tonight at Kings Hospital and between the normal Saturday night melee she will read this.You see darling I told you I would put it on here.See you in the morning.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and if you are on the bank I hope you fair better than me.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Friday, 22 June 2012

Doppelgangers Of The Angling World Part XVII

On this wet and sullen Friday afternoon I thought I would slip in another one of these.I was tipped off by a Northern reader of this blog,about the said likeness of these two fine stout,very stout fellows.So here goes........

Below we have the Catherine Tait character,who's catch phrase I'm led to believe is "How very dare you".Looking resplendent in some fluff flinging attire.

And below we have Chris  Pearson who looks aghast at being asked to get up the bar and get a round of drinks in.Looking good their Chris,looking good.

Now to some scurrilous  accusations that most of us have heard by now?Is it true or just some dark rumor concocted in internet land.Well Le Otterman who knocked up this little flyer,checked with his contact in the EA who confirmed it may be true,or it may not be.I still doff my cap at his superb art  work be it true or not.

Royal Ascot tomorrow and a bumper crowd is expected to greet a foreign raider aiming to plunder some large mullah.Black Caviar has won 21 on the spin,11 in group one company.The horse and connections have made the long journey from Australia and Royal Ascot expect 15,000 thousand Aussies to be in attendance to cheer on their favorite horse.Bang goes the dress code then I assume.I'll be on the river early but will be back home to see this wonder horse that runs at 15.45.Not one to back at skinny odds of 1/4 on,but a horse race to enjoy and I for one hope it wins.

Being that its a Friday I'm now going for a cupla pints.Enjoy your weekend and if your on the bank side tight lines.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Opening Night

Well that's another opening night out of the way.Last week I mentioned that a few of us were starting on a stretch of the river Trent.My tackle was all ready on Thursday night even though the weather forecast left a lot to be desired,I was really looking forward to it.

Gruff and I left Surrey at around 11.30 and the temperature was a balmy 19 degrees.The traffic was,as ever really bad on the M25 and it seemed to take an age to reach the M1 and the ominous road signs that simply read THE NORTH.

We trundled along at a sedate 40 miles per hour around Luton owing to road works,that done we picked up speed and sped on to the mighty Trent.It was just passed Copthall Bishop that I glanced out of the van window and noticed my first ever Dark Satanic Mill,it was a shock to behold as I was led to understand that these were but a figment of some "Southern Ponce's" imagination.But there it was glowering like the gates to Hades.

As we headed further up country the temperature gauge seemed to drop with every passing mile and as we reached the East Midlands Airport it was showing just 11 degrees.I gave an involuntary shudder and wondered what  I had let my self in for?While Gruff just morphed back into "Donnie" mode as he neared his birth place.It goes to show a man can live down south for years,but you can't really ever educate a Yorkshire man.

We arrived around 1600 in the pissing rain and howling wind and went for a little stroll.Sorted a couple of swims we fancied and then went for some "Scran",a nice pub in Fishkerton called the Bromley Arms.Nice food,good Ale and friendly people.The North was growing on me.

Back to the river and time to set up and await the other guys who were due down.The river was rising(more of that latter),so I picked this swim here.

Next to arrive where Mike Oz and Biggun,hand shakes and greetings exchanged the two wily old buggers set about finding some areas to fish.Next down was Warren Haywood followed much,much later by Conrad.Conrad was so late that dusk was approaching and he did not quite grasp how much the river was coming up.And settled in a perilous swim.

It was now 22.30,the rain had mercifully stopped and I was sitting under my umbrella just relaxing when along the flood bank came a bobbing head torch.It was Conrad............

"Fooking 'ell Monty if this comes up much higher I'm going to be in trouble"
"Move down here with me mate,plenty of room,not worth the risk"

I had already moved back up the bank twice already but had plenty of space behind me if need be.

"OK mate thanks"

By now it was 23.15 and my nice tidy peg was being royally smashed to fook,as Gruff helped Conrad get his gear down.Job done by 23.45 and we could enjoy the last 15 minutes of tension.Or could we?It was all to much for Conrad and this was himself just passed midnight after my first cast,while his rod still lay dormant.Or was it my wit and conversation that had this effect.

We had to move back up the bank a further twice more as the levels increased through the night.How did it fish?It's a no publicity stretch on the capture front,so all I can say is that we all caught on opening night.I was told I could at least say THAT :-)

We all packed away around 0630 and said our goodbyes and by now it was pissing down again.Did I enjoy,not a'rrff.Great company and I look forward to the next time.

Three things though.......

Who managed to drop a Chris Lythe Pin in the Trent?
Who fell asleep without the bait runner engaged?
Who's landing net saved a lost rod?

None of the above is me!

I'm now going to have a little kip,as I've been awake since Friday morning and I'm knackered.Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 9 June 2012

New Season Awaits

Well it's not long now until the new river season starts.How many anglers have been ready for some weeks?Me,well I've only today put new line on various reels,knocked up a few kilos of bait too.Much to Lady D's dismay as the house now in her words......."Stinks to high heaven".I do enjoy using my home made baits along with the old favorites like sweet corn,meat and worms.I do though hate using pellets,as the smell seems to sink into every thing.Clothing ,tackle,skin and anything you touch or eat.Proven fish catches they are,but I cant abide the stench.

I'll be on a new river for me on opening night the mighty river Trent.Gruff and I did hope to be on the Thames but out little twelve footer will not be sea worthy until around July.Get your finger out Gruff and as I type this he is hard at work,sweating like a good 'un.Sterling work the old boy is doing too while I offer  sage advice while sipping some nice chilled Stowford Press.

I'm looking forward to casting a line in the Trent,but as it's a no publicity stretch I cannot really report on what if anything I may catch.We aim to leave the leafy shires of Surrey around noon next Friday hopefully arriving around 15.30 and just soak up the atmosphere of the "Northen Wastelands"Then cast at midnight returning home around noon on the Saturday.

Here is a little photo of the lovely Hampshire Avon,that I hope to be on the following weekend.

I did cast a line two weeks ago at Marsh Farm in hope of a large Crucian or two.But we were up against it with the windy day and scorching sun.We only managed a few Tench before we headed for home.Float presentation was hard owing to the wind and if you have ever fished Marsh Farm,you will be aware of how gently the cagey "Crus" bite.Nice to sit down and relax though and that's what its all about surely?

Two things now...........

Matt Hayes got some right stick over on Fatwa just before Christmas 2010,concerning what he charges for a days fishing with his good self.I did mention this way back on here in 2010.

Have  a peek at this link posted by the BardofBridgenorth.At present it seems to be all loved up for Matt,how times change.The Bard and I had a little chat yesterday and we both agreed he is a really good man to present angling in a positive manner.

And also I have dived right in on another forum and agreed to take part in a "All Rounder"challenge.Not something I normally do but the Perch challenge last year was fun.

Good forum this,sure some may see it as a load of old fuddy duddy cane users.I like to think of it as a  collection of people who just derive immense enjoyment fom being on the bank side.Can that be a bad thing?

So I'll raise my glass and wish you all a great season on the rivers that you fish.Enjoy what you do and have fun.The years are passing at a great rate of knots so make the most of it.And look ye also while life lasts.

Be Lucky.

Monty D